Chapter 10

    Chu Shan saw Gu Chusheng’s resolute attitude, and did not persuade more, he only said, “I will convey the words of the Lord to the General, but it is only a gift from the General ……”

    “There is no merit, no virtue, it is a shame to receive it.”

    Gu Chusheng looked at the box and said firmly, “I will take care of the matter of Kunyang by myself.”

    In his previous life, Chu Jianchang was annoyed with Chu Yu’s elopement and ignored the two of them for three years, at that time he came alone, and now that he had the memories of his previous life, he was even less afraid to worry.

    Chu Jianchang gave him this money because of the face of Chu Jin, but now he does not intend to marry Chu Jin, naturally he can not take this money, and let Chu Jianchang look down on him.

    Chu Shan also understands Gu Chusheng’s thoughts, after thinking about it, he sighed and said: “Then so be it.
I will go back to the general to take the reply letter, I shouldn’t go late, I am afraid the general has even set the date of your marriage.”

    Gu Chusheng also knew that it was better to let Chu Jianchang know about such a big event as early as possible, so he did not retain Chu Shan, he sent Chu Shan out of Kunyang, looking at the distant stretches of mountains, he folded his hands between his sleeves and asked his subordinates: “Is today the first day?”

    “Your Excellency, it’s the seventh day of the month.”

    “The seventh day of September ……”

    Gu Chusheng murmured out this date, and after a moment of contemplation, slowly said, “There are only two days left ah ……”

    When Chu Shan delivered the letter to Gu Chusheng, Chu Yu was at the Wei Mansion to take stock of the Wei Mansion’s accounts.

    These years Liang relied on the trust of Liu Xueyang and Wei Zhong, enriching herself and indeed taking a lot of good things.
Chu Yu counted the accounts and copied them on paper, as she thinks about how to talk to Liu Xueyang about this matter.

    Such a long period of embezzlement, if Liu Xueyang doesn’t know, Chu Yu thinks it  is unlikely.
Even if Liu Xueyang does not know, Wei Zhong, Wei Jun, someone in the Wei family always knows something.
But no one has said anything for so long, why?

    If the Wei family actually does not care about Liang taking something, she rushed to take out from this account, but it will make Liu Xueyang unhappy.

    She didn’t know the Wei family, and after thinking for a moment, she wrote a letter to Wei Yun, asking about the attitude of the people in the house towards Liang.

    These days she had corresponded with Wei Yun, and she had gotten to know him quite well.
He was a good source of information about the family, and he was very talkative and childish, so it was easy to get information from him.

    However, Chu Yu also knew that this was Wei Yun looking at Wei Jun’s face.

    The fact its that Wei Jun should have instructed Wei Yun about something, so that Wei Yun had no defense against her.

    Although the young man did not write much, he was very punctual and sent one letter every seven days.
Debriefing the day to day like a military report, and then nothing else.

    He wrote beautifully, and as Chu Yu looked at it, she could see some of the taste of Wei Yun from her previous life.

    It was the same font as Wei Yun’s in her previous life, but compared to it , Wei Yun’s words were more severe and fierce, while Wei Jun’s words revealed a gentleman like jade.

    The communication between the front line and Huajing, if the weather is good, one day and one night is enough, and if the weather is not good, two days are enough.
After Chu Yu sent the letter, she slept peacefully, intending to go to Liu Xueyang tomorrow to find out the bottom line,  combined with Wei Yun’s information, and then make plans.

    However, that night, Chu Yu did not know what happened to her, she suddenly had a dream.

    The dream was from her previous life, when she had just chased Gu Chusheng to Kunyang, at that time Gu Chusheng didn’t like her much, but couldn’t drive her away, she found herself a side room in Gu Chusheng’s magistrate’s office to sleep in, with money for Gu Chusheng’s life.

    That day was the Chongyang Festival, she prepared flower cakes and chrysanthemum wine, ready to go with Gu Chusheng for the festival, she had just reached the door of the study, she heard Gu Chusheng’s shocked voice: “70,000 people were wiped out in the White Emperor Valley? How is this possible?”

    Then the picture turned, she was in a valley, surrounded by mountains on all sides, and in the valley was the sound of killing, screaming, and swords fighting.

    There were fires everywhere, and in the smoke, she couldn’t see anyone, but she heard Wei Jun hissing, “Father! Come on !”

    She recognized the voice.

    When the young man handed him the red silk and stammered the words “Miss Chu”, she remembered the voice in her heart.

    So she instantly knew where it was.

    The White Emperor Valley.

    Seventy thousand troops, all wiped out.

    She desperately ran towards him, she pushed through the crowd and tried to save him.
She hissed his name: “Wei Jun! Wei Ju!”

    However, the other side could not hear, she only saw a dozen arrows through his chest, he was still carrying a long spear struggling to turn back.

    Amidst the firelight, his clear face was stained with blood, this time his voice still stuttered, but it was only trembling with pain, calling out her name, Chu …… Chu girl.

