s a topic of discussion in their circle.
Back when Yu Wen Wen brought him to True Colour for the first time, Ji Ran’s photo had already been circulated around their group chat.
Then, he personally witnessed his friends go up to him, only to retreat after being scolded.

If it weren’t for his assistant and lawyer beside him, he wouldn’t dare to go for fear of Ji Ran beating him up.

Ji Ran walked in front.
Without a word, he led them all the way to the carpark.

“Our vehicle is here.
We won’t trouble you any further.” Arriving at their car, Wen Xiao’s assistant said.

Wen Xiao hurriedly opened the door to leave.

However, Ji Ran was quicker than him.
Placing a hand against the door, he drawled, “Why are you in a rush? Let’s chat.”

Wen Xiao blinked, looking frightened and lost.

“What?” Ji Ran saw through his thoughts and sneered, “Do you think I’ll hit you in my company’s carpark, in front of your colleagues?”

“…” Wen Xiao hesitated, feeling the logic in his words.
Moreover, he also had something to say to Ji Ran.
“Alright, let’s go over there and talk.”

They went to a corner beside the elevator.

“How much money did you give Qin Man?” Wen Xiao asked.

Ji Ran didn’t expect him to speak first.
He raised an eyebrow.
“None of your business.”

“I can offer a higher amount.” Wen Xiao gritted his teeth, “Give him to me.”

Ji Ran froze.
Then, he laughed from anger.

He didn’t expect so many people to be after that bastard.

Without thinking, he gave a figure that was twice the actual sum.

Wen Xiao was stunned.
He looked suspiciously at Ji Ran.
“That much?”

“That’s right.
If you can’t afford it, scram.”

Wen Xiao lowered his head and hesitated for a long while.
“… Can’t you lower it?”

“Do you take this as a marketplace where you can choose and haggle over prices?”

“But you’ve already used him for a few months.”

It was simply impossible to communicate with Wen Xiao.
This person was just like his personal minefield; every word of his was simply enough to disgust him.

“What do you treat a person as?” Ji Ran sneered.
“A thing? There’s even a difference between new and used goods? If you buy him, do I still have to provide you with a 3-year product warranty?”

“… What do you need in order to give him to me? Ah, right.
You’re a new hire, you must need some work achievements.
I can give you some projects as long as you agree to my conditions.”

He had the power to give out a couple of projects worth only a few hundred thousand yuan.

“Do you think Laozi cares about those useless projects? To be honest, I even felt that the contract signing today was a waste of time.”

Wen Xiao was silent for a moment.
Suddenly, he pulled out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and lit one.

“Yo.” Ji Ran scoffed.
“So it’s no longer choking if you’re the one smoking it?”

“Ji Ran, you, don’t think that Qin Man is treating you differently.” Wen Xiao’s voice shook.
“You’re just someone who happened to be there at the right time, at his lowest point.
He had no choice but to choose you.”

Ji Ran didn’t get angry, instead, he even laughed, “That’s right.
And latecomers like you can only stand by the side.”

“Are you always so offensive when speaking to others?”

“Not really.” Ji Ran said lazily.
“I only like to annoy fools.”

Wen Xiao: “…”

Sure enough, he shouldn’t have sought Ji Ran out.

Just as he was about to say something, the elevator descended and the doors opened.
Through the transparent glass doors, he saw the person standing inside.

Wen Xiao paused for a second and hurriedly put out his cigarette.

He adjusted his tone and lowered his voice.
“Ji Ran, I really like Qin Man.
I’ve been crushing on him for years.
Although the amount of money I can afford isn’t enough to support him, I don’t wish to see him suffer… of course, I’m not trying to blame you.
In fact, I’m extremely grateful to you for helping him when he was in need.”

“Grateful to me?” Ji Ran narrowed his eyes.
“That’s our business, what have you got to be grateful for? Stop being so shameless.”

“…” Wen Xiao swallowed.
“Alright, I accept the amount you proposed.
Give him to me.
However, as the figure is quite large, I’m unable to take it all out now.
I need some time, not too long.
Just a week.”

Ji Ran didn’t expect the number he casually threw out to be accepted.

“I’m rescinding my offer.” He lifted up a finger.
“You took five minutes, I’m adding ten million to the original amount.”

