The iron Master’s unlucky disciple (Part 1)

“By the way, I still have something important to tell you!” Because of all the fiasco, Shi Xia forgot about the main thing.
Now that she got the chance, she quickly explained, “You have captured the wrong person.
I am really not the sister of the Demon King.
I am just someone with the same name.
Really, you have to believe me.”


Chi Hou frowned and stared at her face for a moment.
Shi Xia started to sweat under his gaze, she couldn’t help but roar in her heart, don’t look at me like that.
Its the truth ah!


“It doesn’t matter whether I believe or not.” After staring hard at her for a moment, Chi Hou finally replied.
What quality the Demon King has to have such a cute sister? ( ̄~ ̄)


“Huh? What do you mean?” Shi Xia was stunned.


“You yourself reached my Yuhua Sect and spoke your name in public at the main hall.” Speaking to this point, Chi Hou couldn’t help but feel saddened.
His sister has suffered so much grievance ah.
He looked straight at her and said, “All this has already made the crowd identify you as the Demon King’s sister.
Now whether or not you are really the sister of Demon King, no one will believe you.”


“I can explain to them.” Shi Xia tried to reason.
If she could explain that she wasn’t the Demon King’s sister, people will believe her, right?


Hou Chi shook his head, “How will you explain? You have any prove? The news that you, the Demon King’s sister has appeared, has spread to the whole immortal cultivation world.
All the cultivators in the world want to get rid of you the moment they see you, so who will you explain to?”


“What then?” His words simply meant, she will be stomped into pulp as soon as she went out.
Seeing her bleak future in front of her eyes, Shi Xia couldn’t help but say in her heart; I have the fate of a dog.


“Only Xiu Ling Peak and me can keep you safe.” It does not matter if she wants to stay here or not, this is the only place where she can stay peacefully.
Chi Hou was sure about that in his heart.
Anyway, there was no silly Devil to take her away from here.


Shi Xia felt her nose turned sour.
She suddenly had the feeling of wanting to cry, looking at the person in front of her who had a cold face but warm heart, she asked with eyes full of gratefulness, “You …… brought me here to save me?”


“……” No, he did it purely out of curiosity.


His silence made feel Shi Xia her heart turning warm.
It turned out that she was not a prisoner, but was kept here to protect her.
No wonder the door of the prison wasn’t locked.
In retrospect, when they first met, he even adviced her not to tell her name to anyone.
It was to prevent her from becoming the public enemy.
Shi Xia was so touched remembering all the good thing he had done for her that she couldn’t help but shed tear and ask, “Why are you so good to me?”


I can also be better to you oh, must be better than that Demon King so that you forget about him and only remember me as your brother. This was what Chi Hou thought in his heart but his mouth said another thing, “no matter what, the Demon King has nothing to do with you.
Don’t worry about it.”


Yes! Shi Xia nodded in agreement.
In fact, before she also felt that he was quite funny.
No matter what crime the Demon King committed, there was no reason to grab his sister for that.
She had been shouting and protesting in her heart all the time for such a misunderstanding.
But it seemed he was someone with broad outlook of the world.


“People rarely come to the Xiu Ling Peak.” Chi Hou suddenly reached over and touched her head as he said, “You can stay here at ease.” I touched her head! (~○~)


“Yes.” Shi Xia nodded, “I will stay here for now, but can I ask a you something?”


“Ask.” I will give you anything you want.


“Can you manage some food for me? It’s been three days I’ve eaten something humane, I’ve been surviving on radishes.” And popped more than I ate, “can you please find a way to provide food for me? You didn’t bring me here just to see me starve to death, right?”






Chi Hou actually forgot that his sister was a mortal and needed food to live.
Only when she said did he remember the fact.
But the problem wasn’t where would he find food, the problem was, who would cook for her? He cultivated for thousands of years, so his memory about mortals had long been blurred.
It was so long ago that he couldn’t even remember the taste of food.


But after thinking for a while, Chi Hou shrugged his shoulders.
Does it matter? Doesn’t he have a disciple? Disciple Bi Hong cultivation is much lower than him, so he must know how to cook.


Chi Hou saw with his own eyes how much Shi Xia suffered because of eating something she shouldn’t have eaten.
To not repeat the same thing, he immediately arrived to the hut where his only disciple, the old man resided in the middle of the night.


