h glances.

Yu Wen Wen knew Wen Xiao used to have a crush on Qin Man, but Wen Xiao already had a boyfriend for many years.
He never expected for him to still think about Qin Man.

In order to pacify the situation, he quickly handed a skewer over to Ji Ran.
“Ran Ran, eat this chicken wing.”

“It’s not cooked, are you trying to poison me?” Ji Ran swept a look over him.

“Oh, then I’ll cook it for a little while longer.” Yu Wen Wen put the skewer back on the grill.
“Why don’t we play a game while waiting for Cheng Peng to come eat?”

“Not interested.” Ji Ran stared at Wen Xiao.
“Weren’t you telling a story? Why’d you stop?”

Wen Xiao threw an anxious look at Yu Wen Wen for help.

Didn’t he say Ji Ran was only sponsoring Qin Man out of revenge? Why did he suddenly start threatening others?

There was naturally no way for Yu Wen Wen to speak in detail about Ji Ran’s private matters.
He frowned and gave Wen Xiao a warning look, telling him to stop acting out.

However, Wen Xiao wasn’t resigned yet.

He’d waited for this opportunity for many years.
Even in his dreams, he hadn’t sat so close to Qin Man.
It was impossible to tell him to give up now.

“Actually, it’s not much of a story.” Wen Xiao lowered his head and smiled bashfully.
“It was just a couple of years ago when I went to a bar for the first time.
I got drunk and was harassed by someone.
It was Qin Man who saved me.”

Ji Ran made an ‘oh’ sound.
“How’d he save you?”

“I’m also not sure.
He seemed to have told the other person something before he left.”

“In that case, your memory must be pretty good in order to remember such a stupid story even while drunk,” Ji Ran said cooly.

When the others heard his tone, they felt that he wasn’t truly angry and calmed down.
Some who were braver even chimed in.

“Isn’t that so? There was a time where whenever he entered a bar, he would look around to see if Qin Man was around.”

“That’s right, Qin Man.
Don’t you remember?”

Qin Man’s expression didn’t change.
“I don’t.”

Wen Xiao’s smile faltered.
“It’s been some time, so it’s normal to have forgotten.
It’s okay as long as I remember it.”

After a moment, he still refused to give up.
“We were at Fan Xing Bar at that time.”

With this reminder, Qin Man seemed to have some impression.
It wasn’t much, just that the boss of Fan Xing Bar was an old friend.
When the bar opened, it was lacking some funds, so he made up for it and could be considered a shareholder.
During the opening night, his friend had called him over.

Since it was also his bar, he’d definitely have to step in once he saw someone causing trouble.

But the number of times he stepped in wasn’t just once or twice.
He had completely forgotten about this person.
Just as he was about to reply, he saw the person sitting across him wearing a nonchalant expression.

Qin Man fell silent for a moment before raising the corner of his lips.
“I might have some impression of it.”

No one expected Qin Man’s reply and everyone was stunned.

Wen Xiao’s eyes lit up.
“At that time, you were wearing a black shirt and white shoes.
My hair back then was much shorter and wasn’t white like now.
So, it’s normal that you didn’t recognise me at first…”

Cheng Peng walked out and put a plate of meat on the table.
“What are you guys talking about?”

Yu Wen Wen looked at the person beside him and let out a breath of relief.
“Nothing much, come eat some skewers.
You’ve been busy today.”

“Chen An wanted to eat it.
You guys were just in passing.
I’m going upstairs.”

“Don’t!” Yu Wen Wen simply couldn’t handle this situation on his own.
If he’d known earlier that Wen Xiao still had a crush on Qin Man, he wouldn’t have allowed him here today.
“Chen An is studying, it’s not good to disturb him.
At most, you can wait for the skewers to be done before bringing it all up at once.” He quickly freed up the seat next to Ji Ran.
“Quick, sit here.”

Cheng Peng looked at Ji Ran who was biting his chicken skewers with a disgruntled expression.
He thought about it and eventually sat down.

Ji Ran and Qin Man were separated by the width of the table, both seated on different ends.
It wasn’t far, just enough to be able to hear whatever was being said, even in low voices.

“Actually, we even met once more afterwards,” Wen Xiao continued, “it was at the rotating restaurant called Cloud Pagoda.
I even called out to you.”

“Is that so?”

