Ji Ran was crouched in front of a flower bed, staring intently at a flower, with his hands on his chin.
No one knew what he was thinking about.

He’d drank too much and couldn’t stand without swaying.

Hearing a sound, he turned around and saw Qin Man.
He tried to get up by supporting himself with his knees, but unexpectedly, he used too much force and his body leaned forward, nearly hitting the ground with his face.

A strong arm wrapped around his waist and brought him back.

Ji Ran immediately smelt the perfume that had clung onto him.

“Fuck.” He cursed softly and pushed his elbows against Qin Man’s hard and firm chest.
“Stay away from me.”

Qin Man felt some pain but didn’t let him go until he was sure Ji Ran was steady.

“What’s wrong?”

Ji Ran didn’t react, only staring at his shirt.

Qin Man raised an eyebrow and prepared to ask again.
Ji Ran suddenly reached out a hand and poked the area above his abdomen.

“Spit it out,” Ji Ran said.


“The skewers from earlier.
Spit it all out.”

Qin Man didn’t move away, allowing the finger to do as it pleased.

Ji Ran opened his mouth to speak, but swallowed the words that he was about to say.

Why? How would he know why? In any case, he just wasn’t happy to see Qin Man eating the things grilled by that Wen Xiao.

But Ji Ran wouldn’t say such words.

He wasn’t drunk.
At most, he was a little tipsy but he was clear that even if he had a black and white contract with Qin Man, there weren’t any clauses that stated Qin Man ‘wasn’t allowed to eat Wen Xiao’s skewers’.

“Forget it.” After a moment, Ji Ran put down his hand.
“Go the hell back.”

He took out his cigarettes and lit one up.
The person next to him didn’t move for a long time.

Ji Ran said, “Go.
Why are you still standing here?”

Qin Man smiled.
“I’m not going.”

There was the sound of the door opening.
Wen Xiao appeared with a watermelon in his hand.

Seeing Ji Ran, he revealed a surprised expression.
“Ah, Ran Ge is also here.
What to do? I only have one slice.”

The two people in the garden ignored him.
Wen Xiao seemed like he was walking over as he laughed drily, “Qin Man, this is for you.
I’ll go back and get one for Ran Ge, too.”

Qin Man continued to back-face him while asking in a volume that only they could hear, “Do you eat watermelons?”

“Eat.” The fire that had been extinguished before was immediately ignited again.
“Once you eat it, the melon field next to Yu Wen Wen’s family’s construction site will be your resting place.”

Qin Man contemplated for a moment.
“That piece of land is quite big.
It must cost quite a bit to use it for a year.”

“…You can lie in it without worry.” Ji Ran smiled coldly and said generously.
“No matter how much it costs, I’ll cover it for you.”

Wen Xiao reached them and only heard the last few words.
He asked doubtfully.
“What costs? Cover what?”

He looked at Qin Man.
“Do you need money? I have some, I can lend it to you.”

“What has it got to do with you?” Ji Ran asked.

“…I only wanted to help a friend out.”

Ji Ran was about to blow up but Qin Man spoke first.

“No need.” He subtly put some space between him and Wen Xiao.
Without the smell of barbecue, the perfume on him became even more obvious, making him uncomfortable.

He smiled, “I can’t afford to pay you back.”

“You don’t have to…no, I mean, if you’re tight on cash, I can help subsidize some costs…”

Ji Ran interrupted him, “Why are you making a fool of yourself here? How could you possibly not know who’s currently keeping Qin Man? Do you think he lacks your subsidy? If the money in your pocket is in urgent need of burning, go throw some on the streets.”

Wen Xiao was intimidated by him and stood rooted to the ground, his face red.
“I only wanted to help a friend out.
Why must you put things so badly?”

His lips curled, as if angered.
“Don’t think you’re invincible just because you have some money.
Who doesn’t? Qin Man, does he normally treat you this way? Have you suffered a lot by his side? Why don’t you leave with me? I’ll lend you money in the future.
You can just pay back whatever you can, otherwise, it’s fine.
Don’t stay here and suffer any longer, alright?”

Qin Man looked at Ji Ran.

Ji Ran met his gaze and thought Qin Man had been swayed by Wen Xiao’s words.
“What? You really want to go?”

“You don’t have to threaten Qin Man any longer,” Wen Xiao hurriedly cut in.

Yu Wen Wen had heard some noise earlier and walked over to the balcony, just in time to witness this scene.
His heart nearly leapt out of his throat and he could only lie, “Wen Xiao, your boyfriend is here.
Quick, go out and get him!”

Wen Xiao froze and turned back.
“…Why is he here?”

“In any case, he’s waiting outside.
You should hurry over.”

Wen Xiao wanted to say something to Qin Man but felt that it wasn’t yet the time.
He could only bite his lips.
“I-I need to leave for now.
Qin Man, remember what I just said.
If you feel that you’ve suffered, come look for me.”

After Wen Xiao left, Yu Wen Wen didn’t dare continue listening.
He slammed the balcony door shut with a bang and thought to close the curtains, too.

“Why are you still standing around?” Ji Ran broke the silence.
“If you want to go, just go.”

Qin Man’s tone didn’t change.
“I’ve already signed a contract with you.”

“That’s a work contract, not a slave contract.” Ji Ran laughed coldly.
“Just have Wen Xiao pay me back the money I’ve given you before and you can leave with him.”

He felt extremely frustrated, as if something was stuck in his chest.
It was extremely suffocating.

