Chapter 8

    Returning to the Wei Mansion with Chang Yue and evening moon, as soon as she entered the door, Chu Yu saw Chun’er standing at the door, and Chun’er anxiously came forward and said, “Young Madam…”

    Chu Yu stopped in her tracks, looked at her appearance, and said coldly, “Still here?”

    “Young madam,” Chun’er knew that Chu Yu was looking for an excuse to have a fit, but could not say anything yet, just said, “You asked the servant girl to inform the second madam after you walked too fast, and the servant girl was not able to follow you …… “

    “Inform the Second Mistress?”

    Chu Yu hooked up the corner of her mouth: “When did I ask you to inform the Second Mistress?”

    Chun’er stiffened, and Chu Yu calmly said; “I have already reported the trip to the madam, so why should I ask you to report to the second madam?”

    Chu Yu demeanor with a little arrogance, the people next to her who heard these words glanced at each other, and immediately understood the unfulfilled meaning of Chu Yu’s words.

    Although Liang was known as the second wife, after all, she was only a concubine, and it was only Liu Xueyang who lifted her up to have a position.
Chu Yu is the first eldest daughter of the Chu family, the Wei family’s son consort, and only Liu Xueyang was qualified to discipline her. 

    Chun’er’s face froze, knowing that this was the immortal fighting the little ghost.
Chu Yu did not embarrass her, and said lightly: “Since you are not willing to serve in my room, go to the Second Lady and let her arrange a place for you.”

    “Young lady ……”

    “Oh, by the way, tell the second madam that there are two more people in my room, I will talk to my mother-in-law, but tell her not to forget that the monthly silver of my room has increased by four silver.”

    It’s true that she brought Chang Yue and the Evening moon from the Chu family, but the monthly silver should not be hers alone.

    After leaving these words, Chu Yu took Chang Yue and Evening Moon back to her room, and after settling down Chang Yue and Evening Moon, she listened to Wei Xia report the daily routine of the day, and then watched Wei Qiu bring a letter over.

    “This is a letter coming from the front line.”

    Wei Qiu respectfully presented it, Chu Yu nodded and spread the letter.

    She thought it was a reply from Wei Yun, however, after spreading the letter, she found that it was crooked and dog-eared, with a whole page full of writing.
It began with.

    I’m a little bit of a surprise to my sister-in-law.
My Big brother is too busy, so he asked me to write back to my sister-in-law on his behalf.


    Reading this beginning, Chu Yu could not help but twitch the corners of her mouth.

    She clearly remembered that the Marquis of Zhenbei wrote a good handwriting, and she had read it in Gu Chusheng’s study.
The font was really rare and beautiful.
The order was rigorous, the horizontal and vertical skimming was thin and powerful, just like the thin and sharp young general.

    How come now this word …….

    Chu Yu sighed, reacting to what had gone through between the changes before and after .
A large amount of heartache appeared in her heart.

    If Wei Yun was born to be that god of killing, she felt that it seemed to be nothing.
But now that she knows that before the Wei family change, Wei Yun was actually such an ordinary and cheerful teenager, this comparison before and after made Chu Yu feel stuffy in her heart..

    However, she quickly adjusted.

    –Fortunately, she is here.

    She meticulously read all the descriptions of Wei Yun.

Wei Yun was nagging, how Wei Jun got up, how he ate, who he spoke to, what he went to do, how the weather was, how he was feeling ……

    He did everything in detail and reported to Chu Yu one after another.

    From this fragmentary information, Chu Yu vaguely saw that Wei Zhong’s fighting style was indeed very conservative, always defending the city and not coming out, intending to consume the other side.

    “The things that my sister-in-law confessed, big brother has always paid attention to.
Any adventurous moves have been rejected, sister-in-law can be rest assured.”

    After writing for a long time, Wei Yun finally wrote a critical and serious sentence.

    Chu Yu breathed a sigh of relief, and next to her Wei Qiu saw her finish reading the letter and smiled, “Does young lady want to write back?”


    Chu Yu lifted her pen and wrote one sentence: practice your writing well, continue to observe, and come back with a reward.

    After doing all this, Chu Yu finally felt tired and bathed and slept.