Wen Xiao replied, “En.
But you didn’t seem to have heard me.”

With the addition of Cheng Peng, the table grew more crowded.
Wen Xiao picked up his stool and moved closer to Qin Man, his face flushed.


Ji Ran bit through the skewer stick.

“How’s the taste?” Cheng Peng looked at him with a grin.
“You seem to be eating quite happily.”

Ji Ran swallowed.
“Do you have any alcohol?”

“You shouldn’t drink.
You still have work tomorrow,” Cheng Peng said.

“Do you have it or not?”

Yu Wen Wen poked his head over.
“I just bought some, they’re in the fridge.
It’s fine to drink a little.
I’ll call for a cab later.
Do you want me to go get it for you?”

“No need.” Ji Ran stood up.
“I’ll go get it myself.”

In the kitchen, Ji Ran threw the stick roughly into the bin.

What was the meaning of Wen Xiao’s actions? Didn’t he already have a boyfriend? What was he still doing there, eating skewers and chatting with everyone else? Even talking about his adoration? It wasn’t like Qin Man was a celebrity.

That Wen Xiao also didn’t seem like a scholarly type of person, so what was there to worship? Worship his face?

Ji Ran’s hand on the refrigerator door paused.
It seemed that Yu Wen Wen’s group of sisters would truly worship a person based on their looks.

The reason he knew was because he used to be one of the targets of affection in this group of people.

The homosexual scene right now couldn’t be considered messy nor clean.
The first time he went to True Colours, he had met many who also wanted to hook up with him.
Those who wanted to develop a relationship were even more common.
It wasn’t a surprise that Qin Man would be so popular…

As if.

“Why are you taking so long to get a beer?”

Ji Ran was startled.
He turned back to see Cheng Peng standing by the door.

“They also wanted a drink.
I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to carry everything, so I came to give you a hand.” Cheng Peng walked over.

Ji Ran made an ‘oh’ sound and took out a dozen beers.

“Tsk, isn’t this too heavy?” Cheng Peng stared at him.
“Why do I feel that you seem a little strange today?”

“How so?”

“Your face is dark.
Did someone offend you? Or are you unhappy because Wen Xiao keeps talking to Qin Man?”

Ji Ran was like a wolf whose tail had been stepped on.
He nearly threw Cheng Peng onto the ground.

“What’s there for me to be unhappy about?”

“There’s no need to hold back, brother.” Cheng Peng seemed to have not heard him.
He glanced at the others outside and continued, “If anyone dared to approach Chen An, I’d tear off their hands.”

It was fine before, but once he heard these words, Ji Ran really had such an urge.

Tear off Qin Man’s hands, so he’d never be able to eat skewers!

Ji Ran’s face sunk.
“It’s a normal interaction, they’re just chatting.
Is there a need?” These words were for Cheng Peng, and also himself.

“There is.
His matters are all managed by me.”

Even Ji Ran could tell Cheng Peng has really put Chen An in his heart.

Ji Ran frowned.
“…You should also take it easy.
Did you forget where you found him from?”

Chen An used to be a young master1.

It wasn’t that he disdained young masters.
In this field, it was normal for a young master to have several customers.
But it was best to be on guard.

“I know.
But he was forced and it’s not like I’m a decent person either.
Do you want me to chase Wen Xiao out?”

Let him stay.”

With Qin Man’s personality, he wouldn’t spare another glance at someone he didn’t want to bother with.
More so, he wouldn’t allow Wen Xiao to stick so closely to him.

Ji Ran laughed coldly.
“Who knows, they may even click together.”

“Then what? Are you going to give them your blessings?”

Ji Ran answered, “Then, I’ll beat this happy couple to death with a stick.”

Seeing them return, Yu Wen Wen gave Cheng Peng a look.

Cheng Peng blinked, meaning it was resolved.

On the other end, Qin Man felt like he had entered the movie, The Cave of the Silken Web2.

The two perfumes coming from each side pervaded his space and mixed together.
Coupled with the smell of barbecue, he felt somewhat nauseous.

“The beer is here?” Wen Xiao smiled, “Please pass two over.”

The person beside him asked, “So fierce? You want two bottles from the start?”

“It’s not for me, I wanted to help Qin Man get one…”

Ass kisser.

Ji Ran was unaware that his disgust was written on his face.
Just as he intended to open a beer, he felt his phone vibrate.