“Master …… Master!” Bi Hong was startled, he couldn’t believe his eyes with what he was seeing.
He rubbed them hard, pinched his thighs to clear the illusion but the cold face of his Master in his Illusion still didn’t leave.
Seeing his great Master here, he couldn’t help but ask, “Master, how come you are here?” He hurriedly rolled out of bed and immediately bowed without caring to wear the outwear.
“What could be the reason of Master’s late night visit?” Could it be that the Master was going to test his cultivation? Since the time he was accepted as a disciple, his Master hadn’t cared about his cultivation.
His sudden visit must be because of this, right? He couldn’t help but be a little excited.


“Do you know how to cook?” Hou Chi asked directly.


“Ah?” What kind of question is that? Bi Hong was dumbfounded.


“Do you or don’t you?” Seeing that he didn’t answer Chi Hou frowned and urged with a cold face.


Bi Hong started sweating seeing his Master giving him such a cold look, the answer of this question is so difficult! He couldn’t answer, but the Master came to him so late at night to taste him.
If he answered wrong, won’t he be reprimanded by the Master? Thinking it through, Bi Hong clenched his teeth and answered, “I …… I know!”


“That’s good.” Chi Hou nodded, his face eased a little hearing his answer.
Now his sister won’t starve to death.


Bi Hong breathed a sigh of relief.


“In the future, sister …… Shi Xia’s three meals will be entrusted to you.” Chi Hou quickly corrected himself as he said.
He almost let his secret know.
His sister was so cute and lovely, what if other people also started liking his sister and tried to snatch her away from him? This won’t do.
He couldn’t let anyone find out that he had decided to keep her as a sister.


When Chi Hou was plotting to keep his sister safe in his head, he completely forgot that Bi Hong had already met his sister, and they even had a animosity between them.


“What?” Bi Hong felt a boom a thunderstorm fell in his head, “Shi Xia? The girl who plucked my ginseng? Master you …… want me to cook for her?” He couldn’t believe his ears.
No, he must have heard wrong, his Master clearly knows he has a grudge against that girl, his anger still has not yet subsided.
Just thinking about the ginseng that he has been cultivated for years went into that girl’s stomach, he felt his heart clenched in pain and his blood boiling.
He still hadn’t forgive that girl and the Master wanted him to cook for her? His Master won’t be so cruel, right?


“Yes, three meals everyday.” Chi Hou nodded his head to confirm.


“……” Bi Hong felt his heart turned cold.
How could his Master do this to him? On what basis that girl has more priority than him? She plucked his hundred years’ hard work and he still hadn’t planned how to take his revenge on her.
But his Master just had to throw that girl’s responsibility on him.
Bi Hong couldn’t believe it.
His Master was the great Taishizu.
The strongest man in the cultivation world.
Thousands of people respect and worshipped the ground he walks upon.
And he was the only disciple of that great Master.
But his Master in the end made him the maid of a little mortal girl? He felt deeply insulted.


“Master ……” Bi Hong tried one last time to save his already insulted dignity, “why don’t you reconsider ……”


“It’s settled.” Chi Hou interrupted him before he could finish his sentence and advised seriously, “sister ……I mean, Shi Xia is a mortal.
She is very different from us.
So she needs food to survive.
Make sure to cook delicious foods, but don’t cook to much in case she overeats.”


“But ……”


“This Xiu Ling peak also need to add some mortal needs, tomorrow …… you start making a latrine.” Chi Hou said as he thought, Xiao Guan Peak is too far.
It would be inconvenient for his sister to go to and fro of such a long distance just to have a leak.


“……” Flip the table! Why me!? That girl plucked his ginseng, then why does he has make her a latrine? Not only he has to make food for her but to make a place for her to poop too! But he has no control on someone’s poop! How can his Master be so unfair? Master, where is justice? Where is the justice? This old man doesn’t believe in it anymore!


“Since you are going to build a latrine, then build a kitchen, a heated pool, a bathroom, an attic, a study …… Yes, this things too.”


“……” Bi Hong felt his heart was filled with acid.
Burning away the last bit of hope he had.






“Please tell me honestly, are you trying to expel me from the Sect?”




Chi Hou remained unanswered before leaving Bi Hong’s hut without any reply.

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