Under normal circumstances, if someone wants to enter the immortal cultivation world, they have to find the immortal door first and must have the destiny to become an immortal.
One of the so-called immortal destiny is Spiritual Roots.
So among all those who could reach the Yuhua Sect, there were very few people who had no Spiritual Roots.
Not to mention the first one to climb the mountain was spiritual rootless.
So, no one suspected before that she actually wouldn’t have any Spiritual Roots.

The person who took the first place in the entrance examination had no Spiritual Roots, this is the first time this kind of thing happened in the whole history of the immortal cultivation world.
Someone like her never appeared, so in a sense, she is really one in a million ah.

Yuan Zhao felt he was played by God as he looked at Shi Xia again.
The more he looked at her, the more pity he felt.
Alas, she is such a good girl, and came here after so much hardships, she even has the qualifications, her heart was clear without any impurity.
But she lost in the hand of fate.
She was blocked from birth from becoming an immortal, poor girl.

“So um…… can I ask what’s going on?” The eyes around her were increasingly bizarre, so Shi Xia couldn’t help but open her mouth to ask.

“Alas …… little girl, this is all Heaven’s will.” Yuan Zhao sighed deeply, hesitated for a moment before finding the right words and patted her shoulder comfortingly as he explained, “You have no Spiritual Roots, I’m afraid …… you can’t cultivate immortality.”

Shi Xia froze only for a moment before replying indifferently, “Oh.”

“You aren’t disappointed?” Yuan Zhao asked in surprise.

“Why would I? I’m not disappointed.” Shi Xia answered honestly.
So what that she failed in the entrance exam? She didn’t come here to cultivate immortality ah!

Such a good child ah! After suffering from such a big blow, there was no resentment in her heart and actually was so open-minded, why doesn’t she have any Spiritual Roots!? The more Yuan Zhao saw her, the more he wanted to cry, what to do?

“By the way!” Shi Xia suddenly remembered the main thing, “Speaking of which, Uncle, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.” Poor kid, I’ll agree to anything you say.

“Is there a spell to travel through time and space? Like from one world to another world, to a completely different place?”

Yuan Zhao thought for a moment before answering, “Are you talking about the art of shrinking the earth and cutting through the void?”

“Is there really?” Shi Xia was a little excited, she could really go back!

“But ……” he frowned as he explained, “this art, I only heard from others and haven’t seen anyone performing.
I’m afraid that only cultivators above the stage of God Transformation will have such a divine ability.”

“Then who can use this spell?” I’m asking for an introduction! Who is the great person that can send me home!?

“This …… I don’t know either.” Yuan Zhao shook his head.

“Oh ……” Shi Xia’s mood immediately dropped like an inflated balloon.
She half-heartedly squeeze out a smile, “Thank you ah! Then I’ll go first, Goodbye!”

She waved at everyone, turned towards the door and walked forward, without a little hesitation or reluctance.

Perhaps her qualifications were too much to be wasted.
Yuan Zhao felt so saddened for her that he couldn’t help but call her, “Wait, little girl, although you can’t cultivate immortality, but it’s not impossible to stay here.
Although, you can at most be an outer disciple*, but our Yuhua Sect is full of spiritual energy, your longevity would increase.”

[T/N: Disciples who aren’t taught directly by the master but senior disciples.]

Shi Xia, who had already reached the door, stopped in her tracks and shook her head, “No, I want to go home.” It seems that the Immortal Sect is still quite friendly. Shi Xia thought in her heart.

Yuan Zhao sighed again, “In that case …… then you go, there will be disciples under the mountain to send you back.”

“Okay, thanks!” Shi Xia enthusiastically replied to him as she opened the door.

“By the way, little girl, what’s your name?”

“My name is Shi Xia.”

“Oh, so you ……” he paused mid sentence as his eyes snapped open and he asked in astonishment, “What’s your name?!”

“Shi Xia, huh?”

The hall was dead silent.
Just as it was before when she first came here.

A dozen pairs of eyes once again stared at her in unison, and the hall, which was warm a moment ago, cooled down to the freezing point in an instant.

Shi Xia’s heart trembled, she suddenly had a sense of foreboding.
Is it an illusion? How does she feel that the hall began to emit a murderous aura?

“She’s Shi Xia, catch her!” The kind Yuan Zhao’s face suddenly twisted viciously as he commanded in a fierce voice to the people present in the hall.
A dozen people in the room suddenly stood up in unison, and at the same time, the sound of weapons burst in the silence hall.
A dozen light flashes in the hall and when Shi Xia looked over, she saw there were countless magic weapons hovering in the air just in front of her.
The weapons was of various kinds.
Each one was glowing with a blinding light, red, white, green, yellow, what color weren’t there.

Shi Xia still hadn’t reacted but she could see all those weapons were aimed at her with “full of killing qi”.

What is going on? What did she say wrong? Can someone explain!

“She is not allowed to escape!” Yuan Zhao gave another roar, waved his hand and gave a command.
All the weapons hovering before her flew towards her in unison.

What is this situation ah hello? At least explain something, kind Uncle!

Unfortunately, she was not given any time to protest.
She could only watch as a dozen or so murderous weapons flew towards her to turn her into a hedgehog.

Damn! Where did all your friendlyness go!?

Those weapons were flying towards her with astonishing speed.
But suddenly a piercing chill came from behind her.
A pillar of white light fell from the doorway and directly swept the entire hall.
All the weapons flying towards her stopped, as if a paused button was pressed, and didn’t move an inch.

Shi Xia looked at the frozen weapons just an inch from her with wide eyes.
She could still feel the murderous aura coming from them.
She hurriedly too several steps back, and gasped a few breaths, her legs turning soft.

