We broke up today

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Episode 3

Why did you suddenly tell me not to get married?

Did you know that my ex is trash, Sir Dylan?

So, rumors spread that I’m a pushover?

It was very confusing.

I rubbed my head and muttered.

“I am not going to marry that person.”


A small smile appeared on his lips along with a soft whisper.

The corners of his lips rose slowly, and a faint light peeped through his two lowered eyes.

Is that Sir Dylan’s elusive smile?

It was so beautiful that it was truly admirable.

Seeing you smile like that doesn’t mean you hate me, right?

“Ah, but I think anyone should get married sooner.”

For a moment, his eyelids fluttered like a butterfly.


When I met the fiercely shaking gaze, Henry called me loudly from afar.

“Not enough épée! I’m in trouble, Ishael!”

Wait, if we don’t have enough épée, there’ll be a punishment!

“Huh, what? I’ll come right now.
Then Sir Dylan, work hard!”

I ran to Henry.

And since I was counting the number of épée again from the beginning, I lightly forgot about Sir Dylan’s conversation.

But I never knew that 48 hours from now, I will marry that man.


With all kinds of chores, I forgot to say goodbye to my ex.

But there was another problem.

Dealing with the damn family right now!

Perhaps the family could have committed another villainous act.

Or drag out private loans.

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They’ve really put me in trouble day after day.

So I arrived at the house where my parents, my sister, and I lived together.

It was a small but pretty house surrounded by a small stone wall and ivy vines in the suburbs.

And, in the mailbox.

I see an ominous letter.

[Recipient: Ishael Lorelai]

Since I was young, I have been working all the time, so I don’t have many friends, and I don’t get any letters.
Read only at pm tl.

[Chief Manager’s private loan store]

This XX.

in the past, in the present, and in the future.
The family continued to owe the debt.

And I paid all those debts.

‘I can’t stand it any longer.
I have to hit them.’

I clenched my fists and tried to open the door with momentum.

But through the crack in the door next to the stone wall, the thoughtful, flowery voice of my mother could be heard.

“Pedro, you broke up with Ishael?”

Now that this has happened, I want to date Soldika instead of Ishael.”

“Oh, Pedro, don’t do that.
You’re loyal to each other.
Don’t you think so? She loved you so much.
And once we buy a title, Soldika is the one who will marry a real aristocrat.
She’s quite different from Ishael.
from appearance to conduct”

I decided to admit those two.

‘You both have the knack of saying crazy things like they’re normal.’

The guy who I broke up with said he was going to date my sister, and my mother who smiled and turned it back to me.

“Well then, when will the title of nobility be restored? In a few months, I will receive my title as a wizard.”

Although we are now commoners, the Lorelai family was originally from a fallen aristocracy.

It was said that before I was born, the taxation slid sharply and the title was sold.

“Don’t worry.
I’m short of 300 million gold, so I’ve contacted the private loan store of the chief of the department.
It’s only a few months before the Lorelai family becomes noble again!”

“Hmm, that’s weird.
Did you lend money from unemployed women at the loan-to-deposit shop?”

“What? No way.
It was Ishael.
She has a job.”

I opened my mouth for a moment.

‘Are you really crazy?’

Meanwhile, the conversation between the two continued smoothly.

“My eldest daughter is so deep-minded that she will pay off the debts quickly, so don’t worry.”

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“Let’s see.
After Pedro gets the title sometime in the summer, we buy the title, and our daughter pays some of the debt, you’ll marry Ishael by then.”

“Ha… Ishael’s hands are squishy, ​​and she doesn’t look good…”

“That’s true.”

I didn’t say I’d marry you.

Why are they discussing my marriage among themselves?

“But what if she said she won’t pay your debts? I met with her not long ago, and she was very strong-willed.”

Yes, I’m getting stronger.

“What? There’s no way my daughter would say that, and didn’t His Majesty the Emperor have a policy of ‘familyism’ anyway?”

‘Oh, that’s right.
That was it!’

The emperor hated illegitimate children and single-person households.

He implemented a familial policy that actively promotes ‘normal families’.

