Interrupting Friends.


“Uwaa, as expected to Ume-chan’s brother.
He’s as kind as ever, really kind!”

“There are lots of snacks.”

Natsumi, who was recalling what happened earlier while flapping her feet on the bed, looked at the snacks with glittering eyes, while Ai stared at them.

“Ume-chan, can I eat them?”

“You can’t eat plums, but snacks are fine.”

“Ah, thank you… Excuse me…”

Ai, who loved snacks, carefully opened the bag of potato chips and took them one by one into her small mouth.
She looked like a hamster storing sunflower seeds in its cheeks…

“Moreover, they even have hand towels, it’s beyond just being considerate… considering that they’re thinking about finishing the chips.
Oh, these are consommé flavor! I’ll have some too!”

Natsumi, who was sitting on the bed, also took some chips like Ai.
Meanwhile, Ume prepared drinks.

She poured orange juice into paper cups for everyone.
This was the usual routine.

“Thank you always, Ume-chan.”


“Don’t worry about it.
Besides, doesn’t Nii always act like this? If someone drops their chopsticks during meals, he’ll be the first to react, and if someone’s drink is almost empty, he’ll pour more.”

“What? It’s like being treated like a celebrity! Ume-chan should be more grateful to his big brother.
Normal big brothers wouldn’t do things like that, you know?”

“I envy Ume-chan…”

“Well, uh…”

Because she can’t understand the difference in treatment between her older brother and the rest of the world, Ume gives vague answers.
However, it can also be understood by observing the behavior of Natsumi and Ai that what Toma is doing is not necessarily normal.

“Oh well.
With that level of skill, I guess it’s no wonder he’s in that kind of relationship with the Castle of boron nitride.
I understand, I understand.”

“Nod, nod.”

“Hmm…? That boron nitride, that’s the name of the nursing angel, right?”

“Oh!? Ume-chan, do you know that person too!?”

Natsumi approached with a bag of potato chips, holding them between her index finger and thumb.

“My classmate Takahashi-kun wants to exchange contact information with that person.
He apparently had his handkerchief picked up by her and fell in love at first sight.”

“Eh, that popular guy Takahashi!? Why does Ume-chan know about that!?”

“Ume, you are friends with Takahashi-kun, right? So he comes to her for advice on love and stuff.”

Why report it to your little sister, of all people?”

“Poor thing…”

Natsumi emitted an aura of sarcasm as she pressed her head with her hand, while Ai sympathized with a lowered eye.

The two had witnessed yesterday’s scene.
Their reactions were due to having seen it.

“What’s wrong with both of you…? I’ll have you know, I do give proper advice when it comes to serious consultations, you know!?”

“By the way, can we ask what kind of advice you give?”

“Well, it’s better to regret doing something than to regret not doing it, right? It’s perfect advice, isn’t it?”

“That’s not good.
It’s too sad…”


Ume’s answer was as expected, but it was clearly breaking her heart.
It was an advice that could be called impressive.

“Why?! When you say ‘Nursing’s Angel’, you hear about a legendary woman who cuts down any man who confesses to her! Even if it’s Takahashi-kun, you can’t just say ‘it’ll definitely be okay’, can you?”

“I’m saying it because there’s a 120% chance of getting rejected.”

“He’s gonna get rejected…”

What Natsumi and Ume are saying is not wrong.
Even if she doesn’t know the truth that the angel of the nursing department, Mio, is not dating Toma.

“But, it’s Takahashi-kun we’re talking about here.
Even if she’s the angel of the nursing department, you can’t say that he’ll definitely get rejected.
There should be about a 10% chance, right? He’s the most popular guy in Ume’s school, after all.”

“It’s zero, zero.”

“Then why?!”

The time has finally come to reveal everything.
Ume-chan will be surprised when she hears this!”

“Well, now I’m curious.
Ai-chan seems to know, so tell me too.”

Yes, this is the biggest shock news of the year.
The purpose of telling Ume was also included in today’s play.

“Okay, I’ll tell you! Yesterday, Ume-chan’s older brother was walking home with that legendary woman while being lovey-dovey!”




Um, sorry.
I think I misheard.”

Silence dominated the room… Ume couldn’t understand Natsumi’s words, or rather, she couldn’t believe them, which is why she asked again.

“So, yesterday, Ume’s older brother went home with that angel from the nursing department.
It was really hot.
I saw them when I was going to the cram school with Ai, so there’s no mistaking it.”

“They were holding shopping bags together and being really lovey-dovey… I’m so jealous of that angel from the nursing department.”

“Oh my, is Ai jealous too?”

“……!! N-Natsumi-chan… she said she is jealous too…”

“Ahhahaha… it’s just your imagination! It’s just your imagination!!”

Ume was oblivious to the conversation they were having.
She was pouring all of her energy into organizing the information that Natsumi and Ai had given her.

“Ar-Are you serious!? That angel from the nursing department and my older brother!?”

“Ume’s older brother is incredible! He managed to pick up that legendary woman just like that.
I’m impressed.”

“But… they’re a good match.”

The more they heard, the more they confirmed the truth.

“Wait a minute, Ume, I’m going to ask him directly.”

“Oh no, stop, stop!”

Natsumi got up from her study chair and blocked the door with her body to prevent Ume from going to the living room.

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t you think it’s better to wait a bit and let things develop naturally, instead of trying to pry right now? Maybe your brother will start talking about it on his own.”

“But I’m curious…”

“I’m also… curious…”

With a handkerchief in hand, Ai got up to support Ume.

“What, wait… Could it be we’re at a disadvantage in numbers!? Ai, you have to be on our side!”

“I, I want to know too…”

“Even Natsumi-chan is honestly curious, right? Let’s all go together and ask.
Or should it just be Ume and Ai-chan who go?”

Ume looks pleased, as if she can see through Natsumi’s feelings.
It’s not an age where she’s not interested in love stories.

“Yeah, let’s all go!”


“Okay, let’s go!”

And so, Toma is questioned in detail.

The meeting with Mio, Nursing’s Angel.

The cause of becoming friends.

What kind of conversations do they usually have?

Finally… whether Mio and Toma are in a romantic relationship or not.

Toma of course denies it.
However, having heard so many stories, the three of them, Ume, Natsumi, and Ai, have come to a certain conviction.

–That the legendary woman Mio likes Toma…

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