“What happened to him?”

“His bad deeds are trending.” Yue Wen Wen coughed lightly and began to recall, “He was revealed to be a second generation of the wealthy Gu family with a bad personality.
He had drugged many women and even beat up one of the women’s boyfriends.
The police have already begun the investigation.”

“Although his name was not clearly stated in the news, netizens, like the last time, had put up all of Gu Zhe’s information in the comments.”

Drugging again?

Fair enough.
A fool like Gu Zhe only knew how to use such lowly methods.

“What’s there to be happy for? This matter will probably be suppressed by his dad in the next few days.”

Gu Zhe was his father’s only child.
He didn’t need to think about it to know that the other party would not let him off.

“It’s not that easy.
It’s a fact that Gu Zhe did all these and it was even reported by those girls with evidence.
Now, the police have issued a report and Gu Zhe’s detainment has been written in blue!” Yue Wen Wen continued, “No matter how powerful his father is, it’s impossible to snatch someone from the police station.”

Ji Ran asked suspiciously, “Really?”

“How could it be fake? Alright, hang up for now.
I want to curse him a little more before the hot search disappears.
I even used my main account to control the momentum.
My fans are also very strong.
Thousands of comments below are all scolding Gu Zhe.
I’m very happy!”

Ji Ran’s heart shook.

“Do you know if it’s possible to leave the hot search up for a little longer?”

“Probably, but you’d need to spend some money since the other side will also think of ways to remove it…” Yue Wen Wen froze.
“Ran Ran, you aren’t thinking of…?”

If one had to say what Ji Ran’s creed in life was, it would be–

I won’t offend those who don’t offend me.

But if someone offends me, they must die.

“Go and help me tell them, the price doesn’t matter.
Don’t let this hot search disappear.
Money is not a problem.”

Thinking of how his drink had been drugged at the bar that day, Ji Ran sneered, “Even if my family goes bankrupt, I must have Gu Zhe stay there for another day.”

Qin Man held the steering wheel, a smile forming at the corner of his lips.

What a vengeful man.

He wanted to say there wasn’t a need.
Even if Ji Ran didn’t do anything, Gu Zhe wouldn’t be able to come out of the trending topic in a short period of time.

However, thinking about it, he decided to let it go.
It was not a bad idea to give his junior brother a chance to vent – it was better than having him swallow his unhappiness.

Gu Zhe stayed on the hot search for three entire days.
Regardless of position, his name never disappeared and in fact, more dirt on him was dug up.

Due to this, Ji Ran’s friends on WeChat learnt of another rumour…

“Are you there? Buddy? Want to talk about being drugged?”

Ji Ran was lying on the sofa in the living room playing with his mobile phone.
He couldn’t help but sigh when he swiped away this line of words for the Nth time.
After he rejected the other party’s invitation, he continued to scroll through Weibo.

This platform was really powerful.
A simple post like this had tens of thousands of comments and reposts.

He was already prepared to spend a lot of money on Gu Zhe, but he didn’t expect not to use them at all.
Perhaps the nature of this matter was too bad and it touched the bottom line of women.
Gu Zhe’s attention and enthusiasm had always been high.

“Still looking at this?” Qin Man sat next to him while reading a file.
He carelessly glanced towards Ji Ran’s screen and asked, “Are you having fun?”

Ji Ran answered honestly, “Yeah.”

Although he had also experienced the pain of being lynched online, he never thought of himself as a good person.
Moreover, he did not abide by the principle of not doing unto others what he didn’t want for himself.
Therefore, he would not feel guilty for the abuse Gu Zhe received.

In fact, the girls who were hurt by him didn’t deserve what happened to them either.

Ji Ran threw his phone aside and got up to get a glass of water.
Halfway there, the doorbell suddenly rang.

He walked to the peephole and peered.

It was Gu Cheng.
He was tall and expressionless, with several burly men behind him exerting great pressure.

Ji Ran had seen Gu Cheng at a parent-teacher conference before and could recognise him at a glance.

Qin Man asked, “Who is it?”

“A delivery.” Ji Ran replied flatly.
“I’ll go get it.”

He walked to the main door and looked at this group of muscle-heads through the metal gate.
His expression remained unchanged, without any hint of panic.

With them here, Ji Ran didn’t bother to ask how they found his address.
“What is it?”

Gu Cheng unexpectedly raised his eyebrows.
He didn’t expect Ji Ran to be so calm and unperturbed.

“Are you free? Let’s have a chat.”

Ji Ran glanced at the people behind him.
“Just a chat?”


Gu Cheng lifted a hand and the people behind him immediately returned to the car.
“Don’t worry, I didn’t plan to do anything this time, at least.
It’s just a habit to bring them everywhere.”

The implication in these words was that he couldn’t guarantee it the next time.

Ji Ran sneered.
Who was he trying to scare?

“If you have anything you want to say, just say it here.”

Gu Cheng frowned.
“Let’s go in and talk.
It’s inconvenient here.”

“My boyfriend and I are having fun and getting high.
It’s even more inconvenient for an old man like you to come in.” Ji Ran crossed his arms and said lazily, “Just spit it out quickly.
You’re already nearing sixty, can you not beat around the bush?”

Gu Cheng, who just turned 40 this year: “…”

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