The harmonious development of the sect (Part 1)

“People who want to cultivate immortality, have to focus on cultivating their hearts.” The senior sister with the surname of Mu stepped forward and explained.
Compared to Li Lin, she looked much more gentle and relatable, “If you don’t have enough quality, patience and are easily to get impatient, act impulsive when things happen, you are not destined to go far.
Our Yuhua Sect has always been strict in accepting disciples, so the ones who have already passed the first hurdle have to accept it.”

The first level! Shi Xia was stunned.
Could it be that the previous month staying on the ship was just a part of the entrance exam? When she started thinking about it, Shi Xia remembered those who were just teleported away from here seemed to have more or less argued with the few disciples who were guarding the ship, or expressed their discontent.
So that’s why they were eliminated.
The ship had convenient teleportation array, but the they had to take the trouble to come here by boat.
So this was a pit from beginning to end! Luckily she hasn’t fallen.

After the elder sister surnamed Mu finished explaining, the elder brother surnamed Bai came out and gave a long speech.
The speech was mostly about the history of the development of the Yuhua Sect, or other official statements.
Shi Xia and the others listened until they became status from standing, but the two senior disciples still hadn’t talked about the main topic.

“This place is the Inquiring Heart step of this sect.” Elder brother Bai turned and pointed to the long stone steps of stairs behind him and said, “It is also the last level of the entrance examination, you just have to climb up the stairs and enter the Yuhua Sect, once you successfully enter the door of the Yuhua Sect, you are considered the disciples of this sect.”

The crowd, which had been quiet for a long time, came to life.
Everyone had a look of eagerness to try because they wanted to pass the exam as soon as possible.

“But the Inquiring Heart step is dangerous and unpredictable, if you can’t climb to the top, just break the wooden sign in your hand, naturally a disciple will bring you out.” After finishing his speech, senior brother Bai indicated that the crowd could start, but also repeatedly warned: “Do not force yourself.”

The remaining less than a hundred people swarmed towards the stone steps.

Shi Xia looked up at the stone steps, and saw not far away from the top stood a huge stone arch, above the jade door, the name of the sect ‘Yuhua’ was written with big golden words, so bright that it almost blinded her.
She was somewhat puzzled, the flight of stairs was made with hundred stone steps, at most as tall as a ten-story building, but where is the danger? Are the steps slippery? Is it easy to slip and fall in disrepair?

Shi Xia shook her head, she couldn’t understand the mindset of the people of this world, it’s better to stop thinking about it.
She followed the crowd of people and stepped onto the steps.
She had never been an athletic person, climbing up to ten steps is enough to make her tired.
Good thing is that there was no time limit, so Shi Xia was also not in a hurry.
She climbed the steps while looking around the beautiful scenery, as if she came on a vacation not on a examination.

She climbed up a dozen steps, when she found that someone beside her stopped walking, he was panting like a horse and sweating like a bucket.
Shi Xia looked at his body muscles, and silently shook her head.
Young people ah! The body was so weak, who knows how did he grow such amazing muscles, he must have kidney deficiency.

Shi Xia didn’t pay attention to the muscular guy with kidney deficiency and continued climbing up.
But the more stone steps she climbed, the more people with the same situation of the mascular guy caught her eyes.
The front was almost jumbled with a group of people struggling to climb on one step, Shi Xia had to go around the bushes to pass the group.
Originally, she was the last one to start climbing the stairs but now she is at the forefront.

On the way, she also met an acquaintance, one of the chicken hair brothers, Lu Ren.
He was struggling to step on a stone step and panting heavily, his face white, eyes unfocused, as if he stayed up three nights to play video games.

“Let me give you a hand?” Shi Xia was considerate of him because she knew him a little, and couldn’t resist extending a helping hand.

But the chicken brother completely ignored her, he simply gritted his teeth and looked away, giving a face that says ‘don’t look down on me’ before sitting on the steps, panting.

Seeing him ignoring her, Shi Xia also retracted her hand.

Since they didn’t need her favour, Shi didn’t want to curry favour either and continued forward.
Alas, she couldn’t understand the reason of men’s pride.
Look at the chicken hair ah! What a stubborn man! Oh, I forgot he is a chicken.

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