When he took out his phone, he accidentally pulled out the box of cigarettes along with it.

“Excuse me.” He didn’t know how Wen Xiao had seen it almost immediately.
“Ran ge, I can’t stand the smell of smoke.
Can you smoke outside?”

“Is that so?” Ji Ran stuffed his cigarettes back in.
“How have you not choked to death in the bar?”

Wen Xiao, “…Sorry, I only…”

The others looked over carefully.
Those who didn’t know would think that Ji Ran was bullying someone again.

“Ah, it’s cooked.” Yu Wen Wen quickly broke the tension while silently making a note to chase Wen Xiao away.
“You all can start eating.
There’s chilli and barbecue sauce here.
Help yourselves.”

Ji Ran had put too much chilli on the meat and couldn’t help taking a mouthful of beer.
The beer had been in the refrigerator for sometime, so the chilly beverage was extremely pleasing to his throat.

“These chicken wings and hand sausage were made by me.
I even seasoned it before cooking, so it’ll definitely be tasty.” Wen Xiao picked up a skewer from his plate.
“Try it?”

Qin Man stared at the skewer and smiled as he took it.

Wen Xiao’s face immediately grew red.
“N-No problem.
If you like it, I have more here.
You can have it all.”

Yu Wen Wen sent the seventh message to Wen Xiao.

He was sure the other person had seen it but refused to reply.
Yu Wen Wen glanced at Ji Ran who was sitting by the side and eating his food like it was human meat.
He tried to offer his own food while fawning over him.

“Ran Ran, have some more? I have a lot more.”

Ji Ran asked, “Did you put sauces on them when grilling?”

Yu Wen Wen froze.
“What sauce? Didn’t Cheng Peng season them before? What type do you want? I’ll help you remake it.”

Ji Ran received the food.
“I like to eat unseasoned ones.”

Yu Wen Wen: “…”

When Ji Ran opened his fourth bottle, Qin Man finally seemed to have noticed him.

“Drink less.”

Ji Ran ignored him and knocked glasses with Cheng Peng.

At this time, Yu Wen Wen raised his bottle.
“Stop eating, let’s all congratulate Ran Ran for finally stepping into the 9 to 5 world.”

Everyone agreed and Cheng Peng said, “That’s right.
I hope he’ll be able to persist for at least three months.”

Ji Ran laughed and scolded, “Fuck you.”

After knocking glasses, everyone sat down.
Only Wen Xiao was left standing.

He poured himself a full glass and raised it in front of Qin Man.

“…Qin Man, congratulations to you on your new job too.” Wen Xiao smiled.
“I’m currently working at Ju An, it’s quite near your company.
In the future, let’s have a meal whenever you’re free.”

“Who’d have time when working?” Yu Wen Wen interrupted him.
“I almost forgot, Man Man also started a new job.
Let’s go for another round.”

Ji Ran didn’t move.
“Others were forced to eat a loss by joining Yong Shi.
What’s there to celebrate?”

“It’s not a loss.” Qin Man picked up his glass and knocked it against Ji Ran’s bottle on the table.

Wen Xiao’s hands holding his cup tensed as he quickly hurried to take this opportunity to knock glasses with Qin Man.

Ji Ran was strangely angered again.

He threw the wooden sticks onto the table and stood up.
“I’m full.
You all continue.”

“Where are you going?” Cheng Peng asked.


Ji Ran had just left when Wen Xiao pushed his QR code in front of Qin Man.

“Qin Man, can you add me on WeChat?”

The pitiful smile on Qin Man’s face had long disappeared.
He said expressionlessly, “Sorry, I don’t add strangers.”

Just like that tone at the bar from a few years ago.

His attitude changed too quickly, leaving Wen Xiao dumbfounded.
He maintained an awkward smile.
“…If you don’t like chatting, I’ll just lie quietly in your friends list.
I won’t bother you.
If you run into any trouble in the future, you can come to me.”

He took several deep breaths before continuing, “Be it work or personal problems, I’ll definitely help you, alright?”

Qin Man was about to reply when his cellphone vibrated.

[Daddy Ji: Get your ass here.]

Vivi, when she saw that Ji Ran wants to tear off Qin Man’s hand: bro, your target is wrong

Sleepy: A for effort in recognizing… something…!

1 Like… a prostitute? Or more like a Host2

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