chang that she wanted to marry into the Wei House.

    Chu Yu wanted to laugh, this sister of hers, has always put her own interests first.
However, she held back the smile that had reached her lips, raised her face and said with a frown, “In that case, you must not say it again to me.”

    “Sister?” Chu Jin was a little surprised, a trace of panic flashed in her eyes.
Chu Yu said flatly: “I thought about it, my marriage to the Zhenguo Marquis is a marriage given by the Holy Emperor, if I run away from the marriage, even if the Wei family doesn’t talk about it for the sake of the Chu family, the Holy Father does not say it, but this is deception and perversion of the law, and the Wei family will have resentment in their hearts.”

    Later the fall of the Chu family was not related to this.

    Although the Wei family died on the battlefield, they left a god of killing, Wei Yun.

    The boy was fourteen years old when he crossed the battlefield, at the age of sixteen he went and destroyed the Northern Di to avenge his father and brother.

    Later, the court was almost the world of Wen Gu and Wei Yun.
a man with a vengeance and a clear grudge.
The people who were good to him back in the day, he returned the favor, and those who were bad to him, he would not let go of a cent.

    The Chu family’s peach tree let Chu Jin marry Wei  Yun,Chu Jin fell into the well and left the Wei family, When she left, he also had a dirty affair with old Lady Wei, and he was so angry that the old man was seriously ill, and these things Wei Yun remembered one by one, and after stepping on the clouds, they all took revenge on Chu Jianchang.

    If not for Gu Chusheng’s care for the Chu family, Chu Jianchang would not have been able to retire in peace and quiet.

    Thinking of Wei Yun’s tactics, Chu Jin couldn’t help but be a little frightened.
She pressed her right hand with her left hand and raised her eyes to Chu Jin, her eyes full of worry and said, “Sister, we can’t put the family at risk for our own happiness.”

    Chu Jin was stalked by Chu Yu’s words, and after holding back for half a day, she smiled strongly and said, “Sister is right.
Jin just thinks that this is a matter of losing her sister’s life, exchanging her sister’s happiness for the family, Ah Jin feels sad.
If I can suffer in my sister’s place, I feel that it would be better.”

    Going to the Wei family to suffer?

    Who does not know that the current Wei family is gaining favor with the saints, as the sky, the Wei family has been loyal to the martyrs for generations since the founding of the country, it is the high family of the three princes and four waiters, family education is elegant and correct, the family’s children are all born with a beautiful tree, the Wei son even if not the best one, will definitely not let Chu Jin suffer.

    This marriage is Chu family’s high climb.

    The Wei family’s subsequent sacrifice, hearing Chu Jin’s words, Chu Yu felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.
She said: “The Wei family is full of loyalty and martyrdom.
Throwing their heads and blood for the country, it is a blessing to marry Wei’s son, but I was blinded before, now that I have awakened, you will not say such words again.
If I hear it again, don’t blame me for turning my back on you!”

    Chu Jin was dumbfounded by Chu Yu’s words, looking at the upright look of the person in front of her, Chu Jin simply wanted to remind her that last night she was still plotting with her about how to elope.

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    However, she knows that this sister’s force value is strong, simple-minded, determined and will not turn back, if she makes more arguments it will start a fight is afraid that she will suffer.

    So Chu Jin smiled hard and said: “It’s good that my sister can think about it.
I see that my sister is also tired, the medicine is placed here, Ah Jin first farewell.”

    Chu Yu nodded, closed her eyes and did not speak again.

    Chu Jin respectfully retreated and walked out into the courtyard, and then coldly looked down.

    She clenched her palms.

    Now Chu Yu refuses to elope, does she really want to marry Gu Chusheng?

    No, she must not marry Gu Chusheng.

    If she can’t be the son’s concubine, she can’t follow Gu Chusheng to the border either.
The most beautiful years of her life will be buried in the cold wind of the northern border.

    Chu Jin’s heart is secretly calculating.

    And at this time, Gu Chusheng was in the carriage at the city gate, quietly reading the latest residence report.

    He had caught a wind chill and was reading while coughing softly.

    The death of his father, the implication of being deprived, the pride of the sky suddenly fell into the dust, everyone thought he would be overwhelmed, but did not expect the young man to show extraordinary calm.

    He seems to be quietly waiting for someone, not in a hurry.

    The officer next to him said with some impatience, “Gu Chusheng, it’s time to go.”

    Gu Chusheng raised his eyes to the city gate and gave the boy a look.

    The boy hurriedly went forward and gave the officer another silver and said with a smile, “The adult will wait a little longer, it will be ready soon.”

    “Wait until sunset at the latest,” the officer frowned, “we can’t delay any longer.”

    Hearing these words, Gu Chusheng frowned.

    Sunset ……

    He recalled the time when Chu Yu caught up in his last life, he …… should have been able to wait.

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    Thinking about the name, he closed his eyes with some pain.

    Outsiders think that facing everything in the family, he is not afraid, but in fact, he is.

    When he faced it all as a teenager, he was indeed terrified and self-destructive.
It was the girl who came on horseback, picked up the curtain of his carriage with her sword in the night rain, and said aloud: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll see you off.” That gave him all the courage he needed.

    When he was young and did not know his own hazy heart, he thought he hated her sweaty stench, did not like her not knowing how to restrain herself, hated her chatting and laughing with the barracks sergeants.

    She chased, he avoided.
He always thought that in his heart, there should be a pure and flawless girl like Chu Jin.

    Until she died in front of him.

    The moment he thought of that moment, Gu Chusheng felt his heart was suddenly squeezed tight, he closed his eyes, with slow breathing to calm the pain.

    Chu Yu’s death was the beginning of his love for her.

    After death, he realized how hard it is to live a life where no one can drive a horse through the rain to see you off.
Only then did he realize that his disgust back then was actually jealousy, trepidation over unknown feelings, and a teenager’s fight back against shyness.

    The longer and longer she died, the more persistent and deep his feelings for her became. 

    It was not until he died under the sword of Wei Yu that he felt relieved at that moment.

    When he woke up, he was back to his seventeenth year, and he was ecstatic.

    How wonderful.

    He opened his eyes and arched his eyebrows.

    He could see again living with Chu Yu.

    This time ……

    He will definitely accompany her well.

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