Chapter 1 – Does Your Sponsorship Include The Five Social Insurance?

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Proofreader: SleepyMango123

Ji Ran was awoken by a ringing beside his ear.

Wait a minute, where did this ringtone come from?

He woke up groggily and reached out his arm to pick up the phone.
His arm had only just lifted when he felt an ache deep in his bones that woke him up.

By instinct, he opened his eyes.
A pair of dark and cloudy irises trembled, as he scanned the dim room.

Fuck, even if he slept on his arm for an entire night, how could it be this agonizing?

The ringing stabbed his ears painfully, causing him to frown and click his tongue in annoyance.
He struggled to pick up the phone.

“Hello, sir.
Our hotel’s checkout time is 12 o’clock in the afternoon, may I ask if you wish to prolong your stay?”

Looking at the decor in the room, Ji Ran naturally knew this was a hotel.

He closed his eyes and realised the pain wasn’t only in his arms.
Even his waist and legs seemed to be paralysed.
He replied, “Yes.” He hadn’t slept quite enough.

“As you wish, sir.
But I’ll have to trouble you to come to the front desk to fill out some paperwork.”

Hanging up the phone, Ji Ran thought that since his arm had already become this numb, if he were to maintain such a position any longer, his arm would truly become disabled.
Therefore, with much difficulty, he turned around and changed his posture.

This turn was unbearable.

The pain and ache from his lower body shot through him, from his head to his toes, causing him to grimace in misery.
At the same time, the scattered fragments of his memories from last night gradually returned.

Before he even had time to look over these memories, his sight fell on something that made his jaw drop in shock.

The pair of red underwear lying quietly on the wooden floor were the ones he’d bought this year— his zodiac year1.
Each pair cost 2,000 yuan.

No, this wasn’t the main point.

Beside his red underwear, there lay a pair of black underwear belonging to a man.

Instantly, his right arm touched something.

Ji Ran hardened his scalp and turned around.

A man was lying beside him.

The stranger had short and neat hair.
With his back facing him, Ji Ran couldn’t see much apart from knowing that his back muscles were well-defined and he had a slender neck.
It was evident that the man regularly worked out and belonged with the group of people who trained their bodies; the type that were irresistible to both men and women.

However, Ji Ran wasn’t in the mood to appreciate his muscles.

This man’s back was filled with several red marks, the kind where you only needed a look to know how it was formed.
Other parts of his skin were also covered with ambiguous marks.

His memories finally rushed back.

Although Ji Ran was gay, he’d never done it with a man.
Last night, he hadn’t called for anyone, so this person couldn’t be a host from the night club.

It wasn’t a scoundrel from his group of friends either.
Even if you gave them 80 more courage points, they still wouldn’t dare touch him.

It was much more impossible for it to be someone he picked up along the way.
The bar was a place he frequented and many people knew him.
Even if they were to pick up a corpse, they wouldn’t dare pick him up.

Who else had he met last night?

A handsome face with distinct features abruptly took form in his mind.

After recalling a certain scene, he seemed to have become frightened by his own thoughts—


Had he become dumb? Scrutinizing this figure who was asking to be beaten, who else could it be apart from that bastard?

Ji Ran felt his pain became increasingly unbearable, his heart was stuffy and annoyed.
All his emotions rushed to his head, turning his face red from anger.
He didn’t even feel like confirming his suspicions.
Instead, he threw aside the blanket as he got off the bed.

Who knew that the moment he moved, the pain from his body would grow fiercer, stabbing straight into his brain.


I’ll fuck your mom!

Ji Ran glanced at the ashtray by the side and comforted himself as he contemplated the fatality of such an object.

Calm down.
Ji Ran, you definitely have to calm down.
It’s nearly New Year’s Day, he couldn’t fucking spend it in jail.

At this moment, Ji Ran truly wished he could calm down but reality wouldn’t allow it.
Therefore, he could only pick up the red underwear from the ground and put it back on in anger.
However, the ache assaulting his muscles was too great and his arms were trembling so much that he hadn’t finished putting on his clothes after half a day.

