attribute bar was emitting a faint holy light.


Mu Sichen: “……”



What a reassuring number!



He moved his feet silently and slowly moved behind ” 528″.


At this time, several players also seemed to recognize each other’s identity, they excitedly gathered together to chat in a whisper, they completely treated this place as a holographic game.


Mu Sichen stopped approaching ” 528 ” and wanted to remind these players to stop being so defenseless.


But at that moment, a person with white wings appeared from the mist and landed in the middle of the square.


The chattering players were instantly quiet and looked at this person with eyes that hadn’t seen the world.


Mu Sichen also looked shocked, but not because this person had a pair of white feathers, but this person’s head “-1067” san value was really shocking.


The san value wasn’t the force value.
“528” may not be weaker than “- 1067”.
It was just a state of mind, which showed people’s current mental state.



The higher the value, the more sensible, the stronger the will, but also the more ruthless.
The lower the value, the more crazy, the more chaotic thinking, but the opposite was true.
When the value below 0 became negative, it would reach another stable state.
it seemed rational, but it was actually crazy.


This “-1067” was exactly this, his face was extremely peaceful and calm, and even giving people an illusion of holiness.


When the townspeople with a san value of 50-60 saw this person, the followers immediately bowed their heads in respect, and called out “Feathered eye Dependent”.



Mu Sichen was a low-profile person, he also followed the actions of the townspeople kneeling on one knee, pretending to be a townsman.


Not only Mu Sichen, even ” 528 ” also did the same.


Only a few players were still watching the play.
Seeing that all of them were kneeling down, three of them knelt down on one knee, and the remaining four were unresponsive.



Mu Sichen even heard someone saying, “What are you kneeling for? What are you afraid of in a game?”


The feathered eyed dependent looked at these people.



He looked clean, and his eyes were very normal, and his eyelashes were not the worms that Mu Sichen saw, they were normal eyelashes.


His eyes were bland, not the least bit crazy, he just quietly looked at a few players.


“Bring them over.” The Feathered Eye dependent said softly.


Dozens of followers surrounded the four players, one of them smiled, took out a pistol and said loudly, “Let’s team up a few, these little monsters are all experience points!”


He raised his pistol to the followers and pulled the trigger, he shot accurately and hit a follower with one shot.


The follower that was hit fell down, and the other three players perked up, taking out ropes, sledgehammers, and scissors to attack the followers surrounding them.



The pistol player was extremely fast, apparently having chosen his initial tool with a corresponding increase in player speed based on the tool’s attributes.


He deftly weaved through the followers, mouthing, “The little monsters are weak, let’s go!”


The followers acted like they wouldn’t dodge, allowing the player’s attacks to inflict wounds on them.


The four players quickly knocked down dozens of followers around them and rushed in front of the feathered dependent.



The pistol player raised his gun and pointed it at the dependent: “I have one last shot left, just for you!”


He pulled the trigger at the same time, and the dependent also smiled slightly, opened his mouth slightly, and spat: “Heretic.”



At the same time, the feathered wings behind the feathered dependent unfolded, and an eye emerged from each feather.


Mu Sichen hurriedly closed his eyes and lowered his head, using his cloak to block his face, trying not fall in the line of sight of the feather-eyed dependent.


He obviously didn’t open his eyes, but his mind still had the image of the players fighting.



The last bull-et of the pistol hit the forehead of the feather-eyed dependent, leaving a bullet hole, and he blew the muzzle proudly.


When the dependent didn’t fall, the rope player rushed up, “He’s wounded, I’ll bind him, sledgehammer assist me!”



The sledgehammer player also rushed up.



At that moment, a wound suddenly opened up at the spot where the dependent was shot, and an eye appeared out of nowhere in the wound, and the shell casing shot into the eyebrow was squeezed out by the eye and fell to the ground.



The other followers who were hit also stood up, and an eye grew out of the same location where they were wounded, and countless sight lines locked firmly on the four players.


“Heretics, heretics, heretics!” The followers said in unison.


Several players looked alarmed and their san value, which was originally maintained at around 90, kept falling at a rate of “-2, -3, -5”.



“What the hell, this game is too scary, right, can it pass the review?” Scissors player shouted.


“Purify.” The feather-eyed dependent faintly said.



The eyes on the feather blossomed with countless blood-red rays, and the eyes of the followers also released a light red glow.


The san value of the players enveloped by the light fell at a rate of “-10, -10”, and when the san value dropped to 0, the players let out a harsh and miserable scream.



Their bodies kept cracking open wounds, and countless eyes grew out of the wounds and multiplied inside them.


But in the snap of a finger, the players’ bodies completely collapsed into a pile of eyeballs that turned into a faint white mist in the red light and dissolved in the mist.



The feather-eyed dependent’s feathers released white light, which enveloped the wounded followers, and the wounds on the followers’ bodies slowly healed, and the eyes that appeared from the wounds closed up.


“I am grateful for the gift of the feather-eyed dependent.” The followers said in unison.


The Feathered Eye dependent put away his feathers, still smiling lightly, “The heretics have been purified, and we still bask in the sight of the ‘Pupil of the Sky’.”



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