Mu Sichen didn’t believe what was said in the broadcast, nor did he think that Qin Zu was a good person, much less did he intend to rely on Qin Zu.

From the moment he felt Qin Zu’s sight, he realized the horror of this world and how powerful Qin Zu was.

Just by saying his name once, Qin Zu’s sight was able to fall on him across time and space.
Even if Qin Zu had been a human, when a person had such a powerful ability, his mind and thoughts must have changed.

People became completely different when they had wealth far beyond their imagination, not to mention this ability to override others.

He listened to the radio of his followers, not because he longed for Qin Zu to help him, but because he was also watched by a mysterious force.
Instead of worrying about what this force would do to him all day long, he might as well use this force to do something.

After all, he grew up as a frugal child, so he was very good at using waste.

The radio sounded and the follower immediately struggled, mouthing angrily, “Heretic, devil, you deserve to be burned under the watchful eye of the Great Being, heretic!”

The physical quality of the followers was much stronger than that of ordinary people, and a mere cross-axe wouldn’t kill them.

After taking this blow, the few blood bars on the top of the follower’s head dropped by half again.

He was a little more honest.

As the radio repeatedly played, the follower gradually quieted down.

At this point Mu Sichen spoke, “Don’t give up, don’t be easily brainwashed by heretical statements, you have to firmly believe in your faith in the Great Being.”

The follower: “……”

What was left of the follower’s brain could no longer figure out what Mu Sichen was trying to do.

Mu Sichen continued to encourage him: “I am a kind-hearted person anyway.
In order to help you fight against the harm of heresy, let me ask you a few questions about the great existence.
You can use these questions to recall the glorious deeds of the great existence, speak out and fight against heresy.”

Follower: “…”

Mu Sichen asked, “When your great being open its eyes, it’s ‘ day ‘, and when it closes its eyes it’s ‘ night’.
How long will the ‘night’ last?”

The follower refused to cooperate, he twisted his face to the side and said stubbornly, “The great being becomes weak in ‘night’, I will not tell you the weakness of the great being!”

Telling him the weakness of his great existence in one go, it looked like these followers didn’t have a good brain.

“Then let’s me change the question, what time is ‘daylight’ and how long does ‘daylight’ last?” Mu Sichen asked, “This is the time when your great being is powerful, it’s not really a leak, right?”

The follower, whose sanity was drifting under the radio words, plus his already low IQ, finally said slowly, “There are 24 hours in a day, and the Great Being will open his eyes for 8.”

Mu Sichen was surprised.
He thought that the Great Being would stay awake for a long time, and only closed his eyes for one or two hours a day.
Unexpectedly, it was quite short.
It seemed that the rule of the Great Being over Tong Zhi Town wasn’t very firm.

The world also used the 24-hour system, and the language and characters were also Chinese.
He didn’t know whether it was the real parallel world, or decades or centuries later.

“What time is it? Is it ‘day’ or ‘night’?” Mu Sichen asked.

“Half past seven, there is still half an hour before ‘day’ ends.” The follower answered.

Mushen looked at his watch, his watch was at seven thirty.

He installed the game pod around four o’clock in the afternoon, spending more than three hours inside the game, if the time flow was the same, the real time was also seven thirty.

It was just that the black and white was reversed, and in the eyes of his followers, it was 7:30 in the morning.

“At this time, the great being will close its eyes, and you…” Mu Sichen wanted to ask what they did, but suddenly thought of the stubborn character of the follower, he changed the way of asking , “How do you protect the great being? Do you neglect your duties, will you be lazy while the great being closes its eyes?”

“Of course not!” The follower got a little emotional and struggled in the chair, “We will order the townspeople to recite the deeds of the Great Presence an hour before the ‘dark night’ comes, so that they will be grateful to the Great Presence.
When eight o’clock comes, only the townspeople who recite the deeds will be allowed to move out of the room, and we will manage them under the leadership of the Lord of the Family, teach them, and find the heretics lurking among the townspeople.”

“It’s quite orderly.” Mu Sichen said.

Before the ” Night” came, the followers forced the townspeople to recite, to achieve the effect of brainwashing, the townspeople willing to recite would be contaminated to a certain extent, the followers allowed the contaminated townspeople to move freely.
Heretics should have the ability to resist contamination, so the followers also had to distinguish which of the townspeople were heretics.

The “night” was more heavily guarded than the “day”, but this meant that the great presence in the “night” was weakened, and it was also a good time to act.

The master of the diary didn’t want to recite his deeds, so he was kept in his room and couldn’t go out, and there was no food, so he went crazy.

