The Angel Who Came to South Public University.


“Oh, ohhhh… Is it true that that person is at the main gate of the University?!”

“Probably fake! There’s no reason for that person to come to this University!”

“N-no… I went to check earlier and it was definitely the real deal… She’s so beautiful and has a different aura…”

“Wait, so that information was actually true?!”

“Huh… But doesn’t it seem like there’s no reason for her to be here?”

“Other than coming to pick up her boyfriend, there’s no other reason… I want to believe it’s a lie, but that’s the only reason…”



It was 5:30 pm and the inside of the South Public University building was becoming increasingly noisy.

At first, everyone thought it was a fake rumor, but as time passed, it turned out to be true.

Thanks to a student who peeked, it was confirmed that that person, who was also known in Nanda University, was indeed at the front gate.

Toma’s classroom had just finished their last lecture of the day, and now it was time for after-school activities.
Everyone was free to move around, so they all started preparing to leave.

“Hurry up, or we won’t be able to see her! Hurry!”

“Oh yeah! I’ve always wanted to see her at least once!”

You could hear conversations like this, and even students who were in the same lecture as Toma were also trying to catch a glimpse of that person.

I wonder if there’s a famous person nearby…”

Haru heard a casual voice.

There was only one person who hadn’t realized who the ‘famous person’ was.

Geez, you’re such a…”


“Never mind.
Stop spacing out and start getting ready to go home.
Sasaki-san is waiting for you, isn’t she?”

Toma would surely be surprised… to finally learn the true identity of the Nursing’s Angel.

“Why do you know that…?”

“I know everything.
You made plans to go home together, right?”

Haru raised and lowered her eyebrows while grinning.
This expression was also identical to her sister Nanami’s.

“Well, yeah…”


Haru patted Toma’s shoulder with joy as her prediction came true.
But that alone did not raise her spirits so much.

“Mio-chan, she’s really going to go after Toma-kun soon.
To win him over.”

This was also a moment of reaffirmation that what he had heard from Nanami yesterday was true.

As the friend of Mio and Toma’s younger brother, she knew information that only she could know.
Although she would like to tell Toma the truth, she had to keep it a secret to make their relationship work smoothly if they were to start dating.

Just as Nanami valued Mio, Haru also valued Toma.

“You did well, Toma.
Calling her to the university means you’re saying ‘She’s mine.’ You’re quite a strategist, Toma!”

“I-I don’t have any intention like that…”

“Then why did you arrange to meet her at the main gate?”

“Well, I didn’t even think about it…”

“You didn’t even think about it, Toma… Hahaha! It’s so like you, and it’s reassuring.
Come on, hurry up and go.
Sasaki-san will be waiting, and it’s a pity to keep her waiting.
She’s attracting attention, you know.”

Just as Haru urged him, Toma’s phone vibrated with a notification sound.

“Sorry, Haru.
Wait for me a little bit.”

Taking out his phone from his pocket, Toma quickly read the message displayed on the screen.

“Toma-kun, will it take a little longer…? I feel like the students here are looking at me for some reason, and it’s a little embarrassing…”

It was a message sent by Mio, which also contained her subtle intention of asking him to hurry up.

“You see?”

Haru showed a knowing expression as if she knew who the message was from, even though Toma hadn’t looked at it yet.

Toma’s expression showed that he had sensed who sent the message after reading it.

“Ah, okay… Then I’ll go now.”

“Alright, be careful on your way back, Toma.
Don’t get into an accident with Sasaki-san.”

“Don’t say such ominous things…”

“I’m just joking, I’m joking.
See you later, Toma.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Both raised their hands in farewell, and Toma left the classroom at a brisk pace.

He could not just walk leisurely to the front gate if he had received a text message telling him to “hurry up.”

He had no idea how many minutes or how long she had been waiting outside.

Toma closes the distance from the school building to the main gate.
On his way there, he hears the convesration ‘Nursing’s Angel -‘ over and over again.

(I guess it’s the Nursing’s Angel that’s visiting nearby.

Even though it is another university, the penetration of the nickname ‘Nursing’s Angel’ is honestly extraordinary.
And it won’t be long before he finds out that Mio, who is waiting for me at the main gate, is a famous person, an angel.

I hadn’t replied yet ……)

Looking at the clock on his phone, Toma said, “I’m sorry for making you wait.
I’m on my way.”


After his best friend Toma left the classroom, Haru muttered to himself while scrolling through his Twitter feed.

“I envy Toma so much…”

Haru was planning to leave the university campus after killing some time, as he was afraid of running into Toma and feeling awkward.
Although they were both in their final year, Toma was just returning home, while Haru had some extra classes to attend.

While watching a “To Be Continued” video, Haru’s friend Makoto suddenly appeared in the hallway and greeted him.

“Oh! It’s Haru! Hey man, you stayed until your last lecture too?”

Haru’s friend Makoto had accidentally stumbled upon him and decided to join him in the classroom.

“What’s up, Haru? You, the womanizer, hanging out in the classroom until this time? Hey, you know what? That nurse angel we heard about is apparently at the main gate! I was just thinking of going to see her.
Let’s go together!”

“Nah, I’m good.”

Haru closed his phone and waved his hand in disinterest, rejecting Makoto’s offer.
This response caught Makoto off guard, as he hadn’t expected such a lack of enthusiasm from his friend.

“What? You… Is it really Haru!? Why aren’t you going? You should be the one to jump in, right?”

“There’s no reason for Nursing’s Angel to come to this university without any business, right?”


“I’m not interested in women who have boyfriends.”

“Hm… Wait, b-boyfriend…?! Herrrrrr!?”

“That’s what I heard, you know.”

Using skillful lies, Haru was trying to stop Makoto from becoming a busybody in Mio’s affairs, who was known as the Nursing’s Angel in Haru’s place.

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