Deep in the woods, there are gods and goddesses (Part 1)

Shi Xia didn’t know how long she walked.
When seeing the giant cat, she ran so fast that she even broke her own running record.
But now even walking has become difficult for her.
She only wishes not to encounter the giant flying cat on the way.
Otherwise, the next packet of dried fish going into the cat’s stomach would be her.
Oh, and the little girl too.

After walking almost half a day, she suddenly heard faint sounds of people.
Feeling overjoyed, she clutched the little girl to her bosom tightly and rushed to the sound.

The trees in front of her became thiner and thiner as she ran and her eyes slowly cleared up.
The place she reached was actually a large opening in the middle of the forest with green grass spreading all over.
People were sitting on the green grass in various groups.

Shi Xia wanted to cheer.
She just wanted to lie down on the soft green grass and never get up.
Just sleep the day away and forget all the scary experience.
Hopefully, she may be on her home when she opens her eyes!

“Niu’er!” She just put the child down, when a small green figure rushed over to hug the child.

“Brother!” The little girl’s eyes instantly lit up and she immediately ran to the green figure and hugged the person.

“Niu’er, how are you? Are you hurt anywhere?” The boy put the girl down and began to check for any injuries.

Niu’er shook her head and said “I’m not hurt” before pointing to the direction of Shi Xia and saying, “The pretty sister saved me.”

Only then did the notice Shi Xia standing behind the girl.
The boy knelt in front of Shi Xia and said with a face full of gratitude, “Thank you for saving my sister.”

Seeing such a polite and grateful boy, Shi Xia was pleased and waved her hand, “You don’t need to thank me.
This is what I should do.” Although she was saying that to the boy, inside she was scolding herself.
She almost lost her life for saving the little girl.
Who told her to become a hero saving the innocents.

The boy was a little surprised seeing her perfunctory attitude and politely said, “To repay the benefactor, I can not be grateful enough.
However, if in the future the benefactor is in need of any help, this lowly one would gladly lend his hands.”

“Come on, don’t say such heavy words, kid.” Shi Xia looked at the little boy in amusement.
The little boy wasn’t much older, probably two or three years older than the little girl.
Seeing such a kid who was barely a teenager showing gratitude in such a way, she couldn’t help but let out a smile “I am no longer in a position to accept your gratitude.
My legs hurt and I can hardly stand.
I’d be happy if I just can sit on the grass and rest.
You too, don’t kneel on the grass for a long time, get up.”

The teenager hesitated but still stood up and looked down at the ground, feeling a little nervous.
He thought their benefactor didn’t like how he expressed his gratitude.
So he pulled his sister along and sat down beside Shi Xia.
His small face was a little red in embarrassment.
He looked at Shi Xia seriously and opened his mouth to introduce himself.

“This humble one’s name is Xuan Lin.
I am from Liang.
I used to come this mountain often and today I brought my sister here with me to cultivate.
I always heard these mountains were dangerous but didn’t expect it to be this dangerous.
Thanks to the benefactor, my sister was saved, otherwise ……” saying this, he couldn’t help but tightened his grip on his sister’s hand, his little face scrunched up into a ball.

“Cultivating!?” It was the first time Shi Xia heard things like that outside the TV drama so she was a little curious.
She sat up straight facing the brother and sister duo as she asked, “What do you mean?”

Xuan Lin looked at her in puzzlement before questioning, “benefactor you …… didn’t come to this mountain to cultivate?”

“……” No.
She was just an innocent delivery person who was swindled by a system and got stuck here.

The little boy didn’t seem to understand her dilemma.
He was happy that he could help the benefactor in such a way and began to explain.

“Rumour has it that the door to the Immortal Mountain only opens once every ten years, and once you enter the mountain, you can become a disciple of the Immortal Gate.” Xuan Lin continued, “Although the Immortal forest is dangerous, but as long as you go up to the mountain, you can transcend as a mortal and ascend as an immortal by cultivating.
That’s why so many people comes here from miles away.”

Shi Xia was a little surprised hearing his explanation.
She sized up the people sitting on the grass and finally understood.
At first she wondered why so many people had gathered here, and thought it was to celebrate the escape from the giant flying cat.
It turned out they were waiting for the door to Immortal Mountain to open?


Why did the setting felt like so similar to the divine fantasy dramas?

“Are there really immortals in this world?”

“Of course!” Xuan Lin nodded affirmatively and pointed to the white mist at the end of the large opening and said, “Today is the day the gate to the Immortal Mountain to open, and many immortals would be coming out from there.”

Shi Xia became a little excited.
If there were really immortals in this world, then she can go back.
Didn’t it shows in the TV series that immortals have magic? Maybe they can open the door to space and time too and help her return to her world.

“By the way, what is the name of the benefactor?” Xuan Lin asked.

“Oh, my name is Shi ……”

She hadn’t finished speaking, when suddenly a shout came from ahead.

“The door is open!”

The crowd stirred at once and began to move ahead.
Shi Xia also followed along but her eyes widened seeing the scene in front.

The edge of the opening was still covered in white fog.
But suddenly, the mist began to move away to the sides, revealing a path in the middle, as if someone had cut the mist and opened a road.
When the mist moved away, a foggy sky could be seen behind.
But it wasn’t only the moving mist that surprised Shi Xia, but the scenery across the mist surprised her too.

Behind the misty sky, clear blue sky could be seen where white clouds like cotton were floating.
Along them was floating various shapes of mountain as if they were also made of clouds.
The crystal clear waterfall was flowing down one mountain to another, creating a beautiful rainbow on the way.
The waterfalls looked like silver ribbons, connecting the mountains together.
It seemed the God had created the place with great care.

Heaven, it’s really heaven.

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