Friendship with the Big Meow (Part 1)

“Immortal …… Immortals!” Contrary to the other party’s contempt, the people below were all looking at the person in the sky with glowing eyes, “Are you an immortal from the Immortal Mountain?”

“Immortal?” The man looked at the person who asked the question and smiled, “That’s right, I am indeed an immortal who is going to ascend as a God.”

As soon as those words fell, the crowd became even more excited.

“It’s really an immortal!”

“Great, the immortals are finally here.”

“Is the immortal here to pick us up?”

“We can go to the Immortal Mountain now!”

Everyone was discussing enthusiastically with excitement on their faces.

“Pick you up?” The man in the air laughed even more cheerfully and nodded his head, “That’s right, I did come to pick you guys up.” He coldly looked around at the people on the ground.
He was obviously smiling but it was a half-hearted smile.
Suddenly, he stretched out his hand, a light flashed in his hand as a demolition fan appeared.
He slowly and methodically unfolded it while smiling evilly, “You guys can be ready.”

Shi Xia had a bad premonition, the crowd was immersed in the excitement of entering the Immortal Mountain.
Everyone was urging him to take them with him quickly.
So they didn’t hear the contempt in his voice, which greatly disturbed her.

“Please, we are asking the immortal to cast a spell to help us.”

The man’s smile narrowed into a line, while raising the fan in his hand he said, “You appearance here meaning is you must also wanted to be disciples of the Tian Chen Sect*.
This immortal will be a good man to you and let you go to meet the original master’s ancestors and reunite with them.”

[T/N: A sect residing in the Immortal Mountain.]

Shi Xia’s heart sank, this line was not right ah, “wait ……”

She had not finish her sentence, but the man raised his hand, waved the fan and said loudly, “I will send you to the underground to reunite with your ancestors!”

A large number of black mist started to appear from the fan that was raised above his head.
The man in black cloth suddenly waved his hand, and the black mist gathering flew towards the crowd of people like a tornado.
The black mist spread everywhere completely covering the whole place.
Shi Xia didn’t have the time to react, she just saw the people in front of her fell down one by one, like a group of puppets whose strings were cut off.

Everything became instantly quiet.
The once enthusiastic crowd were now lying on the ground like corpses.
Only Shi Xia was left alone standing, speechless.

“Hahahahahaha ……” the man laughed wildly, his face began to grimace and distort showing an evil expression.
While laughing he said proudly, “Don’t blame me for being cruel, who told you to come to the Tian Chen Sect? Are you here to seek death? I will not let anyone enter the mountain.
I, Black Fury will never allow Tian Chen’s disciples to survive.
You, who wants to enter the Tian Chen Sect will also be ……”

He couldn’t finish his words when he saw Shi Xia standing amongst the lying crowds.
Seeing her standing, he choked on his speech.
How could she still keep standing? No one had ever escaped from the effect of his black mist, then how could she? He opened his eyes wide as if he saw a ghost and fiercely glared at Shi Xia, “you …… why are you still standing?”

“Uh ……” Shi Xia stiffened, “I have to…… lie down too?”

The man’s eyebrows wrinkled, his face turning violent, “You dare to mock me?”

I did not ah? If I said I wanted to get along to the trend of lying down with the crowd, would you believe me?

The man did not give her a chance to answer, he once again raised the fan and waved his hand.
Shi Xia could only see a black wind blade coming to her with great speed as if it’s going to cut her in half.

Shi Xia’s reflex kicked and she rolled to side.
She heard a rumble from behind, when she looked over, she saw a half-metre deep cut appeared on the place she had been standing.

Damn! Shi Xia felt her heart beating wildly in fear.
The black-clothed guy really wanted to kill her!

Shi Xia’s gears in mind started to turn, how can she get out of the situation and save her ass? But the man didn’t even get her the time to get up.
He threw another wind on her way.
This time the wind was faster and stronger, Shi Xia only saw a black tornado coming her way with breakneck speed.
She subconsciously closed her eyes as she thought, I’m finished! 

But the pain didn’t come that Shi Xia had expected, but rather she heard a familiar roar in her ears.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a huge yellow figure in front of her.

“Big Meow!” Isn’t it the monster from before that chased her down until she was dead meat? Why is it here?

The cat looked back at her, its face completely devoid of the fierce look it had when it was chasing her, instead, it gave her a friendly meow before turning back towards the man in the air, baring its teeth in a threatening growl.

Is it protecting her?

It became so friendly just because of a packet of dried fish she gave?

Shi Xia was moved to tears, cats of this world are so friendly!

“So…is it not the Spiritual Beast of the Immoral Mountain that it’s been protecting?” The man’s eyes narrowed, “No wonder you can defuse my Soul Devouring Poisonous mist.”

The man then sneered and said full of disdain, “Hmph! what can a mere fifth-level Spirit Beast do to me?”

He once again waved his fan and sent a few black wind blades to them.
The big cat raised its claws and slapped them, directly dispersing the black wind like smoke.
Then it moved its wings and flew to the sky before pouncing on the man.
The man in black just dodged to the side when the big cat pounced before sending another wave of wind blade again.
One person and one cat were fighting in the air while the passerby, Shi Xia, looked at them with a shocked expression.

If she ever told anyone that she saw a cat and a man was fighting in the air, would they believe her? The people of her world might think she is crazy, but people here…she isn’t sure.

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