, the Demon King’s sister, Shi Xia broke into my Yuhua sect.” The old man said with a face full of indignation, “Fortunately, she was taken down in time, and is now locked up in this Xiu Ling Peak.
This is also one of the reasons why disciples do not dare to easily enter or stay in this peak.”

“Aren’t you afraid of capturing the wrong person?” I was wronged! Shi Xia couldn’t help but roar in her heart.
Yes, she has a brother, but she had crossed over in this world and her brother was no longer with her.
That bastard must have still being a vegetable* and lying at home.
He was a lazy ass, even his cat’s food was bought by her.
There’s no way he was capable of killing and kidnapping people, bringing chaos to the world.

[T/N: Vegetative or coma.
By vegetable she meant her brother is as lazy as a person in coma.]

“She personally admitted that she is Shi Xia, how can we be wrong?” The old man had a look of justice on his wrinkled face.

“But there are many people with the same name in the whole world, there can’t be only one Shi Xia, right?” Shi Xia tried to reason, but her heart dropped at his next words.

“But the whole world also knows that the Demon King’s sister is called Shi Xia, even if a parent is deaf, they wouldn’t give their children such a name, right?”

Shi Xia: “……”

Makes sense, she was actually speechless.

“Besides,……,” The old man said with
righteousness on his face, “my master has confirmed that the girl is the Demon King’s sister, how could he, who has fought with the Demon King recognise the wrong person? If he says that person is that devil’s sister, naturally she has to be that devil’s sister!”

Shi Xia couldn’t help but facepalmed.
This is called blind belief ah.
Your master says she is the culprit and you believe it?

“What’s your master’s name ah?” Shi Xia wanted to cry.
She couldn’t understand how can people talk nonsense with their eyes open ah!

“My master is the Yu Hua Sect’s Tai Shang Lao*, Ancestor Chi Hou.” The old man said with a proud face, “It was he, who personally captured the devil girl.”

[T/N: Venerable.]

Capture her ……is he that neurotic who took her to practice killing with eyes?!

“Where is he?” Shi Xia asked impatiently. I need to explain the situation to him and make everything clear.

“Master? His whereabouts are uncertain.
I don’t get to see him much often.”

“……” That means until he appears, no matter how much she explained, people of this world won’t change the fact that she is the sister of the Demon King? Shi Xia felt her whole world had turned grey, there’s nothing to live for.
Let her make a hole and bury herself in it.

“Don’t worry.” The old man patted her shoulder to comfort her, “If little girl wants to see the old ancestor, you have to wait patiently.
I believe you will have the chance in future.
I understand the feelings of you, young disciples worshipping the strong.
My master….
although he maybe a little fierce, cold-hearted, has a bad temper, a little violent, doesn’t like to speak much, his words are like poison….but he still can be considered as a good person.”

(¬_¬)May I ask where are the assence of goodness in what you said?

How blindly can a person worships someone to see that person’s bad personality as good?

Shi Xia didn’t have much time to dwel on the matter of a disciple worshiping his master.
When she remembered the situation she was in, she felt the whole sky fell on her shoulders.
The more she remembered the injustice done on her, the more aggravated she felt.
She pulled out the radishes she put in her pocket as her future ration and bit into it like a chick.
Only eating these juicy radishes could soothe her heart that had been wronged.

The old man continued to comfort her, “You have to believe in this old man, you see …… Huh? Why does this radish in your hand look so familiar?”

“You want one ah? Here, take it.” Shi Xia generously gave the other radish to the old man.

“Little girl is truly kind.” The old man took it with a smile, “This radish is crisp!” The old man looked at the radish handed by Shi Xia as he thought, this radish looks a lot like those purple jade ice ginseng he had planted in the medicinal garden.
Shrugging his shoulders, he couldn’t help but take a bite, hmm, it tasts pretty good.

 “By the way, what’s your name, little girl, and where did you find this radish?”

“Oh, this? I found them in the garden over there!” Shi Xia said as she pointed where the garden was.


The radish that he had just bitten into spurted out.

“I’m Shi Xia, by the way.”

Cough ……

This time, he felt a mouthful of old blood spluttered out.
He looked at the radish in his hand and heard the sound of something breaking, it was his heart breaking into pieces.


Chi Hou once met the most loathsome person in the whole world, and the one he met was a devil with demonic cultivation.
He had been too obssessed on training and cultivating, practicing various kinds of arts all his life.
He seldom spent his time on other unnecessary things, and that’s also one of the reasons his cultivation level improved faster than anyone.
When he came back from the close door cultivation after a hundred years, he couldn’t find anyone who can rival against him.

He was confident that in several years, he would be able to break through the shackles of this realm and enter the void to cross the border and reach other realms.
His immortal journey went extraordinarily smoothly, of course …… if he hadn’t met that Demon King.

Unlike the legend of the immortal cultivation world, he didn’t go to annihilate the Demon King, rather the other party delivered himself to his(Chi Hou) door.
Chi Hou was cultivating in a forest when the Demon King stumbled over him because he lost his way.
That was how the two met, there were no fierce battle between the two, one just asked for directions while the other merrily pointed the way.

And from then on, the Demon King often came to him to challenge him in a fight.
Of course, he could never beat Chi Hou, but there’s one thing that the Demon King was expert at; bragging about his sister.
Whenever he opened his mouth, all that left his mouth was praise about his sister.
That’s right, the Demon King who everyone fears, who everyone thinks as a cunning, inhumane and merciless person, kills any person at the sight actually loves to flaunt about his sister everyday.

“Yo, brother, I heard you are the strongest person in the immortal world.
But seeing you, it seems you are still a single dog, right? Do you at least have a sister? You don’t? Poor you.
You don’t have any girl, let alone a sister.
But I have a sister ah!”

Chi Hou: “……” Who cares.
Get away from me.

“Do you know who my sister is? Her name is Shi Xia.
You don’t know, she is so beautiful and cute! Especially when she was a child, she was the best looking little girl in our community.
Her face was as round as a bun and as soft as a tofu.
Pinching her cheeks feels so good, as if you can pinch out water.
And she was so obedient and lovely too.
Wherever I went, she would follow me calling ‘Brother’, her voice was so nice to hear…..Tsk, Tsk, you would never understand this feeling.”

Chi Hou: “……” What does it matter to him?

“Let me tell you, my sister Shi Xia was especially sweet and caring child since her childhood, especially, towards her brother.
In other words; me.
One day when she was five years old, she went to the kitchen telling that she wants to cook for me.
She was so small so she had to step on a stool to reach the stoves.
Tell me, don’t you feel moved? Isn’t she so sweet? Alas, you don’t have a sister, so you don’t understand.”

Chi Hou: “……” Who wants to understand?

“Let me tell you, my sister Shi Xia liked to listen to story from me.
She won’t be able to sleep untill I tell her stories every night.
Have you ever told a story to your sister? You haven’t? Of course you haven’t! Because you don’t have a sister!”

Chi Hou: “……” So what?

“My sister Shi Xia is very smart.
No matter how hard a topic is, she can learn it very easily.
She loves to study and once she learnt something, she didn’t need to taught twice.
No other kids were as smart as her.
Even if you had a sister, she couldn’t beat my sister.
Oh! I forgot, you don’t have a sister.”

“……” Who wants to compare with you?

“My sister……”

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