“Where are you going?”

A man’s deep and hoarse voice disrupted the peaceful silence.

Ji Ran froze.

He didn’t know when the person in bed had awakened and turned to look at him.

The man’s face adorned sharp eyebrows and distinct features.
With one brow raised, his eyes carried a hint of careless doubt.

Ji Ran’s stiffness only lasted for a moment.

In this life, he’d rather die than display any weakness in front of Qin Man.

He continued what he was doing while gritting his teeth, “I’m going to buy a coffin for you.
What kind of design would you prefer? Those with patterns or a darker colour?”

Qin Man laughed, “Either one is fine… I thought you wanted to run away.”

Ji Ran widened his eyes, “Run? I didn’t run, why would I run?”

“Who knows.”

Sitting up, Qin Man leaned forward and took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from a pocket of pants who knows where he got from.
He lit a stick up and inhaled deeply, “You’re paying for the coffin, right? I’m broke.”

Ji Ran was grimacing from the pain whereas this person could sit calmly and have a smoke.

“You can die in peace.
No matter how many times you die, I’ll buy you enough,” Ji Ran continued with a dark face.

“Wait a moment.” Qin Man spat out the cigarette in his mouth, “First, pay me the fee for this time.
I’m afraid that you’ll run away.”

For a moment, Ji Ran didn’t understand.
“Fee? Fee for what?”

Qin Man replied, “Last night, didn’t you say you wanted to ‘sponsor’ me? What, after fucking me, you want to turn around and deny it?”


Ji Ran finally remembered everything.

He recalled how he’d barged into the restroom after getting drunk from too many drinks.
Seeing Qin Man in the restroom, he took out a black card from his wallet and threw it at him, creating a ruckus and saying he wanted to sponsor him.

Ji Ran burst out laughing from rage, “Did I fuck you or did you fuck me?”

Qin Man shook the cigarette butt in his hands and glanced up, “Did you feel good?”

Ji Ran was stumped.
In response to his question, Ji Ran instinctively shifted his gaze and looked at the sheets below.

“Feel good?” He scoffed, “Are you dreaming? With your broken toothpick, it’s barely enough to fill the gaps of my teeth.”

Qin Man chuckled, “Then, let’s try and see just how big the gaps in your teeth are.”

In the past, Ji Ran had never thought there’d be a day, he’d be exchanging sexual innuendos with Qin Man in broad daylight.

“Scram, laozi didn’t feel good!” He cursed.

Qin Man heard this and nodded.
Stubbing his cigarette butt, he pushed the blanket away and said, “Just you wait.”

This person wasn’t wearing a thread of clothing.
Ji Ran picked up the black underwear from the ground and threw it at him.
“Wait for what? A fight? If you wanna fight, at least put on some clothes first.
Otherwise, when the ambulance arrives later, you’d have to be carried out butt-naked, so unsightly.”

Qin Man wore his clothes.
“I’m not fighting.
I do have a work ethic, so I won’t hit my employer.
I’m just going next door to ask.”

Ji Ran didn’t understand.
“What are you asking?”

Qin Man snorted, “I’m going to ask if they heard you cry out last night.”


Murder is a crime.
Murder is a crime… Ji Ran repeated silently in his mind.

Namo Amitabha2

“Then, I’ll tell your friends you’re the type to dine and dash.”

Ji Ran never knew Qin Man could be so shameless.

Normally, his archnemesis, Qin Man, always had that goddamn expression.
When he spoke, his face was cold and a few simple words could easily drive someone to anger.

In short, this person who was dead set on getting paid today was like a completely different person.

Ji Ran asked, “Qin Man, do you have any shame?”

“I’ve already gone bankrupt.
What do I need shame for?” Qin Man replied.

Very good.

Just you wait.

At last, Ji Ran had calmed down.
Buttoning his pants, he said, “Wait.”

Qin Man laughed and stopped, sitting on the sofa at the side.

