If I tell you a story, you must listen (Part 1)

“You aren’t planning to be my Master’s disciple, are you?” Bi Hong looked her up and down, with a ‘you’re really naive’ expression and snorted, “My master is the strongest man in the immortal cultivation world, there are as many people who want to worship him as there are cows.
He only took me in as a disciple.
And you ……” he gave her a stink eye and again snorted coldly, “even if my Master is willing, you don’t even have Spiritual Roots, how will you cultivate?”


Shi Xia was taken aback.
Hearing the old man saying that, she asked in a smal voice, “I have no spiritual roots, so I really don’t have any chance to cultivate?”


“Not exactly ……” Before Bi Hong could reply, he was interrupted by a slightly cold voice.


Chi Hou walked over to them with his usual cold face.


“Master.” Bi Hong immediately put away his previous arrogant and domineering appearance, as if it wasn’t him who was bullying a young girl a moment ago bowed to him like a good disciple.


“Yo, good man Chi Hou! Good morning!” Shi Xia who saw him waved her paws at him and greeted enthusiastically.


“How dare you!? How dare you call my Master by his name!?” Bi Hong glared at her with his long beard and moustache blowing up in rage.


“Isn’t that what names are given for?” What is this old man saying again? Is he drunk?


“You ……”


Shi Xia lazily ignored him and turned back to Chi Hou, “Chi Hou, what do you mean by what you just said?”


Chi Hou turned his head to look at Shi Xia and replied in a calm manner, “There is three thousand ways of cultivation, each with its own destiny.”


“You mean, I can cultivate immortality without Spiritual Roots?” Shi Xia’s eyes lit up.
She can really cultivatate!




“Master.” Bi Hong couldn’t help but interject, “But without spirit roots, how can she draw Qi into her body? How will she raise her cultivation level?”


“We need spiritual energy to cultivate, just because we enter the path of spiritual cultivation.” Chi Hou started to explain, “There are different ways to enter the cultivation path, like Buddha cultivation, with accumulate merit and virtue cultivation, ghost cultivation with Yin Qi* cultivation, demonic cultivation with sacrificing living beings, there are even martial art cultivation in the mortal realm.”


[T/N: in Chinese cosmology, there are two types of energy that created the universe.
One is Yin, and the other is Yang.
Yin is considered negative or black while Yang is considered positive or white.
In this sentence, by Yin Qi, he meant, ghost cultivators have to absorb negative energy to cultivatate.]


In addition to demonic cultivation and spiritual cultivation, other practitioners don’t care about the rest of the cultivation ways.
Whether it is Buddhist cultivation or ghost cultivation, the process of cultivating in this path are very slow, not to mention mortal martial arts cultivation was even harder, but the lifespan doesn’t increase much like in spiritual cultivation.
People of these cultivation at most can leave to 100 years.
So there has never been heard of any great people appearing from this ways.


But …… what does this have to do with it?It’s good as long as sister is happy! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


“Really? Really?” Shi Xia was very excited.
Her expectation wasn’t much, she didn’t want to be a legend like Chi Hou, neither did she want to be as powerful as him.
As long as she could escape from any danger with this skill, it’s enough for her.
With hope pouring from her eyes, she asked, “Chi Hou, that …… will you teach me other cultivation methods?”


“Unbridled girl!” The old man, jumped in front of Shi Xia like a tiger protecting its cub and said, “My master is the Taishizu of the Yuhua Sect, you can’t even count as a disciple of the Yuhua Sect, what qualifications do you have to learn under my Master?”


This old disciple is the most annoying! Shi Xia expressed unhappiness in her heart as she glared at him.


While they were busy in glaring at each other, Chi Hou slowly pulled out a booklet from his sleeve’s pocket.
He gave an earnest gaze to Shi Xia that made her shiver a little.
She didn’t know if it was her misunderstanding or not but his eyes looking at her was a little weird.
As if he was looking at a cute rabbit wanting to learn how to walk rather than a human being.
But before she could venture into the thought more, Chi Hou opened the booklet and said, “I can teach you few of martial arts cultivation techniques.”


Hearing him, Shi Xia’s eyes opened wide, her eyes were glued to the booklet as if she wanted to jump on him and snatch it away.
Seen her shining eyes, Chi Hou coughed and said.


“What …… Bi Hong said is also true.
All the disciples in the Yuhua Sect have a master to worship.
If you want to live in Yuhua Sect and have the heart to learn, why don’t I accept you as my disciple ……”


Does he mean he want to take her as a disciple? Shi Xia’s eyes lit up like a thousand stars.
Ignoring the glare coming from the old man, she jumped in happiness.
I will be your disciple ah! Who will push away such a big thigh*.


[T/N: Backer.]


“Yes!” She immediately raised her paws to show she agreed.


“Master! You can’t do this ah!” Bi Hong, at the same time, raised his claws in opposition.
He didn’t want this little girl, who specializes in picking radishes to be his senior sister*.


[T/N: Disciples who are taught under same master.
Kind of like classmates.]


“Okay, as you wish!” Chi Hou directly ignored his disciple and agreed to be Shi Xia’s teacher.
His heart was bubbling in joy, he will teach his sister ah! They can spend more time in this way.


“Master ……” Bi Hong received a big blow from his beloved Master, “You said you would only take me as a disciple.”


“I do have only one apprentice, which is you.”


“Then isn’t she …… my senior sister?” He have taken her in as his disciple after all.


“Who said she is your senior sister?” Chi Hou said with a serious face, “She is your senior aunt*.”


[T/N: Disciples whose status are higher.
Kind of like senior students.]


“Huh?” What do you mean?


Chi Hou ignored him, reached out and rubbed Shi Xia’s head, as he said with a straight face, “Good girl, call me brother.”


Shi Xia: “……”


Bi Hong: “……”




Older brother who is still recovering from his injuries in modern times, let me tell you an unfortunate news; someone wants to steal your position.


Shi Xia never thought that the strongest person in the cultivation world, the great ancestor of the unfathomable cultivation sect, Yuhua Sect, would want to recognize her as his sister.
For this heavy bomb that was thrown by Chi Hou, both Shi Xia and Bi Hong had a sudden united opinion for the first time; the wind was just too strong, they must have heard wrong.


Well, that’s right! It must be that they heard wrong, Chi Hou (Master) doesn’t have the interest to raise her (devil girl) as his sister.


After thinking about it, Shi Xia put this matter completely to the back of her mind.
Until that night, she saw that the strongest man in the cultivation world was unhurriedly climbing from the window of her room with a serious face.


His action was completely flawless, even a tiny bit of sound wasn’t made by him.
Not only this, a speck of dust wasn’t seen on his white clothes either.
He entered her room through the window while floating like an immortal.
It took whole two minutes for Shi Xia to come back to her senses.


“Why are you climbing the window?” She couldn’t help but ask in puzzlement.
The room literally had a door, there was no reason for him to climb the window.


Chi Hou froze for a moment before replying with a serious face, “I was afraid to wake you up.” While saying this, he didn’t think that it was wrong to climb her window in the middle of the night, but rather, it would be wrong to wake her up.

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