’re not far…’

All the Harpies were seriously injured as if they had been attacked and driven away by someone. 

However, they didn’t seem weak at all. 

The Harpies flew in, terrifying blood spouting all over their bodies as if they weren’t willing to die. 

Their purpose seemed to be to make one more human accompany them on their journey to the underworld.
They were predestined to die after all.

‘Can we really stop them?’

The reason why Harpies were rated as sixth-grade monsters was that they became stronger once weakened.
It was a state that was not easy to handle. 

There might be more victims if this continues.

‘Do I have to fight too?’

I carefully reviewed the situation despite my impatience. 

“First row, attack!’

A middle-aged woman who seemed to be the General ordered in a loud voice. 

The wizards and archers behind the fort’s exterior walls fired their attack magic and arrows. 

“Oh my god!”

Five of the 25 Harpies flew like arrows in the air and crashed with a scream of death. 

‘Wow! It’s not easy for a normal person to shoot down a flying monster!’

I was really impressed.
But it wasn’t the time to be relieved. 

The other twenty started flying faster as if enraged by the death of their comrades.

It was too late for the second row to attack.

“Second row! Fall back and let the magicians support each group!”

As instructed by the General, the wizards and archers fell behind, and the magicians came forward. 

The magicians soon faced the Harpies.


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There were two people in a group.
They continued to attack and defend each other naturally like water flowing through the rocks in a river. 

They couldn’t kill all of the Harpies but got rid of ten in that single wave. 

Despite the small victory, the soldiers only grew more vigilant and helped the others still fighting. 


There were quite a few talented people in my previous life.
However, few people showed such incredible and perfect organization skills. 

The rest of the Harpies began to fall quickly. 

When there were only four left-


The loudest and strongest Harpy cried with passion.
His sharp nails dug straight into the magician in front of him. 

It was incredibly fast, but thankfully, the magician succeeded in casting out a shield. 

Up till now, all attacks could be blocked by such shields, but this time was different. 


The claws crushed the shield and flooded forward.

Just before the Harpy could cut off the magician’s neck, a black blade cut off the Harpy’s wrist and flicked it sideways. 

It was the work of the Little Bear, who had been watching the situation keenly. 

Soon, the Little Bear also cut off the Harpy’s neck. 


At the little bear’s words, the other magicians shouted in one voice.


It was the number of Harpies left. 

One of them was suddenly decapitated. 

It was done by a man who flew very fast from afar. 

‘Big Bear!’

The Big Bear was not using Illusion Magic.

Soon, one of the remaining two was also killed by Big Bear. 

Now, there was only one left. 

I thought the Big Bear would handle it, but he didn’t. 


Something unknown, no, a cold sensation crept down my spine.
At the same time, my heart suddenly skipped a beat. 


It was because of the person who appeared, saying this one word. 

Big Bear, who came from the Harpy’s nest, flew from the West.
This person came from the North, where the Leocardia Duchy existed.

‘Did she fly all the way here?’

Even though I knew it was a long distance, and almost impossible, I still thought so. 

It was freezing cold here, and the wind was terrifyingly rough. 

‘No matter how much one could utilize their mana, it was terribly hard to use Flight Magic in such weather.’

However, the person who flew here all the way from the Duchy seemed relaxed.

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The body that came down from the high sky had landed on the ground with overflowing ease. 

No, it was power. 

Blazing like the sun on a summer day, it was full of power and confidence.

‘I can’t… see it..?’

I couldn’t gauge the person’s power because they were stronger than me. 

The reason I could even sense her power was that she was confidently showing off her presence like Big Bear.
However, while I could check Big Bear’s power in detail, I couldn’t see anything else from this person. 

‘Should I use stronger Detection Magic?’

I hesitated because I knew the two bears would be worried about me being sick after using it.
However, I couldn’t help it.
I was too curious. 

I knew who that person was. 

‘Opdolisa Leocardia.’

The master of the Northernmost territory on the continent.
The Shield of the Empire.
The Duke. 

The wife of Big Bear and the mother of Little Bear. 

‘I want to see more.
I want to know clearly.’

After much consideration, I cast a stronger detection spell. 

When the Duke landed on the ground, she said this. 

“I have to keep one alive for my research.”

The Duke reached forward with one hand. 

Ever since the Duke’s powerful appearance, the last Harpy had been frozen in place. 


When the Duke pointed at him, the Harpy jumped at the Duke, screaming his ears out as if he had come to his senses. 

Then, a sword appeared in the Duke’s hands. 

It was a huge two-handed sword well over 2 meters.

The sword was black and unadorned.
It was large and thick, making it look rough, but it felt like lava boiling at its highest temperature. 


The Duke used the two-handed sword as a shield to block the Harpy’s nail attack, and in a blink of an eye, hit the Harpy on the head with a kick. 


The Harpy’s head was harder than stone, making it difficult to shock.
However, with the Duke’s kick, the Harpy’s eyes soon rolled back, and its body fell to the floor.

He must have fainted. 


The Big Bear took a net out of his subspace and threw it at the Harpy.
It quickly grew and soon completely wrapped around the Harpy.
Even if it regained consciousness, it could now not do anything as it was stuck in a net. 

“My Lord!” 


The people bowed their heads, kneeling on one knee. 

Just as everyone was looking down, the Duke moved. 

The Duke returned the two-handed sword back into her subspace and approached the Big Bear closely. 

The height difference between the Duke and Big Bear was about ten centimeters, but when the Duke raised her toes, the two became about the same height. 


I was startled. 

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