d up and rolled on the ground, covering his face.
However, before he could touch Qin Man, he was seized by the collar and kicked to the ground.

“I don’t hit women.”

Qin Man’s voice was colder than the sea breeze.
He looked at the shocked female reporter next to him and continued, “But if you keep asking, I don’t mind making an exception.”

The female reporter came back to her senses.
“You…are you threatening me? You dare to threaten a reporter? You…”

Looks like there was no getting through to her.

Qin Man coldly raised his hand again.

Ji Ran was quick and rushed to grab Qin Man’s arm.

“Qin Man…” His tone carried a hint of panic

Qin Man didn’t hold back, there was no way the female reporter could bear it

The female reporter also panicked.
Their purpose this time was actually to force Ji Ran’s hand.

Now that Ji Ran had a bad reputation, it would be easy to make headlines if they filmed him attacking someone.

But what was this situation? Judging from the temperament of the man in front of him, he didn’t look like Ji Ran’s bodyguard at all.

Qin Man asked, “Are you going to turn the recorder off?”

The remaining reporters looked at each other.

This person was ruthless.
Even if they went up together, it may be difficult to gain an advantage.

After a few seconds, they turned off the recorders.

They thought that the situation would finally ease a little.
Unexpectedly, Qin Man suddenly raised a hand and pushed another piece of equipment to the ground.

The sound of shattering equipment resounded through the cemetery.


Qin Man was still unhappy.
He swept a glance over them and the person who spoke immediately fell silent.

Although the camera had been completely destroyed by him, he was still worried that the other side had a hidden camera, so he left the jacket on to hide Ji Ran’s face.

When he returned to the car, he saw a LOGO on the car directly in front of him.

Although he didn’t recognize the LOGO, there was a microphone symbol next to it, which aroused his suspicion.
Thus, he got out of the car without hesitation.

Sure enough, when he walked back into the cemetery, he saw several people rushing towards Ji Ran, surrounding him tightly.

A more courageous female reporter asked, “What, what do you want? Let me tell you, we won’t let this matter go!”

Qin Man ignored her.

He freed up a hand to take out his mobile phone and found a number.

“I will be solely responsible for your medical expenses.
If you want to prosecute me for deliberately hurting someone, contact the police directly and I will cooperate.
This is my lawyer’s contact information.”

He paused for a moment.
When he spoke again, his voice was cold, “But I will make it clear.
If I see anyone slandering or insulting my friend, I will make sure that you rest more peacefully than anyone lying here.”

Ji Ran stole a glance at the person who was talking through the gap in his jacket


Why did he feel that Qin Man’s cold face was so… fucking cool.

Just as this thought crossed his mind, Qin Man suddenly took his hand, so their ten fingers were touching without any gap between them.

Ji Ran palms were sweating from his anger earlier.
He subconsciously wanted to avoid it for fear of getting it on Qin Man’s palm.
He didn’t expect to find himself unable to pull his hand back.
Instead, the hold grew tighter.

The caretaker finally arrived.
The little old man was carrying a stick in his hand with his neck red from anger.
“Who are you guys?! Do you know where this is? You all actually brought a camera in to disturb others! Hurry up and get out! Give me your names and identity cards, I need to register you!”

It wasn’t until Qin Man took him out of the cemetery that Ji Ran came back to his senses.
“Let go, my palms are sweating.”

Qin Man pursed his lips and didn’t answer him.

Ji Ran, “…Are you still angry? What are you angry about…”

“I was late.” Qin Man said, “Don’t worry, your photos won’t be circulated.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong, so what if the photos are leaked?”

Qin Man stopped talking again.

Ji Ran suddenly realised that the person in front of him was the Qin Man from high school.
However, if he thought about it again, they wouldn’t have held hands in high school and Qin Man’s coat would not be on his head.

He was indeed quite angry at first.
But after Qin Man appeared and threw out those punches altogether, his mood had lifted.

He was even somewhat happy.

Ji Ran took off the jacket on his head.
“Did you secretly douse your jacket in perfume? It almost choked me.”

“I didn’t.” A stiff reply came.


Those stupid reporters were gone.
What was this person still angry for?

Ji Ran thought about it and waved a hand.
“Hey, previously, weren’t you the one who constantly chattered in my ears, telling me to not get angry? It’s fine that you hit others, you even broke their equipment.
What was that about?”

The whole way back to the car, Ji Ran didn’t receive a reply.

Seeing the bunch of reporters leaving after being released by the caretaker, Ji Ran hurriedly put on his seatbelt.
He was afraid that Qin Man would lose control and get out of the car to destroy their recorder.

He didn’t want to see Qin Man go to jail because of him.

Qin Man started the engine, but he didn’t rush to drive off.
Feeling the cool wind from the air conditioner, he finally broke the silence.

“I was wrong,” Qin Man suddenly said.

Ji Ran froze.

Qin Man turned to look at him, the hostility in his eyes had yet to fade.
“I said that I was wrong.”

“There are many things that don’t require a peaceful resolution.
In the future, if someone makes you unhappy, don’t let them off.
Just attack them and don’t worry about the consequences.
In any case, you are not allowed to suffer, understand?”

Ji Ran stared at him, momentarily unable to find any words to reply.

After a long while, he finally spoke, “… Am I the kind of person to suffer a loss? Even if you didn’t appear earlier, I could have beaten them all to the ground.”

When that group of people saw Ji Ran’s car, they almost stumbled in fright.
They hurriedly got into their car and sped off.

Qin Man retracted his gaze and turned the steering wheel.
The anger in his heart hadn’t cooled in the slightest.

Ever since he got into the car, he had been regretting it.

Regretting not following Ji Ran in.

Regretting how ineffective those punches were.

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