Ling Yue burst into Xiao Lins classroom, ”Xixi, its lunchtime now! ” Ling exclaimed, ”Lets sit together! ”

Xiao heaved a sigh, ”Yue, please stop making such a scene when entering the classroom… ” She said, ”I realize you are excited to go to university soon, but please calm down, ”

”Nah, not a chance! I gotta keep up my energy so that I can uh… Keep up my energy and do things! ” Ling explained.

”Oh? And what exactly are you using all that energy for? Oh, I bet I know, ” Xiao said, ”You
e saving up energy for the track tournament this weekend, aren you? ”

”Of course, Xixi! Youve gotta join us! ” Ling said as she began to dig into her food, ”Itll ve shup
en- ”

”Im going to stop you there, don talk with your mouth full, I can understand you at all, ” Xiao responded.

Ling gulped down her food and sighed in relief, ”Anyway, do you wanna hang out today after school? Itll be fun! I found a really nice ice cream shop! ”

”We have afterschool classes, Yue, ” Xiao replied, ”Your schooling is important, you know, you can rely on the track team, ”

Ling heaved a heavy sigh, ”Yeah… I thought youd say that, lets just skip this one! Please please please! ”

Xiao stared long and hard at Ling, probably to glare into her soul, ”You won let this go, will you? ”

”Nope, nope, nope! Not at all! ” Ling exclaimed.

”Hey, Xixi, you hear about Xue and Li? I hear those two are dating! Isn it so weird, like, two girls? ” Ling asked.

”Xue? Xue Meili? ”

”Yep, her and Li Ming… I mean, they
e both pretty cool, but do you think its weird if the rumors are true? ”

Xiao looked to Ling and stared for a moment, ”Mm, not really… Not my business to pry into things like that, if they want to, they can, I just don want it to interrupt their studies, ”

”Dawww, you love seeing people happy, don cha, Xixi? ” Ling teased, ”I bet thats why you agreed to skip todays tutoring! ”

”Thats- No! I mean… I just didn feel like I could study at my best today! Thats all! ” Xiao exclaimed.

Ling rested her arm on Xiaos shoulder, stared at her, and just smiled for a moment. The two of them erupted into laughter for absolutely no reason.

”Thats the first time youve laughed in a long time, Xixi, ” Ling remarked, ”Youve been suuuuper cold lately, you feeling alright? ”

”Mhm… Its just that, you know, university is so close, right around the corner, and we have the Gaokao coming up in a couple months, so its really crunch time, you know? ”

”Well, what I always do is just go with the flow, you know? Whatever happens, happens! ” Ling snickered, ”And you better not forget that we
e going to the same university! ”

Xiao smiled and opened her mouth to speak, but she was cut off by an excited squeal from Ling as they approached the ice cream shop.

”This-is-it! ” Ling squeaked, ”Lets-go-in! ”

The two entered the shop. Looking around, there were so many people! All of the seats were already taken and there was a solid line forming.

”Ah man… Theres so many people here, are you okay waiting? ” Ling asked, ”I didn expect so many people would be here so quickly, ”

”If its alright with you, Ill go find us a place to sit, I do need to catch up on some reading, after all, ” Xiao responded.

”Oh! Yeah yeah, thats fine! Don worry, I remember your favorite flavor! You can count on me! ” Ling exclaimed.

Xiao drifted off from the line, scanning around the shop to find any free tables at all. Eventually, she did find one! There was some trash

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