When Ji Ran entered the study, there was only Ji Guo Zheng sitting alone and reading the news.

It seems that the announcement to come was related to him.

“You’re here.” Ji Guo Zheng didn’t even look up.
“Take a seat.”

Ji Ran laughed slowly.
“No need.
I’ll leave once you’re done.”

“I’m telling you to sit down.” Ji Guo Zheng said.
“The recent matter online didn’t affect you, did it?”

With big movements, Ji Ran sat on the sofa across from him.
“It didn’t.”

Men shouldn’t be so easily defeated by petty rumours.” Ji Guo Zheng picked up a file and threw it in front of him.
“Read through it.”

Ji Ran didn’t move.
“What is it?”

“Weren’t you complaining about having too few projects? This is a new project, I’ll have someone pass you more information next week.
This is the initial draft, do it properly.”

Ji Ran frowned.
He was already prepared to take over the leftover work everyday, how did a new project suddenly fall into his lap? Judging from the thickness of the file, it wasn’t a small one.

Picking it up, he flipped to the first section and immediately understood — .

He sneered.
Without looking down, he slammed the file shut.
“This piece of land is about to be auctioned.
I haven’t made any preparations, it’s impossible.”

Ji Guo Zheng shut the newspaper he was reading with a stern face.
“Do you think you’re playing house? Choosing which projects you want and rejecting those you don’t? You are merely staff; the projects choose you, not the other way around! Wait till you become your own boss before being picky about your job!”

“Someone has been following up on this piece of land, the information will be sent to you tomorrow.
Do it properly, do you understand?”

Ji Ran never liked beating around the bush, so he got straight to the point.
“Old man, don’t tell me you think that just because Qin Man is staff, he’s obliged to offer his land to the company?”

“What offer? Our offering price will definitely not be low,” Ji Guo Zheng said.

“But I don’t think it’s very high either.” Ji Ran flipped to the end of the file.

“You can’t simply look at the price when selling a piece of land.
If other companies obtain this land, they may not necessarily be able to fully develop Wang Xing.
Our goal is to create the largest business district in Mancheng there.
When that happens, there will be high traffic flow and many benefits.”

“What benefits will he get?” Ji Ran leaned back, “Moreover, if he were to auction it, there would be many high bidders.
How can your price compare to them?”

The pieces of land beside Wang Xing all belonged to Qin Man.
If that piece of land was successfully developed by Yong Shi, not only would the businesses in that area flourish, even if surrounding lands were put up for auction, they’d definitely fetch a high price.
How was this not a great benefit?

Sure enough, his youngest son wasn’t as smart as Ji Wei.

Ji Guo Zheng also could not be bothered to explain.
“Therefore, your job is to convince him to cancel the auction and sign directly with us.”

Ji Ran didn’t even think before saying, “Impossible.”

Right now, Qin Man lacked money.
How could he agree? Moreover, even if he didn’t need money, he wasn’t stupid enough to throw money away.

“It’s all up to your effort.” Ji Guo Zheng said, “I’ve been preparing for this project for some time.
We already have people in contact with big players, all we need now is a good plot of land.
If you can complete this well, dad will buy you two cars.”

Saying this, his tone also softened.
“Of course, it can’t be a race car, that’s too dangerous.
In the future, don’t do it any more, do you understand?”

He recalled what the old madam had told him.
His son would yield to coaxing rather than force.

“I don’t need a car.” Ji Ran paused for a moment, “If Qin Man agrees, what benefits will he get?”

This made Ji Guo Zheng frown.
Why was his son helping outsiders reap benefits?

“It’s written in the proposal.
The price has been clearly stated.”

“This is clearly not enough.
Do you think you’re fooling a child? How about this… give him some shares in that business district.”

“Nonsense! This is Yong Shi’s project, how can outsiders be a part of it?” Ji Guo Zheng’s patience had reached its limits.
“Impossible, there’s only money.
Deal with it yourself.
You only have one chance to prove yourself.”

Who the hell cared about this chance?

Although this was what he thought, he still sneered outwardly.
“Alright, I’ll talk to him.” Frankly, he didn’t want to continue this topic any further.

He prepared to get up.
“I’m leaving since we’re done here.”

“Sit down.
I have something to discuss with you,” Ji Guo Zheng stated.

Ji Ran paused for a second before he eventually sat back down.
“What is it?”

“Once this project is completed, you should go abroad.”

Ji Ran thought he’d heard wrong.

“I’ve already discussed this with your grandmother.
She intends to send you abroad to study.
She’s currently looking for schools for you, once this project is over, pack up and go.”

Ji Ran looked silently at him with a deep gaze.

“There’s nothing bad about studying more.” Ji Guo Zheng stated, “Although the rumours online have disappeared, it’s still better for you to lay low abroad for some time with your current situation to prevent others from digging more.
When you come back in a few years, this matter should be completely blown over.”

He’d prepared to send Ji Ran away this semester, but had temporarily postponed this idea due to the project.

Since Ji Ran didn’t reply, he continued, “What, you aren’t happy? If it weren’t for your grandfather insisting on wanting me to learn business management, I wouldn’t have come back after going abroad.”

“Since there’s nothing bad…” Ji Ran chuckled, “Why don’t you go study instead?”

“What?” Ji Guo Zheng froze.

“There are 60 and 70-year-old grandfathers still taking classes.
If you like studying so much, you can go study on your own.” Ji Ran stood up, picked up the files and left.
“I’m not interested in studying.
Anyone who wants to go abroad can go.
In any case, I won’t go.”

