Drink slowly, don’t rush.”

Ji Ran quickly calmed down without replying.

Life imitates art.
Didn’t he often see the seductress in dramas hooking their male interest’s legs with their shoes? He had been around the city’s night clubs for many years, god knows how many beautiful women had tried hooking his leg before.
After teaching them a lesson, they all stopped.

But this was his first time having a man hook his leg, especially since he didn’t frequent gay bars.

He took the napkin and wiped his mouth.
He slightly lifted his foot and stomped down on the shiny leather shoes.

Qin Man’s grip on his chopsticks tightened.

He couldn’t help laughing in his heart.
He’d just teased his junior brother a bit but who’d have expected his temper to be so great?

This meal was too boring.
He had wanted to leave after giving a couple of perfunctory words but Ji Ran had arrived.

So he also didn’t leave.

“I always felt it was a pity.” Ji Wei didn’t move his chopsticks since his mind wasn’t on eating.
“The project in Beihai is something I was looking forward to collaborating with you.
Who knew…”

Qin Man replied, “There will be a chance.”

As they spoke, Ji Ran suddenly stood up.
Seeing this, Ji Wei immediately stopped him.
“Where are you going?”

Ji Ran ignored him.

“Already an adult yet you don’t know how to greet your seniors?” Ji Wei’s voice was full of ridicule.

Ji Ran had wanted to leave silently without provoking anyone.

Unfortunately, Ji Wei chose to wrangle with him.

Ji Ran stopped in his tracks and turned around.
Ignoring Ji Wei, he looked at Qin Man and asked overbearingly, “Are you leaving?”

Wasn’t he trying to poach this person? He wanted to see how Ji Wei could still recruit him if he brought Qin Man away.
He’d just let him sit here with his cousin and talk about familial love.

Ji Wei frowned, wanting to say something but the person beside him moved.

Qin Man stood up and interrupted the words that were already at the tip of his tongue.

“I still have some matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first.” He smiled.
“Let’s talk again in the future.”

Their brotherly feud couldn’t be any more obvious to outsiders.
Qin Man’s farewell at this time was essentially akin to taking a stand.

Ji Wei needed to try harder in order to prevent the same situation that happened on his engagement day from playing out.

He was trying to figure out the relationship between Ji Ran and Qin Man, completely ignoring Ji Tang’s look of alarm.
He could only force a laugh.
“I didn’t expect you to still be as busy as ever.
I thought that after leaving, you would…” He stopped and finally changed his words.
“Forget it.
We’ll talk again when you’re free.”

After the two left, Ji Tang spoke up.

“Ge, didn’t you promise you’d get Qin Man to send me back tonight? Why…”

“He’s not willing, what can I do?” Ji Wei picked up the wine glass and drank it all.

“…Will he still go to Uncle’s company then?” Ji Tang asked, “Ge, are you really classmates with Qin Man? Why do I feel like Ji Ran and he are more like friends…”

She lowered her head, not noticing Ji Wei’s increasingly ugly expression.

With a bang, Ji Wei slammed the glass on the table and made a low noise, interrupting Ji Tang’s muttering.

She received a fright.
“Ge… I’m just casually speaking.
L-Let’s eat.”

Ji Wei ignored her, pouring another glass of red wine.

He had offered Qin Man a job out of goodwill but who’d have thought that for the sake of that bastard, Qin Man would slap him in the face time and time again.

Ji Wei had always lived like a prince.
His generous fortune allowed him to live with his head held high.
Where had he suffered such grievances? If it wasn’t for that thing in Qin Man’s hands, he’d already have fallen out with him.

But what made him even more suspicious was their relationship.
Could Qin Man and Ji Ran really be on good terms?

“Tang Tang.” Ji Wei seemed to have thought of something.
“That day, what time did Ji Ran come out from Qin Man’s room?”

Ji Tang froze and bit her chopsticks as she tried to recall.
“During morning jog, about 6?”

Ji Wei frowned.
6 in the morning.
What were two men doing in that room eating cup noodles?

“Ge, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Ji Wei put his suspicions aside.
“Eat up.
I’ll send you back later.”

Exiting the room, Ji Ran threw the car keys at Qin Man.
“You can go back first.”

Qin Man caught them easily.
“Where are you going?”

“Supper.” He hated coming to eat at this sort of restaurant the most.
The prices were exorbitant yet the portions were small.
It was too boring.

Moreover, he couldn’t enjoy his food with Ji Wei around.

“Let’s go together.
I feel that there are still some work matters to discuss.”

Ji Ran replied, “We’ll talk when we get back.
The place I’m going is somewhere you won’t be accustomed to.”

“What’s there to be accustomed to?” Qin Man opened the door.
“Let’s go.
You can give directions, I’ll drive.”

The car pulled up near an outdoor barbecue restaurant.

Ji Ran walked towards the lady boss and waved a hand.
“Give me 30 sticks of mutton, 20 beef, 5 chicken wings, and 5 garlic chives.”

He looked at the person beside him.
“What do you want?”

“Didn’t you order?”

“Those are for myself.”

“…” Qin Man looked at the pile of meat skewers and laughed in spite of himself.
“So many? But you don’t seem to have much meat?”

Around them were other customers.
Some female patrons couldn’t help turning around.

Ji Ran’s ears were red.
“What does that have to do with anything? Don’t eat if you don’t want to.”

After ordering, they found a place to sit.

