”Xixi~ ” Ling exclaimed, ”Look over there! Its a bunny mascot! ” She pointed over to a pink bunny mascot, ”Lets go get a picture! ”

Ling practically dragged Xiao over to the bunny mascot, ”Cmon, Xixi, san, er, yi, qie zi! ” She exclaimed.

Xiao heaved a sigh before cracking a smirk, ”Qie zi, ” She said as their pictures were taken. The two of them thanked the mascot before wandering off again.

”Oh, I love amusement parks! ” Ling exclaimed, ”What rides do you wanna ride first? What about the drop tower? Or the roller coasters? ”

Xiao made a face, ”Drop towers and roller coasters… Aren my thing- What about those? ” She asked, pointing at the teacups ride.

”Pffft, ” Ling snickered, ”Alright, alright, Xixi, lets go on the teacups! But Im not gonna let you get off easy! ”

After the ride ended, Xiao stumbled over towards the exit, Ling had spun it so hard that Xiao became dizzy and felt like she was going to be sick for a while.

”Teacups… Bad idea, ” Xiao groaned, holding her stomach and doing her best not to vomit all over the place, ”Ugh… That was terrible… ”

”Aww, Xixi, don say all that! That one was pretty fun! ” Ling snickered, ”Oh! Youll probably like that water ride! It isn really a roller coaster, its fun! ”

”Lets get some food first… ” Xiao gasped.

”Nah, youll just puke it up! Then wed have a reaaal big mess on our hands… And our faces… And our clothes… ”

”Ugh… ” Xiao groaned, she leaned against Ling so that she didn fall over and pass away where she stood.

Ling snickered before taking Xiaos hand and guiding her around, for now, she decided to take it a bit easier.

After a little while of wandering around, something caught Lings attention, a water ride! It was a bit of a hot day, so it seemed like a good idea.

”Hey, Xixi, you wanna go on that? ” Ling asked, pointing to the water ride, ”Its hot and I thought you might wanna cool off! ”

Xiao stared into Lings eyes for a moment before nodding, ”Okay, lets go on it- Let me just put my phone somewhere safe, ”

”Theyve got lockers up there you can put all your stuff in! ” Ling said, ”Don worry Xixi, I won let your phone get damaged! ”

Xiao smirked before letting Ling continue to drag her off to the water ride. The two locked up their valuables in a locker and then went to wait in line. The line was surprisingly short compared to other rides.

”Xixi, looks like we lucked out! The line is so short now! ” Ling commented, ”Its such a hot day, this will cool us both down! ”

”Oh, so we did! ” Xiao replied, ”We
e already at the front, ”

Ling giggled, ”Yep! I can already see the front of the line from here! I wonder why theres so few people in line! ”

Ling grabbed Xiaos hand and led her forward towards the ride. Xiao stared at Lings hand for a moment before allowing Ling to pull her along.

Were Yues hands always this soft? Xiao thought to herself.

Xiao and Ling made small talk while they waited, and soon enough, they were sitting on the ride itself, Lings cheering could probably be heard all the way back in their hometown.

Xiao stared at Ling for a few moments, inspecting her face, her hair, her eyelashes. It all seemed so interesting to her for some reason, she couldn stop herself from staring.

How did I not notice how beautiful Yue was until now? She could probably get any guy to fall for her. Xiao thought to herself once more.

A few moments passed after each of the passengers were secured properly to the seats, and the employees made their rounds to ensure everyone had been secured before the ride was launched.

The ride was quite peaceful, actually. It led through a cave for the first half of the ride. Ling kicked Xiaos foot lightly.

”Hey, Xixi, its so dark, isn it? ” Ling snickered, ”I can hardly see my own hand! I can even see you, actually! ”

Xiao giggled, ”Mm, I can see anything either- ” She was cut off by a burst of flames off to the side, the flames began to light along the path of the ride, lighting up the dark room.

”That was some timing, Xixi, you should become a fortune teller, ” Ling joked, ”Tell me, will I ever get married? ” Ling joked again.

