>Once it darkened, it would be like the abyss.

His hoarse voice carried a hint of languidness.
“So early?”

He had planned on getting up early to go to the cemetery in the afternoon, when the sun was not too strong and there wouldn’t be too many people at the cemetery.

“Yeah.” He replied, “Going for a morning jog.”

Ten minutes later, Ji Ran looked at the person next to him silently.
“…You can continue sleeping if you’re tired, why must you insist on following me?”

Qin Man yawned unconvincingly.
“I’m not sleepy.”

Ji Ran seldom ran in the morning, regarding exercise as something for the elderly.
He only came today because he woke up early and had nothing to do.

After a short run, two little girls ran towards him.

They froze for a moment and then greeted Qin Man shyly, “Morning.”

Ji Ran turned his head suspiciously to see Qin Man nodding lightly as he gave a greeting.

Ji Ran immediately understood.

Heh, a scum wouldn’t forget to seduce others even while on a morning run.

He never understood something.
Qin Man was just a little more handsome, but it wasn’t as if there were no other good-looking people around him, yet he had never seen anyone like Qin Man who could gain a ton of admiration wherever he went.

“Why are you constantly looking at me today?” Qin Man smiled.

“Who is looking at you?” Ji Ran denied, glancing at his watch, “It’s almost time, you still have to go to work.
You should go back first.”

Qin Man, “No hurry, I’m not going to work today.”

Ji Ran stopped.

“Isn’t today your mother’s death anniversary?” Qin Man smiled, “I’ll accompany you.”

“…How did you know?”

Ji Ran refused without hesitation.
“I don’t need your company, go back to work.
I didn’t approve of your leave.”

Qin Man answered seriously, “You can count me as being absent.
Will I be fined? But I don’t have any money.
Can I use my body to repay my debts?”

Ji Ran’s eyes widened in shock.

Where did this man’s shame go?

He looked around and made sure that no one had overheard their conversation before cursing, “Shut up, must you be so shameless?”

“Let me go with you.” Qin Man said, “I won’t bother you, you can just treat me as the driver.”

Ji Ran finally compromised.

The cemetery was some distance away from the city.There is no reason not to use a free driver.

In the afternoon, the two left together.
First, they went to the flower shop to pick up the white chrysanthemums Ji Ran had ordered in the morning.

On the way there, Qin Man asked, “Do you visit your mother every year?”

Ji Ran stared at the scenery outside without saying a word.

In fact, he rarely visited Zhao Qing Tong before he became an adult.

He had been shackled by the title ‘illegitimate child’ ever since he was young.

Qin Man didn’t get annoyed by the lack of response.
He glanced at the bouquet in Ji Ran’s hand.
“You only bought flowers? Would you like me to buy some other things from nearby and burn it for her?”

“No, you’d just pollute the environment.”

The nearer they were to the cemetery, the more uninhabited the road was.

Ji Ran held his chin and looked out the window.
He remembered that every time he went to the cemetery alone before, he always felt very depressed whenever he passed through this road.

He even had the illusion that he was not going there to pay respects, but to die.

This time, it was different.
Qin Man turned on the stereo and chattered beside his ears.

“After seeing Auntie, let’s go grab something to eat.”

“Have you booked the hot spring hotel?”

“Are we staying together in one room?”

Ji Ran looked to the side.
“Why do I think you are particularly talkative today?”

Qin Man smiled.
“Is that so? I suddenly remembered that I had left my swimming trunks in my previous house.
I have to buy a new one.”

Ji Ran looked at him for a long while, then looked away.


When they arrived at the parking lot outside the cemetery, Ji Ran noticed a few cheap sports cars in a corner.

This cemetery chosen by Mrs.
Ji was in a good location.
The owners had also invited a so-called “master” to make a special trip to analyse the Feng Shui.
It was said that if one’s ancestors lived here, the fortunes of the descendants in their family would improve.

Rich people were usually more superstitious, believing in things like fate and Feng Shui.
That was why this cemetery was just built but the space was already filled; Most of the land inside was still empty since it was reserved for the elderly who bought it for themselves while they were still alive.

Ji Ran really couldn’t understand the thoughts of these people.

But it was precisely because of this that it was very quiet here.
In the past few years, when he came to pay respects, he hardly bumped into anyone else.

Ji Ran didn’t think much.
After the car stopped, he opened the door.

“I can go in by myself, wait for me in the car.”

Qin Man laughed helplessly.
This was really treating him as a free driver.

He stared at the cars ahead for a while before replying, “Okay, just call me if there’s anything.”

Ji Ran smiled, “What could happen? Would I be taken away by ghosts?”

He took the flowers and just as he walked into the cemetery, he ran into the caretaker.

He greeted the other person and went straight up the steps.
Stopping at a certain row, he turned and walked to the right.

Finally, he stopped in front of a tombstone.

The woman in the black and white photo had a beautiful smile and tender, crescent-like eyes.

Two bunches of chrysanthemums were placed in front of the tombstone.

Ji Ran frowned subtly.
In the past few years, he had never seen anyone come to worship Zhao Qing Tong.

He thought about it for a long time, but didn’t have any guesses, so he didn’t think about it anymore.
He put his bouquet beside them, then sat cross-legged in front of the tombstone.

Ji Ran’s throat rolled lightly.
After looking at the person in the photo for a long time, he whispered.


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