“Tai Shizu!” Yuan Zhao was startled, “What are you doing here?”

Shi Xia looked in front of her and realised that there was a person in front of her whom she didn’t know when came.
The person was dressed in white from top to bottom and was standing with his back on her.
Shi Xia couldn’t help but stare at the person, why does his back look a bit familiar?

The man in white ignored Yuan Zhao, instead turned his head and looked at the person behind him.

Shi Xia froze, wasn’t he the same white-clothed ancestor who saved her and Big Meow from that Black Fury? Why is he here?

“Tai Shizu.” Yuan Zhao eagerly took a few steps forward, “This person, we had to get rid of her ah ……”

The white-clothed man still did not answer and just stared at Shi Xia, unblinking.
His face was obviously expressionless, but Shi Xia felt the look of his eyes couldn’t be more cold, even the surrounding air, which only felt a little cold, was freezing now.
His whole body was emitting a murderous coldness that was frightening to look at.

This person wouldn’t kill me, right? Shi Xia couldn’t help but reassure herself in her heart but her body still shivered in fear.
Is it too late to escape now?

Shi Xia was contemplating how to get out in this situation when the person in front of suddenly moved.
In reflex, Shi Xia took a step back but the person stood in front of her and picked her up like a child.

Before leaving the hall, he only left a sentence, “This person, I will take care of her!”

The next moment, he disappeared, taking Shi Xia with him.

The only thing that was left in the hall was full of immortal cultivators and their frozen weapons in the air.
As soon as he left, all the weapons fell down on the ground, in front of the group of immortals who were looking at each other dumbly.


Shi Xia was carried on his hands, yes, she was carried on his hands not arms.
Just like she used to carry the stupid cat of her brother.
She was carried to a house, probably owned by the Great Ancestor and was thrown onto the bed.

The bed was a stone bed, so when she was thrown over, she felt her heart, lungs, liver, all her internal organs shake in pain.
But she didn’t dare rub to soothe the pain.
Her heart was pounding in fear in front of the living refrigerator like man.

She would love to talk to him about life, about the importance of human harmony and fraternity in order to develop a better relationship and build a peaceful society together.
She had no problems in guiding him to a better, harmless, bloodless path.
But she didn’t dare to open her mouth, because the other party’s eyes were too intimidating.

She could see knives were thrown at her from his eyes.
If looks could kill people, she would have been chopped in countless pieces already.
Behind him, she could also see his murderous aura being magnified …… magnified …… magnified ……

Shi Xia couldn’t help but shiver and shrink inward.
Although the man didn’t speak, his facial expression wasn’t good either.
His pair of dark eyes were staring at her unblinkingly for at least half an hour ah! Now even she began to reflect if she had done anything wrong that was unforgiving for him to stare at her like that.

She heard that eyes can kill people but never believed it.
Now she believes it.

Since the person wasn’t doing anything except staring at her, Shi Xia also thought of taking a good look at him.

Just when she was taking a look at his face, the person suddenly moved and took a step forward.

Although his movement was small, it was enough to make the already trembling Shi Xia tremble even more to the point of heart attack.

Seeing him approaching her and imagining her impending doom, she made a bold decision.
She immediately sat down on the ground on her knees, used all her acting skills to squeeze a few drops of tears and shouted, “Great Ancestor, I was wrong!”

No matter what she had done, it is always right to admit her mistake!

The other party’s footsteps stopped and seemed to be frozen just in front of her kneeling figure.

Shi Xia thought he would be happy to see her kneeling in front of him and admitting her mistake.
But he frowned even more and his face turned uglier.

Shi Xia’s heart cooled down in an instant.
Was her attitude of begging forgiveness not sincere enough? Boss, can she do it again?

The other side didn’t say anything to her, just stared at her for a while and disappeared the next second with a ‘whoosh’.

Shi Xia: ……

He is gone? Why the hell he is gone? Did he capture her just to – practice killing with his eyes?

This person …… Maybe sick in the head, right?


Shi Xia didn’t saw that strange Tai Shizu again in the past two days, but there was no doubt that she was imprisoned.
She didn’t have enough courage to escape so she could only spend her time thinking what happened.
Why was she capture? Why did those immortals react that way hearing her name? She really couldn’t understand what had she done to make those people so hostile towards her that they want to poke her to death.

She always believed that she was brave person, there is no matter that cannot be explained, no misunderstanding that cannot be solved, no corner that cannot be dug, but…… It seemed she was wrong?

That Tai Shizu was a little, no, a lot scary, but he didn’t look like an unreasonable person.
She just needed to stay still untill he came back and explain the situation.

But her plans couldn’t catch up with the change, two days later, she had no choice but to climb out of that room.

Because she was dying of hunger, she never dreamed that they actually wouldn’t deliver any food to her.
This old society is so devoid of human rights! When she reached the door while grumbling inside, she saw that the door wasn’t locked at all.
She just pushed and it opened.
This was simply trampling on her strict respect as a prisoner!

Shi Xia pressed her belly that was full of fire, both in hunger and anger.
This immortal cultivation vocational and technical college instantly reached the lowest point in her mind.
She indignantly intended to find the head of the prison to talk about the value of human life, but when she went outside, she found that outside the house was a large area of grass.
She walked for almost half a day but didn’t see a single living being let alone any human.
Shi Xia was so hungry that she was dizzy, just when she thought she would die out of hunger, she saw a small vegetable patch ahead.

T/N: Sorry everyone! Sorry for the late update.
I’ve been busy lately and sick too.
I’ll try to update regularly from now on.

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