Xiao blinked a few times, opened her mouth to speak, but as she spoke, the sound of screams filled the air as the ride began its drop down into the water, splashing everyone. It was nice and refreshing, but Xiao was caught a bit off guard, she had honestly forgotten they were even on a ride.

”Ahhh, wasn that great, Xixi? ” Ling asked, ”I feel so refreshed now! So much cooler, too! ” She exclaimed.

”Careful, your shirts see-through now, ” Xiao commented.

”What, you wanna take a look, Xixi? ” Ling snickered, turning to face Xiao, ”Biantai! ” She joked.

Xiaos face went red and she went silent for a while before looking off to the side, ”Whatever… ” She murmured under her breath.

Ling stared at Xiao for a while, ”Hmm… Not bad… Xixi, have you been working out recently? ”

Xiao perked up and covered herself, ”What are you staring at? Biantai! ”

Ling giggled, ”Im just messing with you, Xixi, lets get in that thing, its meant to dry us off, looks high-tech too, ”

The two walked into the air dryer and activated it. After a few moments, it had dried them off, with the unintended consequence of messing up their hair as well.

Ling looked to Xiao and started laughing, pointing at her hair, ”You look so funny Xixi! Like you just woke up! ”

Xiao also began laughing, pointing at Ling and also poking fun at her.

Eventually, the two finally exited and continued to wander around the amusement park. They walked around for a while before Xiao pointed out the ferris wheel.

”Never been on one of those before, ” Xiao said, then pointing to the ferris wheel.

”Wanna try it? ” Ling asked, ”We got some more time left, we can go on the ferris wheel! ”

Ling again took Xiaos hand and led her along, almost at a sprint. Xiao struggled to keep up, but before she knew it, they were standing in front of the ferris wheel.

Looking around, Xiao blinked a few times, realizing that most of these people were couples.

”Hey, Yue… All those people are couples, right? ” Xiao asked.

”I mean, probably, ferris wheels are supposed to be pretty romantic, after all, ” Ling replied, ”Why, you feeling lonely? ”

”Wh- Not in the slightest! ” Xiao exclaimed.

Ling giggled, ”Look, I counted the carts, well get one after the next couple come back, ” She said, ”You ready? These get pretty high, so I hope you aren scared of heights, ”

”Im not scared of heights… ” Xiao murmured.

After a little bit of waiting, the two were finally able to get into a cart. They sat on either side of the ferris wheel and waited for it to start.

Xiao looked out of the cart as the ferris wheel began to move, ”How high up does it really get though? ”

”Oh, you can see the entire park from all the way up there, ” Ling said, ”Its pretty amazing, honestly, ”

”Mm, actually, can I talk about something a bit more serious? ” Xiao asked.

”I mean, sure, ” Ling chuckled, ”Theres no set topics for this conversation, you know, bring up whatever you want, ”

”Mm, I really just wanted to talk about relationships, I don know why, but its been on my mind all day, ” Xiao said.

”Oh? What, are you falling for my irresistible charms? ” Ling joked, ”I know weve known each other since primary school, but I didn think itd take this long, ”

”Yeah… Something like that, I guess… ” Xiao replied.

This time, it was Lings turn to turn beet red, ”Wait- What? ” She exclaimed, ”You really- I was joking! ”

By this point, both of them were red in the face, both just as embarrassed as the other, ”Yeah… I realize that… ” Xiao murmured, ”But- I just- I dunno… Felt like that was right to say? But, I realize I probably shouldn have, I mean you don – like me, not like that, ”

Ling started to laugh, ”Oh man, thats amazing… You know, I didn actually say I didn like you, ” Ling replied, ”Honestly, a bit offended youd even think that way! ” Ling teased.

”Wait- ”

Xiao looked to Ling, who leaned over to her and planted a kiss on Xiaos lips. It was too short, and Ling soon retreated back to her seat, ”Yeah- thats how that is, ” Ling said.

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