where this ship is going?”

Lu Ren looked at her with a puzzled look, “Of course it is going to the Yuhua Sect.
You aren’t going to Yuhua Sect to cultivate immortality?”

“Cultivate immortality?” Shi Xia suddenly became excited, she pulled the chicken feather’s hand and asked, “There are immortals in the Yuhua Sect?!” Then wouldn’t there be hope for her to go home?

“How come you don’t know anything about it?” Lu Ren had a face of ‘how on earth did you come here’ look.
The brothers sighed thinking that she may have brought up carefully and didn’t know much about cultivation, so they started to explain like older brothers.

After some rough explanation from chicken hair brothers, Shi Xia finally understood that she was actually thrown into a kind of world where status depends on strength.
In simple terms, this is not a divine fantasy world, but an immortal world.
The people she saw flying in the sky with swords before were not real immortals, but immortal cultivators.

That’s right.
People here, who are considered mortals can also become immortal through cultivation, but the immortal cultivation world is hidden from the world’s path, and only those who have the destiny can step into it.
And now, she is going to the Yuhua Sect, equivalent to an immortal cultivation vocational and technical college, specializing in teaching people how to cultivate to become an immortal.

But it is not easy to cultivate immortality, it is difficult for mortals to discover the existence of the immortal world, and even if they do, whether they can find a good immortal sect is also a problem.
Even if they find a good sect and good teachers, it depends on qualifications, enlightenment, etc..
These are all determining factors.

“That means there are no real immortals in this world?” Shi Xia was a little discouraged.

“Immortals? Yeah, there are naturally immortals in the immortal world, how could they easily come down to mortal realm?” One of the chicken hair brothers said with a righteous face, “but the ability of immortal cultivators should not be underestimated, especially those with profound cultivation of the venerable.
I heard that some great immortals cultivatate for more than a thousand years.
They become so powerful that even moving mountains and turning over the sea is not a problem.
For us mortals, this is considered to be a god, right?”

“Powerful?” Shi Xia’s eyes lit up, could their great power can help her send her home?

“That’s right.” He suddenly said with an excited face, “I heard people say that there are two great ancestors in the Yuhua Sect, with unfathomable cultivation.
When the Devil cultivator was rampaging on the mortal realm a hundred years ago, it was one of the great ancestors who repelled the Devil several times.
Only to keep the peace of the immortal cultivation world for these hundred years.”

Ancestor? In Shi Xia’s mind came the face of Yuanwu’s fierce and somewhat inexplicable great ancestor in white clothes that saved her from Black Fury.
It can’t be a coincidence that he was one of the ancestors, right?

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