Release your claws and give my sister back (Part 2)

Chi Hou looked at the pig face that was unrecognisable because of Shi Xia’s beating and tried to remember who he was.
Seeing the human form of the devil he asked, “you …… are the spirit beast Ni Peng?”


“Right.” The man nodded his head.


“Why are you here?” What are you trying to do to my sister?


Ni Peng’s face stiffened, “I was sealed by you! I’ve been sealed here since five hundred years ago, you wouldn’t forget that, would you?”


Chi Hou pondered for a moment before replying, “I forgot.”*


[T/N: Exactly my line ]


“……” The man felt an arrow struck in his chest.
He couldn’t help but howl inside, don’t insult me so much! Master was right, there was no good person in immortal cultivation.


“You are carrying a demonic aura, so your master must be a demonic cultivator? Where is he?”


“Wasn’t my master killed by you?”


“Oh ……” Chi Hou froze for a moment before saying the same phrase, “I forgot.”


“……” Are you sure you’re not here to refill your memories?


Chi Hou didn’t say any more nonsense, and began to seal the eyesore spirit beast.


“Wait!” The man, Ni Peng shouted to stop him.
He turned his head to look at Shi Xia as he asked, “can you first return the feather cloak to me?”


Shi Xia was stunned, “Feather cloak? What feather cloak?”


“The clothes you snatched away from me!” Ni Peng pointed to the black clothes on her body with an accusing face, “That cloak is made of my feathers.
Do you want me to be bald to make another cloak?”


Uh …… He seems to be quite poor, Shi Xia thought so in her heart.
He is so poor that he has no money to buy clothes and had to pluck his own feathers to make a cloak.
No wonder it dried so quickly, because it was made of feathers.
But if she returned it to him, won’t she be completely naked then? She had no interest in running around naked ah.
She looked at his dog face that was made into a pig face and asked hesitantly to Chi Hou, “the…… clothes in your hand, can you lend it to me?”


“Hmm.” Chi Hou nodded, he brought this clothes for her after all, he couldn’t be more happy if his dearest sister wore clothes provided by him.
He turned his head to look at the Ni Peng before asking her, “How about you return his cloak too?”


“Uh …… okay, but can you give me the clothes first?” Shi Xia looked at him with some doubt.
She couldn’t help but think in her heart, the bird man without feathers is also quite pathetic.


Chi Hou was calm outside but his inside was jumping in joy.
Can ah, whatever sister said, he can do it.
(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


After gloating inside his mind, he raised his hand and waved.
The clothes that he held in his hand automatically flew up towards Shi Xia and started wrapping itself around her.
When Shi Xia looked down her body, she saw the white clothes had been put on her and the black clothes were falling on the ground next to her.


Wow! Fully automatic too!


After getting successfully dressed, Shi Xia picked up the feather cloak from the ground and walked to Ni Peng, “Here, returning to you!”


“You put it on the ground, I’ll take it myself.” Ni Peng still had some lingering fear in his heart and shrank back when Shi Xia walked to him.


What’s wrong with him? Shi Xia was already dissatisfied with him so she threw the clothes on the ground.


Seeing her walking away, Ni Peng’s eyes slightly narrowed and suddenly something flashed in them.
His body moved as he picked up the feather cloak from the ground before lunging at Shi Xia, “I want your life!”


Shi Xia didn’t expect him to pounce on her after being beaten black and blue by her.
She only saw a large mass of black shadow coming towards her, a huge black bird covered in black appeared in front of her eyes, and before she knew it, she was grabbed by its sharp claws.
With a loud cry, the black bird flew towards the sky with her in its claws.



It all happened so fast that she didn’t even have the time to react.
The sound of whirring wind was already in her ears when she came to her senses.
She could only see the ground was moving away at a rapid rate.
But the bird couldn’t fly much farther, a huge spell formation suddenly appeared in the sky and hit the bird squarely.
The bird’s figure bounced in the air at the impact before it quickly flapped its wings and stabilized its body.
Fortunately, Shi Xia, who was on its claws, was unharmed.


Ni Peng flapped his wings angrily as he shouted to Chi Hou, “Chi Hou, my feather cloak has absorbed enough anger, you simply can not seal me.”


Chi Hou’s look was unchanged, he still had the same expressionless look on his face.
But his heart had already begun to burst like a volcanic eruption, “Who said I want to seal you?” I will destroy you!


“What?” Ni Peng froze.


Dare to steal his sister, he had been waiting for her for a hundred years and you, a stinky bird, dared to use that dirty claw to grab her, even he hadn’t held her properly! (ノ`Д)ノ


Blue fire rose to the sky, Ni Peng’s whole bird body lit up with blue flame combustion.
Its body began to burn at a fast speed visible to the naked eye.
Ni Ping couldn’t believe he wanted to kill him, his heart began to panic as he let out a miserable cry, “blue spirit fire! You, you …… I am a Rui beast*, don’t kill me …… help …… I was wrong, I will never again suck human anger again, please don’t kill me ……”


[T/N: Three eyed golden lion.
I have no idea why he was a bird even though he should be a lion.]


It didn’t take long for its body to disappear and turn into ashes.
The blue flames started to dim little by little before going out completely.
Shi Xia didn’t know but those blue flames were very powerful.
But she wasn’t hurt by it even a little bit.
She couldn’t help but be stunned at the outcome, what just happened? She was just returning a piece of clothing.
But before she could get her answer, she felt the gravity pulling her down towards the ground at a rapid speed.
Shi Xia screamed in her heart, help me!


Before her body could hit the ground, she was caught by Chi Hou.
He looked at her up and down for any injuries before asking in a cold tone, “Are you okay?” What did that stinky bird do to you? Did you get hurt? Tell me, I’ll go back and whip its corpse! ホホーツ|*`0′*|┛


“No …… nothing!” Shi Xia hastily replied, her heart was pounding like an engine.
She breathed a sigh of relief as she thought, I’m not dead.


Chi Hou frowned and suddenly started explaining, “Ni Peng’s feather coat is used to suck people’s anger.
When you wore it on your body, it sucked away all your anger.
He was originally sealed for many years, with the anger, he has the power to transform.”


Ni Peng was originally a Rui beast, with a peaceful nature, born and transformed into a form that could bring good fortune to a party.
Such a spiritual beast, cultivators didn’t dare to harm it, but this kind of beast can be easily tainted with karma.
The one he just killed had obviously entered the demonic path.


Shi Xia froze, “You mean that he deliberately gave me the clothes?”


“Hmm.” Sure enough, he should go back to whip its corpse.


Shi Xia became a little scared hearing his explanation.
She gratefully patted his shoulder and said, “Thanks, you saved my life.” This person looks cold and very frightening, I didn’t expect him to treat people quite good.


Chi Hou froze for a moment and forgot to reply.
His mind was replaying the scene earlier, My sister …… touched my …… shoulder, (⊙? ⊙)


He decided not to even change his clothes in the future.

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