“He worships you so much.
Grilling food for you, delivering watermelon, and even remembering what clothes you wore the year you met.”

“As long as he doesn’t mind that you’ve been used by me before, what are you still fussing about?”

“Oh right, you don’t like to be the third party.
Don’t worry, judging from his morals, he’d be willing to dump his boyfriend for you.”

Qin Man listened quietly before pondering for a moment.
“It doesn’t seem to be too bad.”

He asked, “Can I really go?”

“Scram,” Ji Ran cursed.

Qin Man nodded before seeming to remember something.
He took out a bottle of yogurt from his pocket.

“Remember to drink this.”

Ji Ran turned away and continued to stare at the unknown flower.

The garden was quiet.

“Fuck off.
Are you waiting for me to give you severance pay?”

Ji Ran just spoke when he heard the sound of shoes on the ground.
It seemed as if he were really leaving.

Ji Ran’s head grew hot and he abruptly turned around to grab Qin Man by the collar.
“Are you really fucking leaving? Do you believe I’ll tear off your hands…”

Qin Man stopped with his force and turned to look at him.

“Do you really treat Laozi as a fool?” Ji Ran’s fist pressed against Qin Man’s abdomen.
Due to the alcohol he had earlier, his head was already spinning but he forced himself to control his strength.
He spoke whatever came to mind, “If you still dare to eat his skewers, I’ll poison you tonight and put the blame on him.
I’ll let you two become a pair of ghost mandarin ducks.”

For such a fierce personality, he had exceptionally milky and sensitive skin.
A little alcohol or temper easily stained his face red.

Qin Man asked, “Why should I become ghost mandarin ducks with him?”

“How would I know?” Ji Ran continued to hammer his stomach.
“Because you’re blind.”

“…” Qin Man laughed helplessly and grasped his fists.
“Stop hitting me, you won’t be able to get anything out.
I didn’t eat anything of his.”

Qin Man only held his hand weakly.
It was impossible to stop him, so Ji Ran increased his force.
“Fucking liar.”

“I really didn’t.”

Ji Ran recalled something and grew even angrier.
“Did I threaten you? Who was the one who haggled with me? Who was the one who demanded half my fortune and followed me around everyday? When did I threaten you? We’re both willing parties.
I provided the money while you provided your service.
How is this a threat?”

“You didn’t threaten me.” Qin Man didn’t stop his fists any longer and instead, touched Ji Ran’s head.
“You’re very good.”

“Fuck off, stop bootlicking.
If I’m so good, why did you still look for him? Is it that I couldn’t satisfy your needs or that I’m not giving you enough money? Or could it be that you’ve fallen for that white lotus?”

Speaking to this point, Ji Ran stopped hitting him.

Qin Man thought he was tired and was about to comfort him.
Unexpectedly, the fists landed on his chest instead and weren’t light.

“No way, Laozi won’t allow you to fall for him.
Try admitting it if you dare.”

Ji Ran had thought it through.

Even a blind man could see that Wen Xiao was coveting Qin Man.
Qin Man was his, so how could he not be angry?

This was simply considered taking preventive measures.

Who the hell was Wen Xiao? Daring to claw at Ji Ran’s corner?

Furthermore, Qin Man wasn’t an object.

The person in front of him didn’t reply and Ji Ran hiccupped.
“Did you hear me? If you let me see you talking to that Wen Xiao again, I’ll…”

Ji Ran couldn’t continue.

He heard Qin Man’s nearly inaudible sigh.
Followed by that, his neck was grasped and a comforting kiss fell.

Both of them had drunk earlier, so Ji Ran felt this kiss was somewhat bitter and didn’t want to continue.
However, Qin Man continued to hold his head and prevent him from escaping, entangling his tongue.

Ji Ran bit him, filling their mouths with blood, but Qin Man still refused to let go.

After entangling together for a while, Ji Ran could see that he wouldn’t be able to break free and simply kissed him back.
They kissed passionately, filling the garden with sounds of wet and erotic noises.

Ji Ran was originally dizzy, but now, his legs had gone weak.

When this kiss was over, Qin Man’s mouth had two more wounds while the blood had been licked clean.

“I don’t remember him, I didn’t eat his food, and I didn’t like him,” Qin Man said, “since you don’t like me sitting beside him, why didn’t you say so?”

This was simply the case of the thief who cried thief.

“Even if I didn’t, don’t you have any awareness?”

“But I wanted to hear you say it.”

“…” Ji Ran choked.
“Are you in kindergarten? Must you hear every single instruction?”

Qin Man laughed and couldn’t resist pulling Ji Ran into his arms.

With the alcohol in his system, Ji Ran couldn’t stand properly and was also too lazy to struggle.
He simply treated Qin Man as a human pillar and leaned against him.

Qin Man said, “Just treat me as one.
In the future, you need to tell me what you want.
Where I can’t go, who I can’t get close to, what I can’t do… I’ll listen to whatever you say.”

“As long as it’s you.”


Although Ji Ran had a bad temper, he rarely gave such orders.

When he was young, such actions were considered as attention-seeking acts to strive for favour.
It was simply wishful thinking, like a pheasant wanting to become a phoenix.

In reality, the child only had a wish and that was to see his parents.
He never imagined it’d be so complicated.

“What if I want you to die?” Ji Ran was silent for a long time before speaking.

“To be a pair of ghost mandarin ducks with you?” Qin Man mused, “It’s not a bad idea.”


How foolish.

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