xcuse to get out of it, wasn it! I guess he did seem to clash with your personality… ”

”No, ” Xiao said, ”Thats not it, I am dating someone, ”

”Eh? Who are you- ”

”Xiaoxiao! ” Ling exclaimed before pulling Xiao into a hug, ”I lost you and when I went back to where you were you weren there! Are you okay? We can go if you
e ready! ”

”Im okay, ” Xiao said, ”Come with me really quick… ” She said, pulling Ling away. The two disappeared around a corner, and, after looking around for anyone around them, Xiao kissed Ling.

”Yeah… Im ready to go… ” Xiao said.

Just as the two were about to leave, however, they spotted Bai Shan watching them. As they made eye contact with her, she ran off.

”Ehh? Bai Shan?! Wait up! ” Ling exclaimed, chasing after her. Xiao also gave chase, but soon lost Ling and Bai.

”Damn, whered they run off to! ” Xiao muttered under her breath. She began to run around looking for the two before she heard two voices from the back patio.

”Why didn you tell me? ” Bai Shan cried, ”We
e friends, all this time, it just feels like you were lying to me! ”

”I- ”

”Im your best friend, ” Bai continued, ”I don care who you
e with… I just want to know, its important and you shouldn hide that stuff from me… I don care which way you swing, or who you
e in love with, I just want to know the important things about you, otherwise, are we even friends? ”

Ling heaved a sigh, ”You
e right… I shouldn have hid it from you… And I shouldn have assumed how youd react… ”

Bai Shan let out a sigh, ”I don know how other people might view you and Xiao… But Im your friend, no matter what happens, Ill be your biggest supporter. You aren twisted or weird for it. I can force you to think a certain way… But at some point, you have to stop caring what other people will think… ”

”Mm… ” Ling murmured, ”Ill… Ill try… And Ill speak to Xiaoxiao about it… ” She said, ”But no promises… ”

Bai Shan sort of chuckled, ”Heh, I guess thats the best I can hope for, huh? But… Do keep what I said in mind, I don care… And I support you both, so don hide things from me, ”

There was a shuffling as they both started to come back into the house, so Xiao quickly whipped around a corner and fled.

”Sorry that got a bit out of hand at the end, Xiaoxiao, ” Ling said, ”But I explained things, everythings okay now! ”

The two walked in silence for a while before Xiao stopped and began muttering something under her breath.

”Hmmm? Something the matter? ” Ling asked.

”Can… Or… Are you able to come to my place tonight? ” Xiao asked, ”Like- as in spend the night… ”

”Eh? Y-Yeah, lemme just let my mom know real quick, I can totally spend the night with you! ” Ling replied.

Ling pulled out her phone and called her mother, after a few rings, she picked up, ”Hey mom! Im going to spend the night at Xiao Lins! ” She said, ”Mm… Mm… Yeah, Ill be home tomorrow morning! ”

Ling patted Xiaos head, ”Looks like Im good to go for tonight, ” She said, ”You feeling okay? Everything okay? ”

”Mm… Yeah, everythings okay… ” Xiao said, ”Im just feeling a bit… I don even know, scared, I guess, ”

Ling giggled, ”Well, if you
e ever feeling scared, just say the word and Ling Yue will come swooping in to help! ”

Xiao grabbed onto Lings hand, ”Thank you so much, ” She said before plucking a kiss on Lings cheek, ”Shall we be off then? ”

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