The teenager gritted his teeth in guilt as he looked up at the white figure looming in the air, “Tai Shizu*, look at ……”.

[T/N: A little similar to Shishuzu.]

He hadn’t finished speaking, when a white light fell from the sky and directly enveloped the big cat lying on the ground bleeding.
The injuries on its body began to heal visible to the naked eye, even the big cut on its abdomen was also healing inch by inch.
It took less than a minute for all the injuries on its body to heal, not even leaving a scar.

Wow! High technology!

Shi Xia felt her eyes bulging out of her sockets, her jaw dropping on the floor.
Even the Big Meow itself was stunned, it tentatively moved its four paws before slowly sitting up.
It bounced on its four legs several times and rolled on the ground.
Feeling no pain on its body, it let out a satisfied purr and walked towards Shi Xia.

“Big meow.” The big cat came to her and started rubbing its head on her body.
Shi Xia was happy that the cat was okay so she went to hug it.
But Big Meow dodged her paws and started sniffing on her bag, where it saw her taking the packet of dried fish.
Shi Xia stiffened when she understood its intention.

“Uh ……” the corners of her mouth twitched as she said, “I don’t have any more dried fish with me.”

The big meow stopped rubbing its head on her body and narrowed its large cat eyes at her.
Then ……

It took a sharp turn and walked away briskly.

Shi Xia: ……

What the hell is your “waste of time expression” in your eyes? Come back! How can you break our friendship like this? You have to give an explanation!

Seeing the big cat all better, the young man sighed in relief.
Fortunately his Tai Shizu was here so nothing major happened.
He raised his hands in the air and saluted like a good disciple, “thanking Tai Shizu for the help.”

“Thank you, good man number two.” Shi Xia also looked up and thanked the man in white.
Although she couldn’t see his face and could understand he is arrogant as hell, she was still thankful to him for saving their asses.

The man still stood motionless and didn’t reply.
With the flicker of his hand, the glowing white formation above the opening dimmed and people who were lying on the ground like corpses started to stir.

“Girl, this is for you ……” the teenager suddenly handed over an object towards her.

“What is this?”

“Your appearance here means you have came here to become a cultivator.
You have good qualifications, if you want to enter the path, this would help you.”

Shi Xia wanted to deny the phrase “came here to become a cultivator” but gave up thinking that he wouldn’t believe her, anyway.
Instead, she looked at the thing that was handed to her.
It was a white jade token that looked ordinary except for a few unrecognizable characters engraved on it.

“The demon cultivator’s poison gas has been resolved, so they will wake up soon.
My job here is done too, so farewell.”

“Oh.” Shi Xia raised her head from examining the jade token to the young man and nodded, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The young man smiled and summoned his flying sword, while the man in white in the air had already flown away to the direction of the previous Immortal Mountain, “Tai Shizu, wait for me!”

The young man hastily picked up the demonic cultivator Black Fury that was bundled on the ground like a dumpling and flew up with his sword.
Suddenly he remembered something and turned back, “By the way, my name is Yuanwu, a disciple of the Yuhua Sect.
I wonder what the girl’s name is?”

“Oh, my name is Shi Xia.”

The words just fell and the faces of Yuanwu and the man in white changed.
He looked at Shi Xia as if looking at a ghost.
The air full of flying lightsaber, also clattered and fell on the ground like rain, all sticking a few feet away from her, “You ……”

His words hadn’t been finished when the white figure that had flown away from them appeared in front of Shi Xia with a ‘whoosh’ and stood in front of her.

“What did you say?”

Shi Xia froze, the man was standing too close to her so couldn’t help but lean back.
He also came so suddenly and quickly that it made Shi Xia’s heart jump in fear.
After calming her heart down, she looked at the person in front of her.

Giving one glance at his face, Shi Xia couldn’t help but keep staring.
Oh, oh, he is very handsome.

The young man, Yuanwu, called him Tai Shizu, so she thought he would be a very old man.
But Shi Xia didn’t expect him to be unexpectedly young, not more than 30 years old.
His facial features were very pleasing to the eyes with sword eyebrows and starry eyes, long hair flower down to waist, a white dress like snow, an appearance filled with nobility and arrogance.
His aura was so strong that people couldn’t ignore easily.

Even the voice also seemed to carry the same pressure, so that people couldn’t afford to resist, “Your name is Shi Xia?”

“Yes!” What’s the problem?

The man frowned and looked straight into her eyes with scrutiny, “Is your name really Shixia?”

“Uh …… Why not?” She immediately felt the air pressure around her becoming heavier, why would she feel so weak in the legs? Ah hello? Did you have any problem with my name, ancestor? Should I go back and check the family register?

“……” The man frowned even deeper and stared straight at her as if trying to see through her.
His doubtful eyes made her wonder if she spoke the wrong name or if the hospital had carried the wrong child.
Her mind was playing different kinds of scenarios when she suddenly heard him speaking, “Don’t tell your name to anyone in the future.”

“Huh?” What do you mean? How come my name is a problem for you?

He didn’t have the slightest intention to explain, he simply turned and flew away with the same manner he came.

“Tai Shizu ……” Yuanwu shouted anxiously, but the other person flying in the air was no longer present.
He looked at Shi Xia, his body shivered for no reason.
His eyes looking at Shi Xia showed a frightened look, which greatly confused her.
He quickly commanded his flying swords and chased the figure in white, “Tai Shizu, please wait for me ……”

He flew anxiously, as if he was being chased by a fierce beast.

Shi Xia was confused, what happened actually? Why did they pretend she was the incarnation of a female ghost? Come and give an explanation ah! Hello!

———- —-

After the two left, those who had fainted slowly woke up one by one.
The brother and sister duo, Xuan Lin and Niu Niu were fine.
Only the thick fog that had parted before united again and the heaven like mountain had disappeared.
After the two left, Shi Xia remembered the fact that she had forgotten an important thing: how would they reach the Immortal Mountain? Who would take them there ah?

Then suddenly, she remembered that the young cultivator, Yuanwu, gave her a jade token.
She quickly took it out, gave a closer look and found that on the surface of the jade token, there was a thin light that looked like an arrow which was pointing in a certain direction, and it was also constantly extending outward.

She couldn’t resist touching the thin line with her hand, but quickly removed feeling a sharp stinging pain.

“Oops.” Her finger was poked like being poked with a needle.
Red blood dripped on top of the jade token.
The faintly shining arrow was like a laser, very sharp.
Just touching it hurts a lot.

“Benefactor, you ……” Xuan Lin suddenly looked at her hand with a surprised face.
His face looked more astonished rather than worried, which confused Shi Xia.

“What’s wrong?” Shi Xia asked, but before Xuan Lin could reply, they saw something appearing on the ground, “What the…, what is this?”

A circular pattern suddenly appeared under her feet, it was glowing red.
Some graphics with weird characters were rotating side by side before suddenly flying up.
The red glow also started to become brighter as seconds passed.

Shi Xia was startled, she was about to leave the circle of glowing red characters when she found that the scene in front of her started changing.
One moment she was standing before Xuan Lin and Niu Niu, and the next moment they disappeared and a vast view of the sea was replaced in their place.

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