Earlier on he’d been too frantic and didn’t notice.
Now, Ji Ran finally realised that apart from their clothes strewn on the floor, there were a couple of sheets stained with some unknown things that couldn’t be looked at.

Ji Ran breathed deeply.
He wanted to sit but in consideration for his ass, he remained standing.

“Yes.” He rubbed his temples, “I said I’ll sponsor you.”

“Hold on.” Qin Man took out his phone and opened the voice recorder app.
“Say that again, I need to record it.”

Ji Ran was furious, “Do you think laozi will go back on his words?!”

Qin Man shrugged, “Who knows? Didn’t you just do it?”

Ji Ran forced himself to take another deep breath and repeated, “I said I’ll sponsor you!”

“I’ll pay you…but such agreements come with rules.
You should know this, right?”
Qin Man, “I don’t know.”

Ji Ran said, “…Anyway, there is one! During this period of time, my words are the rules.”

“As long as it doesn’t involve anything dangerous,” Qin Man agreed readily.
“What other requests do you have?”

With just a question, Ji Ran was stumped.

He’d never done this before with anyone else.
How would he know what kind of requests to make?

“I’ll add more with time, it’s just this for now!” Ji Ran gnashed his teeth, “In the future, if anyone asks… about that matter, you must say that it’s laozi who fucked you!”

Qin Man raised an eyebrow and nodded, his lips pressed in a thin line, “Okay, understood.”

Ji Ran’s face blazed red from anger.
“What are you laughing for, don’t you have any professionalism?”

“I do.” Qin Man leaned back and said, “If anyone asks me, I’ll say…”

He spoke slowly, “Say that you were very amazing.
You nearly fucked me to death and even made me cry out for an entire night…”

“I didn’t fucking tell you to describe it in detail!” Ji Ran felt twenty years of his life vanish from anger.

“Alright,” Qin Man nodded.

Ji Ran only felt that he had no way of continuing this conversation any longer.
Enduring the pain, he finished putting on his clothes in a rush.

Before he left, he took out a black card and threw it towards Qin Man.

“This card… take it first,” Ji Ran said, “The pin is 199511.”

Qin Man caught it with precision, twirling it between his fingers, “How much can I swipe?

“How much are you intending to swipe? You’re fucking only worth a hundred bucks at most,” Ji Ran stated.
“Swipe… 50,000 dollars.
Any more than that and I’ll chop you to death.”

“Okay.” Qin Man put the card aside.

Ji Ran turned to leave when he heard the person behind call out, “Wait.”

He turned around in annoyance, “What is it?!”

“Let’s add each other as contacts,” Qin Man said.
“I’ve received your money, so naturally, I have to fulfill my responsibility.
In the future, if you have any needs… you can just look for me.”

Can I look for you when I feel like killing someone?

Their current situation was rather precarious and Ji Ran wasn’t in any position to fall out with him.
He ran his fingers through his hair in annoyance and took out his phone, “What’s your WeChat ID?”

After adding each other, Ji Ran didn’t want to stay for a second longer.
Just as he walked out the door, he was stopped once more.

“Wait, there’s one more thing.” Qin Man’s tone was very natural, “Does your sponsorship include the five social insurances[3]?”

In response, he heard the door shut with an ear-splitting slam.

T/n: In case anyone is wondering or has been able to infer, our MC is a 24-year-old pure baby since this is his zodiac year (This will be confirmed in the later chapters)

[1]Zodiac year here refers to the 12 chinese zodiac years which is represented by an animal each year.

[2]Namo Amitabha:Practice in which repetition of this mantra allows chanter to feel peace and comfort.

[3]五险一金: Five social insurance and one housing fund here – Qin Man is asking if Ji Ran will be covering everything, something like a life time insurance.
Five insurances and one fund refers to the collective name of several kinds of guarantee treatment given to employees by employers, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance and maternity insurance, and housing provident fund

Chapter 1 – Does Your Sponsorship Include The Five Social Insurance?

Editor: SammyProofreader: SleepyMango123

Ji Ran was awoken by a ringing beside his ea

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