Ji Ran ordered a few bottles of beer.
The night market was warm at night and the staff were busy.
Ji Ran took a bottle opener and skillfully opened it.
“Are you drinking?”

“I can’t.
I need to drive.”

“Although I was scammed out of a large amount of cash by you, I can still afford a driver.” Ji Ran gave him a bottle.

Qin Man shook his head.
“If I drink, how will I serve you tonight?”

“…Who the hell needs you to serve?” Ji Ran took back his hands and put the bottle back on the table.
What did you want to talk about?”

Qin Man said, “About me going to your brother’s company…”

“In your dreams.” Ji Ran cut him off rudely.
“You’re mine now.
You dare to go?”

Qin Man laughed, “Yours?”

With a cough, Ji Ran said, “I mean… I paid you.
So you must listen to me.”

“Indeed, you paid.
I’ll only listen to you when it comes to some things.” Qin Man smiled, “But not all.”

“I changed my mind.” Ji Ran’s voice was low.
“I don’t need you to sleep with me.
Enter the company with me.”

“I can’t do that.
I sold my body, not my skills.
Moreover, these two aren’t of equivalent value.
There’s no way to exchange.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that if I enter Yong Shi, the value of the projects I can complete will be much higher than what you paid me.” Qin Man paused for a moment.
“It’s a loss.
I won’t do it.”

Ji Ran snorted coldly.
“Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself?”

“I just have a better understanding of my value.” Qin Man shrugged.
“To be honest, all the companies that have approached me recently haven’t given me a price lower than yours.”

Ji Ran laughed in anger.
“You must feel wronged.”

“I haven’t been wronged.
After all, you’re the first person who extended your help to me in the beginning.
I’m willing to continue our relationship but the contract doesn’t include me working for you.” Qin Man leaned back.
“Of course, I won’t completely refuse.
You’re my saviour.
If you really need me, I can’t ignore you completely…”

Ji Ran was expressionless.
“Get to the point.”

“I can join Yong Shi, but…” Qin Man smiled warmly.
“You need to increase the pay.”


He was wondering just how noble and virtuous this person was.
After so many twists and turns, he couldn’t leave the stench of money.

Ji Ran rolled his eyes.
“Couldn’t you just have said so? Speak, how much do you want?”

“This sum is too big.
If I calculate it according to the half you’ve given me last time… I’m afraid you can’t afford it.”

Qin Man slowly gave a number.

Ji Ran nearly choked on his beer.
“Why don’t you just go rob a bank?!”

“Forget it.
I’ll talk to your brother.”


Ji Ran took some time before he calmed down.

To him, money was just an object.
Although the amount Qin Man requested was ridiculous, it wasn’t impossible.
It was just a matter of selling a few cars.

This was him using his life to disgust Ji Wei!

Ji Ran glanced warily at the man in front of him.
Looking at Qin Man’s popularity, this amount of money was something he might really be able to earn back.
It wouldn’t be a big loss.

More importantly… when he goes against Ji Wei in the future in the company, even if he didn’t have Qin Man, it was better than having Qin Man stand on the other side.

…Worth it!

“It’s not impossible.” Wanting him to take out such a large sum in such a short amount of time made Ji Ran’s heart hurt as if he’d burnt his hands and feet.
He lit a cigarette to calm down.
“…But I can’t take out such a large amount now.
Give me some time.
And the contract this time needs to be official.”

“How long?”

Ji Ran silently calculated the time he needed to sell his cars.
“I don’t know, maybe a few months… I won’t fucking cheat you.”

These words felt like deja vu.

“A few months? If I put this money in the bank, the interest isn’t small.”

Ji Ran was furious.
“Who can take out so much at once? Qin Man, don’t push your luck!”

“Don’t be angry.” Qin Man laughed.
“I’m thinking of another way.”

“…Say it.”

“I can give you a discount.” Qin Man sat up straight and unfastened the buttons of his suit jacket.
He slowly revealed his cards.
“You can give it to me anytime.”

“But you must agree to three conditions.”

Ji Ran looked at him suspiciously.

He couldn’t think of any condition that would allow Qin Man to give him a discount.

Before he could think, Qin Man had already spoken.
“The first is, no matter where you go in future, you must take me along.”

Ji Ran froze, his expression complicated.

“The second condition is… I want to move into your room.”

Ji Ran’s face twisted.

“The third condition.” Qin Man raised an eyebrow.
“I haven’t thought about it, I’ll leave it for now.”

After a moment of silence, Ji Ran asked, “Qin Man, do you think your jokes are funny?”

“I’m not joking,” Qin Man replied seriously.

“Why the hell should I bring you everywhere?”

“I feel that the people around you are very interesting.
I want to get to know them.”

The doubt on Ji Ran’s face didn’t diminish but this wasn’t the most important point.

“Why do you want to move into my room?!”

Qin Man was helpless, but his dimples couldn’t be hidden.
“I promised you I wouldn’t cuckold you before.”

“But I’m a man.
I also have my needs.
If you leave me hanging… I’ll feel hurt.”

Ji Ran: ???

“It’s been so many days since the engagement party.
Don’t you have any urges?” Qin Man sank into contemplation.
“That shouldn’t be the case.
You look very normal…”

“You’re the abnormal one.” Ji Ran didn’t have the mood to eat his barbecue any longer.
His face was burning.
I’ll allow you to look for others, is that alright?!”

“No way, I have work ethics.” Qin Man smiled.
“I only want you.”

Sammy: Shot right in the heart, fuk I want a Qin Man

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