My Best Friend is a Major Lesbo

The Thousand Thoughts of Anxious Youth

The clock read midnight and Xiao slowly opened the front door. Ling quickly burst into her house.

”Yue, what are you doing here at this hour? ” Xiao asked.

”Got kicked out, ” Ling snickered, ”Figured my girlfriend wouldn mind having me hide out at her house, ”

”What did you get kicked out for? ”

”Moms iffy on the gay thing, ” Ling replied, ”But I guess its more of a I ran off thing rather than a I got kicked out thing, just feels cooler to say I got kicked out, ”

Ling inhaled deeply before clinging onto Xiao, ”Being called all those names by your own mother isn real fun, but its okay… Ive got you, ”

Xiao embraced Ling. She didn know what to do with her hands. She let them rest at her sides for a few moments before embracing Ling as well, ”Its okay… ”

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