    She desperately tried to move forward, by the time she ran to him, the fire had cleared and a white mist began to surround him, and he was buried in a pile of people, full of corpses everywhere.

    There was a teenager carrying a blood-stained Spear, wearing tattered armor, with a hoarse voice, crying and shouting , “Father …… big brother …… where are you?”

    Chu Yu did not dare to move.

    She slowly twisted her head to look… –>>

    And saw Wei Yun.

    He had a red band of cloth tied around his head, and because he was still underage, teenagers going into battle were tied with this band of cloth as an incentive.

    His face was stained with blood and his eyes were pressed with fear and bewilderment.
He rummaged through one body after another and then called out their names.

    “Sango ……”

    “Fifth Brother ……”

    “Sixth Brother ……”

    “Fourth Brother ……”

    “Second Brother ……”

    “Father ……”

At last, he finally found Wei Jun.
When he turned that young general over from the dead, he finally could no longer hold back, and the accumulated tears burst out, and he hugged Jun Wei to death.

“Big brother!”

    He howled, and the whole valley was filled with his cries.

    “My Sister-in-law is still waiting for you ah ah!”

    “You said to go home ah, big brother you wake up, I die for you!”

    “Brother …… father ……”

    Wei Yun bang, crying alarmingly, however, the surrounding area is full of corpses, and no one can answer him.

    The boy who was  like a bird, like a teenager, cried little by little, to despair, to anger, to hatred, to fear.

    Chu Yu watched quietly, watching the mountain of corpses and blood, watching the god of killing come again.

    Wei Yun’s body still had the shadow of when she first saw him.

     Zhenbei Wang, Yan Luo WeiQI, Wei Yun.

    The fourteen-year-old man whose family  died in the battle, the fifteen-year-old man who carried the situation of life and death to the border pass to save the country from water and fire, and then became a lonely man who became the backbone of the country.

    However, she did not admire, respect, or be vigilant, or worried, as she did then.

    She looked at the teenager, and only felt countless heartaches pouring in.

    It shouldn’t be like this.

    Wei Xiaoqi, should not be like this.

    She took a quick step forward and wanted to call out to him, yet it was at this moment that the dream suddenly stopped and she suddenly woke up.

The sunlight fell on her face, she gasped sharply, evening moon came in with the washing water, smiling, and said: “This young lady is up late.”

    Evening Moon and Chang Yue like the Wei family, so they also changed their names and called Chu Yu Young Lady.

    When Chu Yu couldn’t come back to her senses in her dream, Evening Moon came forward and waved her five fingers in front of her eyes and said, “Is young madam having a nightmare?”

    Chu Yu’s gaze slowly withdrew and stopped on Evening Moon, her sanity that had collapsed in the dream finally recovered a bit, she hoarsely said: “Today …… the first few days?”

    “You have really slept.”

    Evening moon smiled lightly, with some helplessness in her eyes: “Today is Chongyang, the ninth day of the ninth month.
Last night you also ordered us to prepare flower cakes and chrysanthemum wine ……”

   Before she could finish talking, Chu Yu put on her shoes, bought her clothes in time to change, and ran towards the backyard where the carrier pigeons were managed.

  Before she could relax, she suddenly got up, couldn’t help but feel dizzy, she walked a little stumbling and bumped into Chang Yue, she also fell to the ground due to inertia.

    Chang Yue “ouch”, was about to curse, then saw Evening Moon hurrying to help Chu Yu, she froze and said: “Young lady, what are you doing?”

    “Where is Wei Qiu?”

    Chu Yu finally responded and raised her voice, her voice was much sharper: “Tell Wei Qiu to come here!”

    Evening Moon sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly asked Wei Qiu to come over.

    When Wei Qiu rushed over, Chu Yu had finished washing up and finally calmed down a bit.
She looked up at Wei Qiu: “Is there any news from the border?”

    Wei Qiu froze, then shook his head, “No news yet.”

    “If there is news,” Chu Yu said solemnly: “notify me as soon as possible , and do everything possible to stop the news first and you can not tell others, can you understand?

    Wei Qiu did not understand why Chu Yu would have such an order, however, thinking of Wei Jun’s secret order, but still nodded.

    That day, Chu Yu was not in the mood to care about anything else.
She didn’t think about tea or food, she waited by the pigeon room.

    Waiting for the night, finally a carrier pigeon flew in, Chu Yu did not wait for it to land, leaped and grabbed the carrier pigeon in her hand.

She quickly took off the note and saw Wei Yun’s scribbled handwriting on it.

    The paper still had blood on it, so it was obviously written in a hurry.

    “On the eighth day of the ninth month, my father and all my brothers were trapped in the White Emperor Valley, I went to reinforce them and needed to prepare for the worst.”

    The eighth day of the ninth month, the White Emperor Valley.

    Chu Yu’s brain buzzed and almost tore the paper to pieces.

    After all, he went?

    Why did he still go?

    He clearly promised her, why did he still go?  

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