! you think you are the President of the United States ah? Why the hell did he want to be her brother anyway?


“You promised.” He added, “During the day.”


“I that thought you were going to take me as a disciple.”


His eyes narrowed slightly as he stroked her head.
His fierce stare automatically blocked all of her objection as he repeated same words, “Call me brother.”


Call me brother…call brother… brother…I told it three times.
Now she might understand how important it is to call me brother.


“But you’re really not my brother!”


Chi Hou paused as he stared at her.
He didn’t say anything back, but Shi Xia suddenly heard a sound, the sound of something breaking off.
The hand that was just touching the top of her head stiffened.
She felt the whole room was suddenly transferred to Antarctica, it became so cold that she couldn’t help but shiver.
His cold face looked like it was frozen with snowflakes.


Her heart sank, when she slowly looked behind, she saw a stream of air burst out from somewhere.


Before she could blink, a loud boom resonated in the whole room.
The hut where she lived the past one month were blown by the strong wind.
One third of the hut was destroyed, in addition to the roof above her bed, the other side of the hut had been turned into flying ash.
When she raised her eyes, she saw the moon and stars behind Chi Hou.


Shi Xia was dumbfounded, she immediately kneeled on the ground and clutched his thighs.


Hugging the angry person in front of her she exclaimed, “Brother, you are my missing Brother! My real Brother!”


Chi Hou seemed to be frozen for a moment, before the hand that emitted chill a moment ago fell in her head and rubbed.


“…… good girl.” A certain facial paralysed person was satisfied, she really called me Brother! ( ^ – ^ )


“Do you want to listen a story?”


“Yes, I’ll listen to anything you say.”




“……” Shi Xia, who was forced to listen story from her ‘Brother’ saw her real brother accusing her for forgetting him in her head.
But she didn’t have the time to care about him, her own life was at stake.




For this sister, who he had been curious about for a hundred years, Chi Hou told her every single thing he remembered about his life.


He had been cultivating for too long, people around him, his friends and acquaintances have come and gone, and finally, he was the only one left.
So at first when he heard the Demon King enthusiastically describing his sister, he didn’t feel much emotion, except for contempt.
If it was before, he wouldn’t have cared for this so-called sister.
But with the Demon King’s three hundred and sixty degree brainwashing, not only he thinks his sister was the best, he even started to think having a sister wasn’t that bad.


At first, there was only a vague concept of this person named ‘sister’ in his mind, but as the devil’s brainwashing continued, a faint image started to appear.
When the Demon King disappeared, there was no one to whisper about sister in his ear, no one chanted praises for the sister.
The image that was appearing in his mind suddenly became an unfinished figure, which made him uncomfortable.
Because of the sudden lack of drawing paper and pen, the image couldn’t take shape.

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