d escape with the money? If Liang takes away the silver in the house, what can we do to fight and keep the rest?”

  &… –>>

     Chu Yu saw Liu Xueyang wavering, and continued: “Mother-in-law, money is just the icing on the cake in ordinary days, but at such a time of existential crisis, that is fate!” Your life, Xiao Qi’s life, my life, do you want to put it in Liang’s hands?”

    Hearing these words, Liu Xueyang suddenly sobered up.
Her eyes slowly calmed down, she twisted her head and looked at Chu Yu: “Then what do you say, what is to be done?”

    “If mother-in-law trusts me, how about listening to my hand in arranging the subsequent matters?”

    Liu Xueyang did not speak, she stared at Chu Yu, after a long time, she said: “Since you already know the news of the front line, you should understand that no matter how many of those 70,000 troops are still left behind, the Wei House will be condemned, why not leave at this time?”

    Chu Yu did not understand the meaning of Liu Xueyang’s question, she was a bit confused, “What does mother-in-law mean by this?”

    “If you want, at this moment I can give you a letter of resignation for my son, you hurry back to the general’s residence, if my son …… really met with misfortune, you can take this letter of resignation to remarry.”

    Liu Xueyang said, twisting her head with difficulty: “A Yu, you have other ways out.”

    Chu Yu heard these words and understood Liu Xueyang’s meaning.
She lowered her head and gently smiled.

    “I promised Jun ……” her voice was gentle, this was the first time she called Jun Wei’s name like this.
She had never actually spent a moment alone with Wei Jun, yet she didn’t know how, from the moment she married into the Wei family, she felt in her heart that she wanted to be in the Wei House for the rest of her life, to share the honor and disgrace with this family.

    This is the wind bone of Great Chu, and the backbone of Great Chu.

    In the first hundred years, the Wei family opened up the frontier with the blood of their family and created the Great Chu.

    In the last ten years, when she died, it was Wei Yun alone, with the spirit of the Wei family, guarding the northern frontier alone, defending against foreign enemies and defending my country.

    In her last life, she was so caught up in love that she didn’t do anything for the country.

    In this life she lives another life, she hopes she can live as she wanted to as a teenager.

    She admired the Wei family and wanted to be one.

    So she lowered her head and said gently but firmly, “I want to wait for him to come back.”

    Live and wait for him to come, die and wait for him to come.

    Tears instantly rushed out of Liu Xueyang’s eyes, she suddenly got up, hurriedly entered the inner pavilion and found a jade token.

    “This is a token left to me by the master, saying that it is for use in times of danger, and anyone in the Wei House who sees it must listen to this order and act.
I know I’m not a person who can manage things, so I’ll give you this token.”

    Liu Xueyang cried and shoved the token into Chu Yu’s hand, “Whatever you say, I’ll listen to you.”

    Chu Yu took the token into her hand, she originally wanted Liu Xueyang to listen to her and go to take down Liang together, but now Liu Xueyang trusted her so much, which was something she did not expect.

    She said somewhat hoarsely, “Mother …… you ……”

    “I know you are a good child,” Liu Xueyang held her hand, her eyes full of expectation: “I know, you will be able to wait until A Jun returns.”

    She stared at Chu Yu, and smiled strongly “There Should always be a few to come back, right?”

    Chu Yu looked at the woman in front of her who was bracing herself, the cruel words were pressed between her lips and teeth, finally, she only said, “Mother, no matter what, Ah Yu will not leave.”

    Liu Xueyang lowered her head and nodded desperately, “I know, I’m not afraid.”

    “Mother-in-law,” Chu Yu pursed her lips, “I will now go and take Liang down on the charge of embezzlement, wait for a while, you will go and take the five young males out of Huajing and rush to Lanling to find the old lady.”

    Hearing these words, Liu Xueyang’s eyes widened, “You want me to go?”

    “The five young males cannot stay in Huajing.”

    Chu Yu spoke decisively.

    She didn’t know how bad the situation could get, and could only let Liu Xueyang leave early with the important people.

    Liu Xueyang still wanted to say something, Chu Yu then said: “You are Ah Jun’s mother, and the face of the Wei House, now anyone can be humiliated, but you can’t.
If You are here and when Xiao Qi returns tomorrow, you are a puppet and a handle.
And the five young masters are in Huajing, which means that the Wei family puts the whole family in the hands of the Emperor.”

    “Mother , you take them away, and if there is any misfortune …… you take them and escape out of Great Chu.”

    “What about you?”

    Liu Xueyang snapped back, “What are you staying here for?”

    “I am here, waiting for the Wei family’s sons and daughters to return.” Chu Yu made a firm voice: “If they return safely, I’ll receive the dust.
If they return wrapped in corpses, I will organize a white ceremony.
If they are unjustly imprisoned, I will run to save them; if the corpses are hung at the noon gate, I will collect them for burial.”

    Chu Yu’s voice is calm, and she had finished all the good and bad endings.

    She looked at Liu Xueyang, and in the shocked expression of the other party, she calmly said: “As a Wei family woman, life and death guard the family.”

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