That was the policy that bothered me.

An evil method that allows direct blood relatives to freely use each other’s names to get loans!

In the future, victims like me will disappear by being stabbed by their parents.

Unfortunately, this law still exists.

‘To become a noble by brazenly borrowing money in my name.
I paid that money back, and I was on the verge of suicide.’

Unlike me, who was grinding my teeth, Pedro responded with a smile.

“Is she paying off the debt with her salary and a side job?”

Ishael says she’s a wizard and she’ll pay it back soon.
Everything is perfect.”

You didn’t even get my consent!

They looked at each other and smiled kindly.

It’s perfect.
Well then, when is the debt getting paid off?”

“I want to visit in the next day or so.
I have the Ishael’s administrator business card and a certificate of family relations.”

Very good information, thank you.

I loosened my clenched fist.

‘It won’t change even if I speak out here.
This is someone who is trying to pay off debts in my name without my knowledge.’

I have to paint the big picture.

There is only one way to stably sever family ties.

To start a new family.
Get married and get a new house.

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“Now, when we become nobles, everything will be different.”


Neither of you will be aristocrats.

I’m going to hit you guys on the back very well.

Mother and Pedro looked at each other and laughed.

“Then, our plan is perfect.”

Everyone has a plausible plan.

Until you get hit…

I grinned while holding the recording magic tool that I had been carrying in my arms, just in case.

Having secured good evidence, it starts with isolation through marriage.

After that…

How hard is it to go into debt.

How unhappy and miserable it is to live a life of being treated like a beggar by others.

I’ll let you go through it too.


The next morning.

First, I went to see a lawyer.

And get notarized for contract marriage.

“Is the only way to prevent existing family members from using my name through adoption or marriage?”

It is only when a new family is formed that one can be separated from the existing family.”

“Then, what if my husband steals my name and tries to get a loan?”

“You can write a legally binding mutual agreement before marriage.
It can prevent legal battles that may arise in the future.”

I squandered my little fortune and obtained a marriage contract and notarization from my lawyer.

The plan was perfect.

‘Now I just need a man to marry me!’

As a marriage partner, I think a knight I already know would be better.

I first entered the training ground inside the Knights Templar.

Originally, it was a place where I came to manage facilities.

But now I’m in a situation where I’ve come to choose a husband!

I was also incredibly excited.

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It was then that I entered the training hall.

Inside the net, the knights were fighting as a group.

Outside the net, magistrates and noble girls wearing parasols were walking around.

I sat next to the ladies.

‘It’s just the right time for a group match, so I’m lucky.’

It’s a good time to find a future husband with hawk eyes.

The fight continued uninterruptedly.

A handsome knight, an ugly knight, a potato-like knight, a hard-working knight.

But then I heard a whisper next to me.

“Don’t you think Sir Dylan keeps looking this way?”

“Isn’t he looking this way knowing that Lady Garnett is here?”

I listened to their words and looked in their direction for a moment.

I feel like I’m making eye contact with Sir Dylan, but maybe I’m mistaken?

Of course, I was wearing plain glasses.

The two of us would never have made eye contact.

‘It’s my mistake.’

I took out my notebook and seriously began to write.

I was going to write a list of knights that were plain in appearance and not of interest to me, but had basic good manners.

But some knights ignored me because of my thick hair and glasses-wearing look.

Wealthy knights and noble knights are burdensome.

All knights that stood out and the ones that already have a fiancé are excluded.

After removing some, there were only two left in the notebook.

Sir Toby

– Warm personality.
The friendliest among the knights.
Good personality.
Currently single.

– Not married, but heard people talking at a drinking party that they can get married by contract.
– He said he was in a hurry to marry before I returned.
Hopefully, this marriage could be a win-win for both of us in business.

Henry (not a knight)

– He can understand my situation.
The same administrator and best friend of mine.

– It’s an in-house marriage, but because of Henry’s personality, I think we’ll be able to stay close even after the divorce.
– …It’s fun.]

There were only two of them.

‘Isn’t it better to propose to Sir Toby, who is the first priority?’

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