Wen Xiao’s eyes widened and he flushed.
“Ji Ran, don’t go overboard.
It’s not like you like him.
This transaction is only beneficial to you, don’t push your luck.”

“I don’t like him, but I hate you.
You’d better decide quickly.
If you take too long to think, I’ll have to increase the price again…”

“No need to think.” A man’s deep voice came from behind.

Ji Ran froze.

“Wen Xiao, if you have such thoughts, you should have contacted me directly.”

As he spoke, Qin Man had already walked closer.
He handed a file over to Ji Ran and said, “These documents are pretty urgent.
They need to be handed over to the head before the end of day.
They need your approval.”

Ji Ran’s heartbeat unconsciously sped up.
He received the file and quickly signed his name.

“Next time when you sign, you should read through it carefully.” Qin Man laughed, “Or you could be selling yourself instead.”

Ji Ran: “…”

Wen Xiao’s expression stiffened.
“Qin Man, y-you heard?”

Qin Man finally glanced at Wen Xiao.
“Only a little.”

“Sorry, I only wanted to help you.” Wen Xiao tugged at the corners of his coat.
“I wanted to contact you, but I was afraid Ji Ran wouldn’t be willing to let you go.
So I came to find him.”

“I-” Ji Ran began.

Qin Man replied, “Then, I’ll answer you formally.
I refuse.”

In a split second, silence descended.

Qin Man saw Wen Xiao’s face pale.
His tone was polite and natural as he continued, as if they were still in the meeting room earlier speaking about business matters.
“I’m not lacking financially at the moment and have no intentions of getting a new boss.
I also have no interest in you.
If I say it like that, is it clear enough?”

Wen Xiao’s jaw hung loosely, his face was a different shade of red and white.
For a long while, he didn’t know what to say.

“Furthermore, I hope you won’t bother Ji Ran again in the future.
If he gets angry, it will be difficult for me,” Qin Man continued.

Wen Xiao left with red eyes.

After Wen Xiao’s car left, Qin Man finally turned around.
“Then, I’ll go send this document.”

Ji Ran paused for a second.
“… Wait.
I’m going up too.”

The doors closed.
It was silent inside the narrow space.

Ji Ran had called Wen Xiao over to a secluded corner with the aim to ridicule him.
However, he didn’t expect that he wouldn’t have the opportunity to say anything after watching Wen Xiao’s act of deep feelings.

… However, Qin Man’s few words made him feel quite good.

The elevator door was so clean, it was practically shining.

Ji Ran sneaked a peek at Qin Man, and saw him standing straight without any expression on his face.
Ever since he went bankrupt, Ji Ran had never seen this sight.

Ji Ran then recalled that their conversation from before had all been heard.

He instinctively wanted to explain, but forcibly swallowed back the words that were already at the tip of his tongue.

Please, those words that are obviously mocking another couldn’t be taken seriously.
Moreover, why should he have to explain himself to Qin Man? It’d only make him appear guilty.

He looked away.

“What do your words from earlier mean? How is it difficult for you? Are you trying to let others think I’m bullying you?”

Qin Man dully replied, “No.”


Arriving back at their office, Ji Ran asked with feigned nonchalance, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

In his heart, this was akin to offering him an olive branch; a symbol of peace.

Qin Man didn’t even look up from the file he was reading.
“Up to you.”

He actually broke this olive branch.

Looks like Qin Man was really angry.
But were those words that he said for Wen Xiao actually taken seriously?

Ji Ran was never one to be kind to the person who snubbed his good intentions.
He immediately kept his mouth shut and decided.

If I speak to you, I’m your grandson.

Therefore, until the end of the day, neither of them spoke to each other.

After sitting in the office for a whole day, Ji Ran couldn’t be bothered to cook.
He casually ordered a grand meal that covered the dining table.

They both sat at the table and ate from their own bowl.
The television was even more exciting than the atmosphere in their house.

Cold-faced monster, petty person, idiot.

On the surface, Ji Ran was calm, but he was already cursing in his heart.

Only a fool would take his words seriously.
One was Wen Xiao and the other was Qin Man.

His phone rang.
It was a message from Yu Wen Wen.

Yu Wen Wen: Did Wen Xiao bother you today? One of my friends was called over.
He’s currently drinking while crying.

