Shi Xia originally thought that Yuhua Sect was very close, but she obviously overestimated the ancient transportation technology, even with the immortal magic augmentation, it was not much more advanced.
They had been sailing on the sea for a whole month.
Even she, who had never been seasick, felt like walking was floating, but they still hadn’t arrive at their destination.

What bothered her most was the food of the ship, which was simply unbearable, miserable and inhumane.
Originally, she was happy to have fish for her breakfast, lunch and dinner for the first few days.
After all, seafoods are both tasty and expensive, if you can rob a bank only then you can properly afford seafoods.
Now that it’s a free meal, there’s nothing better than this.

Although it was free, how can people eat them for a month ah! And everyday it was braised, only with a pinch of salt, no seasoning.
So after eating them for a month, Shi Xia felt if she saw even a cabbage now, she would feel nothing would be better than that.

She had wanted to find the person incharge of cooking and complain about the situation.
But strangely enough, the whole ship was searched by her but she didn’t find any place that looked like a kitchen.
Until she saw the teenager who called for meals everyday, was poking the fishes in the sea with a sword at the stern of the ship.
Every time he successfully poked and caught one, he would wave his hand and gave a slap to the belly of the fish, then put it in a bowl before sprinkling very little amount of salt on it and putting it aside.

Looking at the freshly baked fishes, Shi Xia suddenly felt that she could still endure the braised fishes for a few more days.
Other people on board were dissatisfied too, and wanted to find those white clothed and blue striped people to complain.
But Shi Xia shut up the complaints in her heart and kept eating what was given to her.
Eating for the braised fishes for such a long time, she was afraid that she had also become a braised fish.

The boat went on unhurriedly, and after a month and a half later, the sun finally shone on them.

Suddenly a shout rang out from the boat, “Look, what is that?”

Shi Xia couldn’t help but also follow the crowd towards the bow, only to see that the original wide sea suddenly seemed to be cut off in general.
The scene was bizarre, under the place where the sea was cut off was dark, deep and bottomless, like an endless vortex.
Above the vortex was covered in white fog and the sound of wind was coming from the white mist.
When they took a closer look, they saw within the fog was several dense wind blade moving without leaving a gap.

Shi Xia shivered, her heart skipping a beat, recalling that before the man called Black Fury also used wind blade but they weren’t this large.
If the ship goes in, it would be cut in pieces before anyone could blink.
Everyone understood the fact too which made them panic.

“Quiet! Don’t make any noise!” The white-clothed, blue-striped disciple who had guided her onto the boat came out and glared at the crowd, “What’s all the noise? Aren’t you all here? What’s all the fuss about then, ah?”

He took out a jade token, closed his eyes and recited something.
The jade token in his hand suddenly started shining, getting brighter and brighter before rising up into the air and turning into a large ball of light, enclosing the whole ship.
The ship swayed a little and before anyone could show any reaction, the ship, which was just sailing in the sea, suddenly flew up and headed for the white fog.
The wind blades raging in the sky automatically retreated, giving way to a channel for the ship to pass.

Everyone’s expression was like this: (⊙▽⊙) mama, look at the ship! It’s flying!

Less than a quarter of an hour later, the airship passed through the wind blade area, and a new world appeared in front of them.
The sky was littered with light like the aurora, and small and large peaks were floating everywhere.
Those Peake’s had countless pavilions and buildings.
The sound of crane were filling the air and from time to time, a sword figure could be seen flying through the sky.
Shi Xia saw this beautiful scenery as she realized once again, she wasn’t in her world anymore.

They were at the mouth of the city, the ship stopped at the foot of one of the largest floating peaks.
Looking up not far away, they could faintly see the imposing temple.
A few white-clad, blue-striped disciples led the crowd off of the boat and to a passage under the mountain.

When the crowd reached the foot of the mountain, they saw two disciples standing there wearing the same signature white robe.
One was a man and the other was a woman.

“Senior Brother Bai, Senior Sister Mu.” The cultivator who had picked her up on the boat earlier led several disciples to salute the two.

“Senior Brother Li Lin has had a hard journey.” That senior brother Bai smiled and took a step forward to look at the crowd behind him, “These are the disciples who were initiated today?”

“Yes.” The young man respectfully replied, “There are two hundred and fifty in total.”

“There are quite a lot of disciples with immortal destiny this year.”

“Today is the first day, of course.” The woman next to him, surnamed Mu, smiled and interjected, “There are still two more days to go.
By then, there may not be so many.”

“That’s true.” He nodded, straightened his face, and continued to look at Li Lin, “Has senior brother decided on eliminated candidates?”

Li Lin replied, “As of yesterday, it has been decided.”

Senior Brother Bai waved his hand, “Then announce it.”

“Yes!” Li Lin then turned to look at the crowd behind him, pulled out a booklet from his sleeve, read aloud a large series of numbers, “7,9,15,17,18 ……” He read for a whole half an hour before stopping, looked at the crowd again before announcing in a cold tone, “the people with the number I recited, can go back.”

Once these words fell, the whole crowd was in an uproar, because the number plate just reported obviously already accounted for half of the total number of people.
Some people even stood out in direct defiance.

“Why are we being eliminated?”

“Yes, we’ve had a hard time getting here, why aren’t we allowed to get in?”

“That’s right, we all came together, why can other people stay but we have to go back?”

“Respected Immortals, is there any misunderstanding?”

The more the crowd spoke, the more agitated they became, with the look of having to find an explanation no matter what.

Isn’t this the rhythm of starting a fight? Shi Xia silently took a few steps back.

“Quiet!” Li Lin eyebrows tightened, he didn’t gave any explanation to the crowd neither heard their protest, raising his hand he recited something, the people who were supposed to eliminate suddenly saw a huge circular array appear below their feet.
Before they could react, a white light flashed and all the eliminated disciples disappeared, the scene became instantly quiet.
When the light dispersed, the crowd was left with less than half of the people.

Shi Xia, who looked at the whole process with astonished eyes felt that the spell formation on the ground looked somewhat familiar.
She first saw its appearance on the jade token.
The circular array she saw now was also a teleportation array too.
Only obviously more advanced than that on the jade token.
This is a collective transmission ah.

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