    Before going to bed, she was nervous , so she took the letter out of the bedside cabinet and put it under her pillow.

    I don’t know how, but the minute the letter was placed under the pillow, she suddenly felt at ease, as if Wei Jun had returned, Wei Yun is still a teenager, Wei family is fine, and her life is also good.

    Chu Yu slept very well and when she woke up the next day, she opened her eyes and asked Evening Moon, who had come to serve her, “Did the Second Lady send someone to look for me?”

    Evening Moon was a little surprised, not knowing why she asked, but still said honestly: “Not yet.”

    Chu Yu nodded and praised, “It’s quiet and calm.”

    Evening Moon didn’t quite understand, but she was never a servant who asked about her master’s affairs, so she just followed Chu Yu’s instructions, served Chu Yu to freshen up, and then followed her to greet Liu Xueyang.

    Every morning, Chu Yu went to greet Liu Xueyang on time, and she had never been late.

    Liu Xueyang got up early in the morning, when Chu Yu went, she was already having breakfast.
She greeted Chu Yu and said with a smile, “You don’t have to come every day to greet me, I don’t have so many rules here, how tiring it is to come everyday.”

    “Your daughter-in-law is used to getting up early like this, now that the son is not here, I have nothing to do, so it is always good to come and keep you company.”

    Chu Yu smiled as she watched the servants serve the dishes and chatted with Liu Xueyang about idle matters.

    She and Liu Xueyang did not have the same focus, and after chatting for a while, they noticed an awkwardness of a chicken and a duck.
Liu Xueyang is a little reluctant to talk with her, but she din’t dare to 

Say anything, just waiting for Chu Yu to finish.

    Chu Yu took a look at Liu Xueyang and knew what she meant.
She felt in her heart that this mother-in-law was indeed too temperamental, and it was no wonder that the first wife was still alive, but let the concubine take charge of the house.

    After thinking for a while, she finally said, “I came here today to talk about internal affairs with my mother-in-law.
Now that the daughter-in-law is married in and is the Shizi Consort, she should share the common household affairs for her mother-in-law.

    Hearing this, Liu Xueyang’s face showed a smile: “You don’t have to worry about that,” she said with great reassurance: “The second lady has always been in charge of the house’s feed, Am not tired of her.”

    Chu Yu: “……”… 

    This mother-in-law’s heart is really too big to be bound. 

    But she had guessed it long ago, so she showed a surprised look, and then pursed her lips.

    This change of expression made Liu Xueyang apprehensive and said with some hesitation, “Does Ah Yu think it’s not right?”

    “It’s nothing.” Chu Yu said with difficulty, it seemed extremely difficult.
She pondered for a while, looked up and said to Liu Xueyang: “It’s just that your daughter-in-law will go out in future and I don’t know how to talk to other ladies.”

    All the family’s son consort will follow the mother to learn to preside over the feed, and when the son succeeds the throne, the power of the family will be handed over to the son’s consort.
Only the very unpopular son consort will not care about anything.

    Hearing Chu Yu’s words, Liu Xueyang finally reacted, she nodded and said: “Yes, I always do not deal with them, but also forgot about this rule.
How about this,” Liu Xueyang said to Chu Yu: “You and the second lady jointly manage the house, you first see how she does it and learn something.”

    What Chu Yu wanted was this “Look”.

    She nodded and then said, “If I feel that some people are not suitable, can I change them?”

    “For such a small matter, you can discuss it with the Second Lady.”

    Liu Xueyang frowned, “It’s just a change of some people, it’s nothing, right?”

    “Thank you, mother-in-law.” Chu Yu smiled, “I knew mother-in-law loved me.”

    Hearing this, Liu Xueyang also couldn’t help but smile, waved her hand and said, “Go ahead and do whatever you want, I’m going to copy the sutra.”

    Chu Yu bade farewell to Liu Xueyang, and then brought someone to Liang’s room.

    Liang Shi is now nearly forty years old, and her body has been blessed, making her look very close.
When Chu Yu arrived, she stepped forward to greet her, if it wasn’t for Chu Yu only giving her face yesterday, judging from her actions, she couldn’t see any gap between the two at all.

    Chu Yu finally explained her intentions.

