The Curse of the Crazy Radish (Part 1)

Because nothing good left his mouth after opening it, Chi Hou never hesitated to beat him up until he couldn’t tell which is South or North.
But even that didn’t stop the Demon King showing off his enthusiasm and pride for having a sister.
No matter how much they argue and what logic he(Chi Hou) gave, only one phrase would leave his mouth.


“Your cultivation level is too low, you can’t beat me.
Go die!”


“But I have a sister!”


“You don’t know how to deactivate the formation, so you can’t get out of this formation and will die.
Slowly and painfully.”


“But I have a sister!”


“We have many disciples in Yuhua Sect, so you have no chance to win against me or my sect.”


“But I have a sister!”


“You don’t know how to handle weapons, and the grade of the magic weapon you use is too low, so it’s normal that you lost in my hands.”


“But I have a sister.”


“……” Flip the table! Is your sister that great? Did your demonic cultivation was also achieved by your sister?


“But I have a sister ah!”




He lost!


He never expected that he, Chi Hou, the strongest cultivator in the world, who had been traversing the immortal cultivation world for so many years, had actually lost to someone’s bluffing.
Hearing the word ‘sister’ was like a sharp edged weapon to him, it was like a magic spell that wrapped itself around his mind deeply and refused to leave no matter how much he tried.


It was not until the silly devil disappeared that his life returned to its former calm.
The world became much calmer and quieter.
Although on the surface he looked satisfied that he finally got rid of that silly bastard, but on the inside…… It seemed he had become accustomed to his blabbering, so now the calmness bothered him a little.
Not only that, sometimes the word ‘sister’ would also emerged in his mind.
Is having a sister that good? In the end, had he, Chi Hou had also turned silly by this ‘sister’? Are all the sisters under the sky that amazing? Or only his(Demon King’s) sister was special?


This kind of weird thought started to swirl in his mind.
And the more he thought, the more he wanted to experience the feeling of having a sister.
This feeling haunted him for a full hundred years.


Then finally, one day, he really met the legendary sister ……


The first time he saw her, the impression of her was higher because he was already deaf by hearing the Demon King blowing rainbow fart about her.
Her name was Shi Xia, and she was a dirty child covered in mud, dust and fallen leaves.
Obviously, she didn’t have any cultivation levels neither was she strong enough to fight.
But she still stood strongly in front of a demonic cultivator.
This matter left a good impression on him as he thought, both the brother and sister are the same.
It seemed the gene ‘silly’ was passed down in their bloodline.


But immediately after that, he refreshed his understanding of her foolishness.
Although he thought she was stupid to stand against someone she can barely fight against, he still thought she was brave and was someone with good sense of justice.
But seeing her taking the initiative to send herself to the immortal door, not only that, even saying her name proudly in the hall that was filled with Immortals, there’s only one thing that crossed his mind: she is foolish to the core and it has no cure.


At that time he thought, if he left her there, she would die of her own stupidity, so he carried her back on an impulse.
After bringing her to his abode, he took a serious look on her.
The silly Demon King praised her everyday from sky to earth, like a pearl held carefully at the palm of his hand.
Always saying, she is the loveliest girl in the whole world.
But in the end, where is the goodness? Why can’t he see it?


Chi Hou looked at her and didn’t blink even a little all the while his gaze was on her.
The magic spell that had wrapped itself around his mind suddenly started chanting and echoing in his mind.
He couldn’t help but think, this silly sister …… seems to be …… really…… quite good-looking.


Where the sudden urge to pinch her cheek come from? What’s going on?


Must be his illusion, Chi Hou nodded inwardly and thought.
He felt the need to calm down a bit.
So, he didn’t dare to stay in front of her any longer and left the place, leaving her completely alone.


As a result, two days later when he came back and saw this sister again, she was sitting on the grass and chewing on something, with a bulging cheek like a rabbit.
He suddenly remembered what that silly Demon King who lacked common sense said.
He said that his sister’s face was as smooth as butter and soft as tofu, and feels especially good to pinch.
The hidden sudden urge to pinch her cheek resurfaced again, so he step forward to poke them.


“What do you want?” Shi Xia was having her peaceful time while chewing on the juicy radishes when she was disturbed by the pervert who brought her here.
Anger surged in her heart when she remembered he left her here for two days without any food and water, but now came back to poke her cheek.
She was just hungry and ate a few radishes, did he really had to leave his disciple here to monitor her?


“Master, it’s her! She’s the one who stole my purple jade ice ginseng!” The old man who accompanied Shi Xia a moment ago was now poking his head out from behind the back of a tree and pointed at Shi Xia while accusing her loudly.


“I just ate a few radishes!” Shi Xia shouted back in a reasonable manner.


“Nonsense, what radish?” Since knowing her name, the old man who was kindly explaining the matter of cultivation world suddenly changed his face and spoke furiously to her, “That’s my purple jade ice ginseng, the purple jade ice ginseng that I’ve raised for two hundred years! You actually chewed on it as if they are radishes! You really are the sister of the Demon King with evilness in your heart!”


“You are accusing me as if you didn’t eat it!” Shi Xia also pointed at him in an accusing manner.
There was still a half chewed radish on the old man’s hand.


The old man’s hand shook as he immediately threw the half chewed radish in his hand and tried to give an excuse, “This …… this, this …… this is what you set me up for, I didn’t eat it.”


“Then are you going to say next that the teeth mark on the radish is that of a dog? If you have the guts and evidence, come out and say it! Why are you hiding behind the tree now?” These two people obviously had a huge gap in their age but they were bickering like children.
Did they actually had no shame?


“I won’t come out!” The old man snorted coldly, instead, he showed his back to them and shouted back with a crying voice, “Master, you have to bring justice for me! I have planted and nurtured those purple jade ice ginseng for two hundred years ah, two hundred years! It would have riped in two days.
But she actually plucked them and gnaw on them like radish.
I just came back from the medicinal garden, not a single one is left.
She at them all!”


Hearing him accusing her, Shi Xia felt old people are harder to deal with.
It’s better if she never messes with old people in the future.


“I really thought it was a radish.” She sighed as she tried to reason one last time.


The old man still blamed her and said furiously, “Don’t try to reason with me! If you don’t apologize to this old man today, I’ll……”


“I’m sorry!” Shi Xia immediately bowed and apologized.


“……” The old man choked on his words.
He couldn’t believe she would apologize so shamelessly.
He turned his head to his master, who have been witnessing all their bickering with indifferent eyes and said hopefully, “Master, you have bring justice for this disciple ah ……”


“What the hell do you want?” This old man just want to harass me, right? Shi Xia was already ready to apologize again just for the old man to stop blaming her.
But the hand on her cheek was getting more and more irritating as it kept poking her.
She glared at the person whom the hand belong to and asked, “How long do you plan to poke?”


Chi Hou paused for a moment, then withdrew the hand that was poking at Shi Xia’s face.
Although he still had that expressionless look, but the bottom of his heart began to bubble in excitement.
That foolish Demon King was right, his sister’s face is really soft and smooth! He wanted to poke them again, how come she’s not chewing on the radish?


“Master ……” the old man howled more and more vigorously when he noticed his master’s attention wasn’t on him, “my poor purple jade ice ginseng ah!”


Purple jade ice ginseng……

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