Yuncheng had cut out for him with scissors.

       Chen Yuncheng asked him, “Can you speak then? Do you want to copy me and try? My name is Chen Yuncheng.”

       Ning Junyan looked at him.

       Chen Yuncheng repeated, “Chen Yuncheng.”

       Ning Junyan spoke suddenly and said vaguely, “Yanyan…”

       Chen Yuncheng was stunned, he said, “What did you say?” Then he was a little happy, “So you are not mute?”

       There was no expression on Ning Junyan’s face.
He looked forward and said, “My name is Yanyan.”

       “Which Yan1?” Chen Yuncheng asked after him.

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       Ning Junyan shook his head.

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t know why.
For the longest time, he thought that Ning Junyan’s name was Yanyan.
However, Ning Junyan didn’t explain clearly at that time.

       “Yanyan2?” Looking at it from the side, Ning Junyan’s eyelashes were very long and dropped slightly, and under the upturned nose were light-coloured lips.
The ten-year-old boy still has some androgynous childishness, but Chen Yuncheng felt that he was already very good-looking.
Chen Yuncheng tried to remind him more, “Do you still remember your family?”

       Ning Junyan’s eyelashes trembled, but he didn’t answer the question.

       Chen Yuncheng glanced at the pedestrians passing by on the street, leaned close to Ning Junyan’s ear and whispered, “If you can find out how to go home, go back by yourself.”

       Ning Junyan turned his head to look at him.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at him, “I won’t tell our foster parents.”

       After a long delay, Ning Junyan said, “I don’t know, my head hurts.”

       Chen Yuncheng made a soft “ah”, and remembered the injury on Ning Junyan’s head.
He stood up, touched the swollen part of Ning Junyan’s scalp with his fingers, and asked, “Does it hurt here?”

       Ning Junyan visibly retracted his neck but didn’t cry out in pain.

       Chen Yuncheng retracted his hands, wiped the sweat from his hands on his trousers, squatted back, and said, “So you’re not dumb, did you hit your head?”

       There was no way for Ning Junyan to answer this question.

       Chen Yuncheng cupped Ning Junyan’s face in his hands and sighed.
He felt that he couldn’t help Ning Junyan.

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       After a while, Chen Yuncheng heard Ning Junyan’s stomach growl, he turned his head and asked him, “Are you hungry?”

       Ning Junyan did not respond.

       Chen Yuncheng stood up and said to Ning Junyan, “Wait for me here.” He walked towards the intersection in front of him, his small figure squeezed into the crowd waiting to cross the street.

       In front of Chen Yuncheng, a girl with an umbrella put her mobile phone in her jacket pocket.
He could easily take it out as long as he stretched out his hand; in front of him, a middle-aged man seemed to have money in his pocket.
He couldn’t see how much it was, but either way, his whole pocket was bulging.

       At the moment when the red light turned green, the crowd was chaotic as they walked forward.
Instead of stealing the phone, Chen Yuncheng touched the middle-aged man’s pocket.
He changed his direction and took a few steps to retreat to the periphery of the crowd, before then mixing in with the crowd coming from the opposite side and walking back.

       He noticed that someone was looking at him, and the person behind him should have noticed that he had stolen some money, but no one alerted the middle-aged man.

       Chen Yuncheng quickly walked back to Ning Junyan, pulled him up from the ground, and said, “Go.”

       The two of them hid by the wall far away from the intersection.
Chen Yuncheng took out the money and saw a handful of loose change in his hand, it was only about twenty yuan after counting.

       Chen Yuncheng said to Ning Junyan, “Go eat first.”

       Ning Junyan stared at the money in his hand and gave a “hmm” as a reply.

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