Shi Xia was happily bathing in the shallow lake while observing her surroundings.
The lake was actually a small pond and not very large, the diameter was only five or six meters.
On her left was a small waterfall, the flow of the waterfall was also very less and fell without splashing around.
Because there weren’t any people or animals around, the surrounding seemed much quieter.

Although the water was clear, probably because it was almost dark, she could not see the bottom of the pool.
But the pool’s water was very cold, and she wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or not, but the pool felt colder the more she stayed there.
She was almost shivering.
A layer of fog also started to surround the surface of the pool which wasn’t there when she first started bathing.
Shi Xia gritted her teeth in cold as she speeded up her bathing and quickly cleaned herself.
After washing herself clean, she was planning to climb to the shore when her foot slipped.
She slightly felt something under her feet, and suddenly a click sounded as if something broke.

“Fuck!” What the hell? What can be in the water that can break? Wait! Why doesn’t my feet hurt?

“Heh heh heh ……” suddenly, a weird devil like laugh resounded from behind her as a voice spoke, “Thank you so much for helping me break the seal.”

Shi Xia froze as her heart sank.
She turned around and saw a guy, about 18 or 19 years old, sitting in the place she sat before with his whole body submerged in the water, only his head was out of the pool.
He had waist long silky black hair that was draped on his shoulder.
His face was hideous, a long dark scar that went from the left side of his forehead to the right corner of his lips could be seen.

He lifted the corner of his mouth, revealing a grim and eerie smile.
Eyes wide open, he twisted his face viciously as he shouted, “Since you let me out, why don’t you give me your anger!”

“Ah!” Shixia screamed with all her strength, the first thing she did after screaming was bending down and lifting a big stone before throwing it to the man in the water while shouting, “Rascal!”

The man snorted coldly, “You think you can hurt me with a stone ……”


The stone hit the target on the head squarely, Shi Xia threw with so much strength and accuracy that it immediately cut the place it touched, painting his forehead in red.

The man who was hit like a dog: “……”

“You stinking rascal!” Shi Xia didn’t care whether her stone hit his head or not.
She again bent down and picked several big stones from the ground before throwing them to the man one by one.
She couldn’t help but curse the man as she threw stones at him. Damn bastard! You dare to peep a young girl at bathing!

The man only came back from the surprise of being hit, when he was being attacked by several stones coming towards him.
He quickly leaped away from the incoming attack of the stones and touched the place that was cut and now bleeding before twisting his face more, “You dare to hurt me? I will make you pay ten times the price!” He was only momentarily inattentive because he got out of his prison after a long time and didn’t raise his guard thinking that she was just a little girl.
But seeing now that the little girl had the gut to hurt him, he wasn’t going to be polite either.

His eyes narrowed slightly as he reached Shi Xia’s naked body in a flash and thrusted his hand towards her chest.
A dozen of wind blades were flashing on his open palm as he tried to slap her without hesitation.

Shi Xia was busy throwing stones at him and didn’t realize when he came forward.
When she saw not only the man dared to step forward, she even reached out his claw to touch her chest she became furious.
In anger, she raised her hand and slapped the man on his cheek with all her might, leaving the small palm print of her hand to his dog face.

“You bastard! How dare you tried to touch my chest!

The man was slapped before he could finish his attack, he only felt the aura he had just gathered on his hand disappeared.
He couldn’t help but froze on the spot as he exclaimed loudly, “How is this possible!? This woman clearly does not have any cultivation.”

He was about to make another move, but Shi Xia smoothly extended her claws before he could do anything, pulled the man down with his back raised and started hitting him with her fist.
Of course, her mouth wasn’t silent either, “you rogue! You dared to peek at this grandma!* Didn’t your mother taught you why the flowers are so red?*”

[T/N: Arrogant way of refering oneself.]

[T/N: it was in the RAWS and I have no idea what it means.
If anyone knows, please comment it and let us know.

The man only felt a burst of pain in his back and reflexively tried to save himself, “Wait! Who the hell are you?” Why was his spell completely ineffective?

“Who am I?” Shi Xia breathed through her nose as her fist punched even harder, “I’m your mother! Today I will teach you how to behave? You are so young and already learned something bad.
You dared to actually peep at others bath! Yuck! Despicable! Dirty! Shameless!”

“Who peeped in your bath!” He couldn’t see anything in the dark, okay? Let him go!

“How dare you argue! You weren’t peeking? Then why were you hiding in the water? To raise fish?”

“Who hid, I was …… sealed …… ouch!”

“Bah! Do you think I’m stupid.
You will only speak truth when I beat you to death!” Shi Xia’s fist continued to fall rapidly on the man’s back.

“I’m telling the truth! no…… ouch! Stop, don’t hit me.”

“Then weren’t you peeking at me? Weren’t you trying to touch my chest?”

“I really didn’t …… oops …… wait! What are you doing? Put down that rock …… help!!!”

Shi Xia picked up the biggest rock she found and tried to haul it the at man.
When Chi Hou returned to the pool with clean clothes, what he saw was this scene.
The devil that he had sealed in the pool many years ago was hunched on the ground and screaming, while that weak-looking sister was beating him up.

That silly devil didn’t tell him that his sister is so violent ah? But …… violent sister looks cute oh……O(∩_∩)O~~

“Please, please seal me back again! This woman is crazy! My spells are completely ineffective against her.” The man who was being beaten by Shi Xia saw Chi Hou coming to them and suddenly hugged his thighs.
His dog face was now completely swollen into a pig face.
He gave a pitiful stare to Chi Hou as he cried out in distress, “Ooooooooo …… she’s too scary, her hands are more ruthless than demon beasts, I was almost killed.
She …… she …… she also stripped me of my clothes!”

“Then did you wanted to see me naked?” Xia Shi glared at him and managed to make the other party shrink back behind Chi Hou.
Her clothes were wet, and she noticed that this pervert’s clothes were dry even though he was submerged in the water before.
So when he came to shore, Shi Xia immediately stripped him off of his clothes and wore it.
Otherwise, how would she hide her nakedness?

Chi Hou frowned and raised his foot to kick the man away.
Go away! Don’t disturb my sister.

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