But according to this deduction, a new problem rose.

If the diary owner had been contaminated and became a follower, why did a follower come to brainwash?

“You come here every day, and not once have I recited the deeds, not once have I left the room?” Mu Sichen asked.

“Yes.” The follower said.

“Can the townspeople leave the room on their own?” Mu Sichen asked.

” It’s allowed during the ‘Day’, those who bask in the sight of the Great Presence are blessed beyond measure, and we allow anyone to receive the gifts of the Great Presence, even if they are heretics.
At ‘Night’ we will drop the lock, and only those who are willing to believe in the deeds of the Great Presence are allowed to go out.” The follower replied.

Obviously, what the diary said, to be alert to any line of sight, referred to the line of sight of the Great Being in the “day”.
It seemed that as long as you go out of the door or open the curtain in the “day” “, you would be polluted by the Great Being.

But if what the follower said was true, where did the diary owner go?

The follower didn’t know that the diary owner had been polluted, nor had they ever opened the door in the ” night”, nor had they ever delivered food.
It seemed that they had no idea about the diary owner’s situation.

Mu Sichen looked at the radio and flashlight and sneered.

The people of Xiangping Town could send the radio and flashlight in, which meant they had another way to enter this room.
Their purpose was to keep the diary owner from being contaminated by the great existence.
Once they found out that the diary owner had gone crazy, how would they treat the diary owner then?

Mu Sichen could already conclude that the crazy diary owner must have been eliminated by the so-called “heretics”.

As he presumed, Qin Zu may not be a good person either.

At this time, the follower hadn’t struggled too much, under the broadcast cycle, he gradually became peaceful.

“One more question, do you know what a ‘pillar’ is?” Mutherson asked.

The system asked him to look for the “pillar”, it must be a very important thing.

“What is that?” The follower asked rhetorically.

Mu Sichen didn’t expect the low-level followers to have information about the “pillar”, so it seemed that he had to ask the dependents.

Most of the questions he wanted to ask were answered, and Mu Sichen already had a basic impression of the world, and when the “night” came, he could leave the room and explore the town.

In addition to the meal in the hands of the follower, there was a cloak painted with eyes, according to the follower, if the townspeople were willing to accept brainwashing, they would issue the cloak, the townspeople that wore the cloak, wouldn’t be attacked.

The cloak was so big that it could even cover the crossaxe.
But Mu Sichen had a feeling that once he put on the cloak, something bad would happen.

But without the cloak, he would attacked.

Mu Sichen hesitated.

At this time, the follower who had become peaceful, muttered under his breath, “Xiangping Town …… safe …… believe …… Qin Zu ……”

And as the follower said Qin Zu’s name, Mushen felt the sight again, and this time the sight also conveyed a doubtful emotion.

Mu Sichen: “……”

Qin Zu saw what he was doing.
There was a follower in Tong Zhi Town who had been brainwashed by the radio.
Look at your new follower!

And wasn’t it too easy for this follower to be brainwashed? Wasn’t he a staunch supporter of great existence? He shouldn’t convert so fast, right?

Mu Sichen didn’t know which was stronger, Qin Zu or the Great Being, but this was the town of Tong Zhi after all.
In the territory of the Great Being, the power of broadcasting was very weak.

When he was reading the book just now, Mu Sichen relied on the radio and his own willpower to maintain his reason.
The Radio alone had no such strong power.

Mu Sichen looked at the follower and suddenly had an idea.
The follower changed so easily, it couldn’t be because he had injured the follower first, right?

Just as he was thinking this, the follower’s back head wound, emitted a faint light, the light seemed to have something in it.

Mu Sichen reached out to remove the object, and after the light dissipated, he saw that the object was a sticker.

[ The “Ego Sticker” is a derivative of the “Wall Digging” skill.
Whenever a player launches the “Wall Digging” skill, an Ego Sticker will appear.
Ego stickers can be used on anyone, including but not limited to players, townspeople, heretics, followers, dependents, great being, etc.
When used, the Ego Sticker can help the user stay awake.
The stronger the player, the longer the ego sticker lasts.
When the player reaches god level, the ego sticker will never disappear.]

“When did I use the skill?” Mu Sichen asked in confusion.

He looked at the follower who had already started chanting “Qin Zu” and had an epiphany.

“Digging” was a skill of the Crossaxe, and it had been activated after the follower was injured by him.
His current blue bar wasn’t enough to run this skill, so instead of deducting his special energy, this skill used the power of the radio.

He dug into the wall of the great existence, but not to himself, but to Qin Zu.

No wonder Qin Zu looked at him again just now.

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