    Liang’s face stiffened when she heard Chu Yu’s words, and then said, “Yes, the young lady will be in charge of the family after all, it’s good to learn now.”

    Speaking, Liang said, “It is better that next month is the birthday of the lady, and this matter will be entrusted to the young lady to host, and the concubine will also assist from the side.

    “I don’t think it’s right.”

    Chu Yu spoke directly and looked at Liang with a smile, “A Yu is young and still needs to learn more, it is not appropriate to host such a big event right away.
A Yu will study with the Second Mistress and learn what the Second Mistress does.”

    Liang heard these words, the smile on her face has been completely taut, however Chu Yu’s smile does not diminish, Liang knew she is not going to back down, after a long time, she took a deep breath and said, “Good, then also please young lady take a snack, and study hard.”

    “Second Madam, don’t worry,” Chu Yu bowed respectfully, “Ah Yu will study hard.”

    After lunch, Chu Yu came to the second madam’s room and waited for her to “teach” her.

    Wherever Liang Went, Chu Yu went.
Liang Shi was upset, Chu Yu saw that she was bored, so

She did not speak but just followed her all day, until it was dark and Liang Shi was finally tired, she drove Chu Yu out.

    Chu Yu took Chang Yue and Evening Moon out of Liang’s door, and then they climbed over the wall and left the Wei mansion.

    “Where is Miss going?”

    Chang Yue and Evening Moon were a little puzzled.

    Chu Yu took out a bunch of keys from her pocket, “Go and get the keys.”

    Evening Moon froze, and Chang Yue instantly reflected: “Is that what you asked me to put in the Second Lady’s room?!”

    Chu Yu looked at Chang Yue with a “teachable” look and nodded her head.

    “Let’s hurry up and put it back for her before dawn.”


    Chang Yue cheered up and praised Chu Yu desperately, “Miss, you are really good, I was wondering how to get Liang to allow us to check the accounts!”

    “You know I want to check the accounts?”

    Chu Yu felt that Chang Yue had improved, she was always better with her hands than with her head.
Chang Yue was embarrassed and said, “It was Evening Moon who told me.”

    Evening Moon guessed what she was thinking, and Chu Yu did not find it strange.
She nodded at Evening Moon, but said, “Do you know why I didn’t solicit the birthday  anniversary feast?”

    “The master is the master, Liang is the concubine, the master wants to take back the feed sooner or later, Liang can not stop.
So Liang wanted to find something to make the master do a bad job, so that the Wei family know that only she, Liang, can do a good job in presiding over the feed.”

    “Hmm.” Chu Yu nodded, sighed and said, “Evening Moon, after you marry out, I’m not worried anymore.”

    Hearing this, Evening Moon blushed and said, “Master is speaking too early.”

    “It’s not too early,” Chu Yu blinked: “You are also sixteen, right?”

    Evening Moon was so ashamed by Chu Yu that she couldn’t say anything, and Chang Yue was laughing at her, so Evening Moon couldn’t help but move her hand towards Chang Yue.
The three of them fought and found a locksmith near the weapon street, and after watching each other to match all the locks, they played around on the street for a while before sneaking back to their room.

    The three of them thought they were discreet, but as soon as they climbed over the wall, they saw Wei Qiu in the courtyard, looking at the three girls who climbed in, with some helplessness on their faces.

    Chu Yu greeted with some embarrassment, “That, good evening.”

    Wei Qiu sighed and wanted to say something, but in the end held back from saying.

    Chu Yu thought this was the end of the matter, but the next night, she received a pigeon letter from Wei Yun.

    The dog-crawling words seemed even more scribbled, clearly highlighting the man’s concern.

    “Sister-in-law, don’t just go out and play on the walls, there are mechanisms on the walls of the Wei family, there are places you can’t go over!”

    Chu Yu looked at the thousand-mile flying letter and raised her head to look at Wei Qiu who was looking down at her toes next to her.

    After holding it in for half a day, she couldn’t help but say, “Are carrier pigeons expensive?”

    Wei Qiu lowered his head and whispered, “It’s quite expensive.”

    “Okay,” Chu Yu sank her face, “Then let’s eat the roasted pigeon.”

    Wei Qiu: “……”

    He knew that it wasn’t the pigeon that Chu Yu wanted to roast, it was him.


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