After leaving behind these words, he ignored the furious shouts from behind him and went straight out.

When Ji Ran came down the stairs, he ran into Ji Wei.

Ji Wei, “You…”

Ji Ran asked impatiently, “What do you want?”

Ji Wei’s expression was complicated.
After hesitating for a long time, his mouth opened and closed a couple of times.
He finally spat out a single word.

It was Ji Ran who drove home.

After putting on his seatbelt, he threw the file over to Qin Man.

“What’s this?”

“A new project.”

Qin Man only looked through a couple of pages before he understood.

“Don’t misunderstand…” Ji Ran trailed off.
“Forget it.
That was the original idea anyway.
My dad wants the piece of land in your hand but doesn’t want to pay.
You can see if this project is feasible.
If it is, you can do it, otherwise, forget about it.”

Qin Man laughed.
“Do you think it’s feasible?”

“I feel that it’s not.”

Both of them seemed to be speaking tongue twisters.

“I’ll think about it for now.” Qin Man put the file aside and asked, “Did he say anything else?”

Ji Ran stared straight ahead.
“What do you mean?”

“Your face doesn’t look good.”

Ever since he came down the stairs, the words ‘I’m angry’ were practically plastered across his face.

“Nothing much.” Ji Ran said.
However, he felt stifled if he didn’t spit it out.
“They want me to go abroad.”

In fact, studying abroad itself wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

However, this time, it was because Ji Guo Zheng felt that he had lost face online and was in a hurry to throw him overseas.

It was the longest conversation he had with Ji Guo Zheng in more than 20 years.

Regarding the online situation from before, his father in name only had few words of comfort for him.
He didn’t even mention the woman who gave birth to his child and focused only on the piece of land.

In the end, he even wanted to throw him abroad?

If Qin Man dared to say, “Going abroad is good”, he would definitely open the door and throw him out.

Qin Man didn’t know that he was currently standing in the center of a minefield.

He turned and asked with a frown.
“What will happen to me if you go?”

They were currently at a red light.
Ji Ran stepped on the brakes a little forcefully.

He turned his head in surprise.
“What do you mean… what will happen to you?”

“I’m currently living off you.” Qin Man thought for a moment.
“Or you could take me with you?”

“… You already have enough money on hand to buy back your old home.
And since that piece of land will soon be sold, why wouldn’t you be able to survive without me?”

“The foreclosure on the house needs some more time to be lifted.
The money has already been wired to my parents.
As for the piece of land, it’ll take a couple of months for everything to happen.”

“You gave everything to your parents?” Ji Ran was speechless.
“You didn’t leave anything for yourself?”

“I’m eating, drinking, and living off you.
Why would I need money?” Qin Man gave him a grin.

Ji Ran asked him in a daze, “…You said… you want to go abroad with me?”

“Yeah.” Qin Man sat up straighter.
“Are you going abroad to work or study?”


“Then, you should rent a house near the school.
When I learn to cook, I can stay at home and wait for you to come home.
During your vacation, we can go play on the surrounding islands.” Qin Man said in a relaxed tone.
“If you like crowded places, these foreigners are very fond of partying.
You can even organise one or two occasionally…but you can’t go overboard.”

“Qin Man.” Ji Ran listened in silence for a while before interrupting him, “…Do you know what’s our relationship?”

“I only want your body to be loyal to me.
Don’t do anything unnecessary.
I also do not need you to stay by my side.”

Qin Man smiled.
“What if you have certain needs? It’s not possible for me to take a plane every few days to satisfy you.”

How did their conversation get to this point?

Ji Ran’s hands tightened around the steering wheel as he frowned.
“Even if I do, I can solve it myself.”

“How would you solve it?” Qin Man suddenly turned to stare at him.

“There are many people abroad.
There’s no need for me to endure…” He paused.

Because he felt the eyes of the person next to him.

Sharp, gloomy, and displeased.

Ji Ran’s heart skipped a beat.
He hurriedly finished the rest of his words, “Moreover, I won’t go.
I still have things to do here.”

The car was silent for a few seconds.

The lights turned to green and Qin Man’s expression returned to normal, instantly wiping away any trace from before.

He asked, “What is it? Is there anything I can help you with?”

Can’t you just do something else? Rebuild your career once more? Even if you keep sticking to me, all my money has already been sucked away by you.
No matter how much you try to sell yourself in front of me, you won’t be able to get any more benefits.”

Qin Man smiled and suddenly asked, “If I sign with Yong Shi, what will you get?”

“Nothing much.”

Just two cars he didn’t care for.

When he first got this project, he had briefly considered for a moment — if he succeeded, would he be able to use this opportunity to demand for a higher position from Ji Guo Zheng? That way, his staff ID would give him access to more information and enable him to investigate matters from the past.

However, this idea was soon extinguished.

For Yong Shi, this was merely a project.
But for Qin Man, it was his everything.
Based on his abilities, Qin Man would have many ways to successfully develop this piece of land even if it were sold to someone else.
Perhaps, it could even alter his fate.

“Forget it.
Take it as if I haven’t mentioned this before.
It’s best for you to auction this land off and use the money to start a business.
Didn’t those dog friends of yours before look down on you? In the future, you can just tie your money into a bunch and smash their heads in with it.
Use all your strength, who asked them to be so snobbish?”

Qin Man rested his elbow against the window with a faint smile.
“You seem to hate them?”

“Is it because of me?”

“I just hate this sort of person.” Ji Ran turned into the car’s radio.
“… Don’t indulge in wishful thinking.”

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