Daddy Ji: Why isn’t he dead from drinking? Help me send two packets of tissues over.
Tell him it’s a token of my kindness.
He can slowly cry, don’t let him stop.

Yu Wen Wen: [OK] I’ll personally go.

After eating, Ji Ran’s phone vibrated again.

It was an image from Yu Wen Wen.
He took a look and finally couldn’t hold back a laugh.

The image in the picture was a bar.
Only Yu Wen Wen’s hand was in the photo, holding onto two unopened packets of tissue.
On the other hand, Wen Xiao had just looked up tearfully.
His expression was at a loss as he reached out to grab the tissue.

Yu Wen Wen: I’ve passed your words over.
He cried even more miserably.
Do you want a video?

Ji Ran gave him several expression stickers and tapped away on his phone.
“No need, I don’t want to see something so irksome.

After eating, Ji Ran went into the bathroom.

He took out his clothes and turned on the tap.
Warm water flowed from his head to his feet.

Having lived alone for a long time, he didn’t have the habit of locking his doors when taking a bath.
Thus, he didn’t react for a while after the sound of the door opening.

Ji Ran felt a cold wind against his back from the air-conditioning outside and finally turned around.

Qin Man only wore a pair of black boxers.
He stood at the door and asked, “Together?”

Ji Ran instinctively wanted to cover himself but felt there was no point.
He grimaced.
“No, fuck off.”

“I’ll suck you off?” Qin Man asked with a natural expression.

Hearing these words, Ji Ran immediately recalled the feeling.

Qin Man rarely used his mouth, but it was indeed very comfortable.

It wasn’t that he was particularly good at it.
However, when Qin Man crawled under him, there was an indescribable and embarrassing thrill.

Ji Ran’s ears turned red from the thought of it and couldn’t control his reaction.
Through the mist, Qin Man saw it all.

They were in a physical contract, it’s not like they were dating.
A cold war or a fight wouldn’t interfere with their physical relationship.

Ji Ran never wronged himself when it came to pleasure.
Having found an excuse in his heart, he turned off the tap.
“… Only this.
Nothing else.”

However, once things started, it was impossible to predict how it’d end.

Ji Ran was originally pressed against the wall.
The next thing he knew, he was already in the bathtub.

In the end, they did everything to the last step.

The moment Qin Man took out the lubricant from the towel, Ji Ran knew he’d been had.
However, with all the blood rushing to his head, he couldn’t stop.

He could only bite Qin Man as he cursed, “Bastard.
Fucking liar.”

“En.” Qin Man replied.

Qin Man was usually quite gentle.
However, it was different today.

It couldn’t be described as violent.
However, when Ji Ran wanted to leave after the pleasure subsided, Qin Man would press him down against the bathtub and go for another round.

Thus, Ji Ran cursed even more furiously

Once everything calmed down, Ji Ran didn’t have a single ounce of energy left.
They had spent two hours in the bathroom without resting for a single moment.

The water had been changed.

Ji Ran rested against Qin Man’s body tiredly.
“Do you like this place? You can sleep here tonight.”

For a long while, there was no answer.
Just as Ji Ran was about to fall asleep, the person behind him finally spoke.

“I’m limited edition.”

Ji Ran was startled awake.

“I was forced by my circumstances previously.
That’s why I signed a contract with you.
However, I have no intention of selling myself to get by.” Qin Man kissed his earlobe.
“That’s why, I have no way of letting you earn the price difference in this regard.”

“…” Ji Ran shut his eyes and finally spoke after some time.
“Am I that poor? I was only fooling Wen Xiao.”

Even with this, he felt that it wasn’t enough.
“Only a fool will believe it.
You’re no better than Wen Xiao.”

Qin Man hugged his waist from behind, laughing softly.
“Whatever you say, as long as you don’t think about selling me.”

“… I’m not a human trafficker.” Ji Ran rolled his eyes.

Moreover, I’m a valuable commodity.
You’d make a loss if you sell me.”

Ji Ran replayed these words for a long time before he understood.

Why did it feel like this person had tossed and turned for so many rounds just to prove that he was a ‘valuable commodity’?

T/n: Qin Man is one sly bastard, but ngl low key hot because he’s like a kid, getting upset over this and proving his worth in front of his lover

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