The curse of the crazy radish (Part 2)

Chi Hou’s attention while they were bickering was on Shi Xia’s cheek.
Only when he stopped poking her cheek and heard his disciple’s roaring did he understand what had occurred.
He looked at Shi Xia who was looking at the ground guiltily and asked, “You ate them?”


“Mm.” Shi Xia nodded honestly and replied, “I thought that was radish.
Killing with eyes gentleman …… ah bah! I mean, Mr.
Chi Hou, I have been left hungry for two days without any food or water, so I had no choice but to eat them.
And, you have captured the wrong person, I’m not ……”


“How many?” Chi Hou frowned and asked while interrupting her rambling.


Shi Xia was frightened by his serious look, she stretched out her claw and hesitantly showed five fingers, “About …… five.” Am I going to be punished for eating a large number?


“It was first time eating them, right?”




“Do you feel any discomfort?”


“Huh?” What do you mean? Why would I feel discomfort?


He frowned deeper while looking at her up and down and said, “Purple jade ice ginseng is used for cleansing the meridians, you ……”




Before he finished his words, Shi Xia’s stomach suddenly let out a loud growl, that echoed in the whole place and shook her body.
After the growling stopped, she felt her stomach sinking as a sudden urge to go to the toilet overcome that she was unable to control.
She could only hold her stomach and bent down as she questioned herself; am I having a diarrhea? Is this why the man who kills with eyes asked her?


My stomach hurts ……


Shi Xia couldn’t stand properly.
She tugged the trouser of the person in front of her and asked in distress, “Please tell me where the nearest toilet is?”


Damn! This old man was actually growing chickpeas*, right? Otherwise, why would she feel the urge to go to the toilet so desperately.


[T/N: Chickpeas are considered cause diarrhea if too much is consumed.]


The old man gloated seeing her suffering and said with a cold snort, “My Xiu Ling Peak disciples have long been overcome the shackles of becoming a mortal, where would you find a toilet here? Forget about Xiu Ling Peak, I’m afraid you wouldn’t find a toilet in the whole Yuhua Sect…… Huh? Where are you going, Master?”


Before he could finish his sentence, Chi Hou had already carried Shi Xia and flew away in search of a toilet.
And the direction where he was going was Xiao Guan Peak.
The sudden Illusion of being abandoned and losing fever suddenly overcame him as he saw his master disappeared with the devil girl.




One day, the disciples of Xiao Guan Peak suddenly saw a strange sight.
The divine dragon, their ancestor and Taishizu, who only existed in legends, suddenly appeared in the backyard of their Xiao Guan Peak and stood a dozen steps away from the latrine with a solemn look on his face.
He was standing like a tall pine tree, unmoving and stood upright for whole five hours, leaving only at sunset.


This news quickly spread throughout the whole Yuhua Sect, and all the disciples could not help but speculate the purpose of their Taishizu to appear there.
Their Great Ancestor of Xiu Ling Peak, he didn’t even have much disciples to begin with, only one disciple currently who also never leaves the Xiu Ling Peak.
So when they saw the great Taishizu appearing on their Xiao Guan Peak, they thought; he must have some reason.
The last time he left the Xiu Ling Peak was to chase the Demon King away.
So him coming here must be for a great intention, otherwise, he wouldn’t stay here for five hours.


The land outside the latrin must be very special and different.
The spiritual around that place must be different than other places, that’s why the Great Ancestor stayed there for such a long time.


The more the disciples of Xiao Guan Peak thought about it, the more they thought the reason was possible.
So the rumour that the land of Xiao Guan Peak’s latrine was a sacred place spread to the whole sect.
People from different peaks of Yuhua Sect would come to Xiao Guan Peak’s latrine to follow their Taishizu’s footsteps and cultivatate.


The piece of land outside the toilet of Xiao Guan Feng became an excellent sacred place for the disciples of Yuhua Sect to improve their cultivation and understand the heavenly path.
Day by day the place became full with disciples of different peaks.
The flow of disciples coming to the place was endless, there were hardly any disciple who didn’t know about the place where their Taishizu’s breath been left.


In this regard, after five hours of diarrhea, the person who made the place famous was lying on Chi Hou’s shoulder like a deflated balloon and said: at least let me pull my pant.


———- —


When Shi Xia was carried back, no, she wasn’t carried like a cat this time which she was grateful for.
She was so exhausted that she couldn’t walk even if Chi Hou insisted her to.
She was glad that he had carried her back, but because she was carried in s hurry, she could only pull her pants up but couldn’t button it.


But Shi Xia still thought that Chi Hou was a nice person.
At least he was better than that old man, who kept blaming her for eating just a few of his radishes.
On the other hand, Chi Hou didn’t question her about it, rather he even took her to a toilet and helped her relive herself.
But before her heart could be touched by his generous act, she was thrown into a pool.


A mouthful of water entered her nose and mouth, the water was very cold, Shi Xia felt like several needles were poked onto her skin.
She quickly pulled her head out of water and then suddenly remembered something; she can’t swim.


“Help!” She immediately panicked and shouted and onstantly struggled while waving her hands, but the culprit on the shore had already turned away, waving his sleeve that curved beautifully on the air as he left.


Crap! Wait ah!


“Help …… help ……” Shi Xia began to wave her hands and feet again, using all her strength to save herself.
She let a final struggle as she kicked her feet and then… …she stood up.




Shi Xia looked down in bewilderment, the water wasn’t as deep as she thought, it’s only reached her thighs.
She didn’t know if it was for sitting on the toilet for a long while but she felt a burst of smell hitting her nose.
Scrunching her nose, she quickly took off her clothes without hesitation and threw them on the shore as she jumped into the water.

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