ss in the novel, pulled up the quilt, and went to sleep.


    When she opened her eyes again, the sky had changed.


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    She was became the villainess that she cursed a hundred times yesterday.


    That's right, it's the master misunderstanding maker and relationship destroyer in “Wudu No Ferry” (TN: where is this Wudu from), the villainess with the same name as her.


    This is an important character in the path of the male protagonist's growth, as an absolutely qualified book fan, Qi Anan can recite the contents of the book backwards with her eyes closed.


    The “No Ferry” is the male protagonist's career text, depicting the life of the male protagonist, Jiang Lu, from as humble as dust  to radiant.
As an uncompromisingly beautiful and strong tragedy, Jiang Lu had an extremely dark childhood, his mother fell into the dust and secretly gave birth to him with the idea of being a mother with a son, but in the end the basket was empty and nothing was gained.

    So, for this son who has no use, she not only does not have any pity, but is full of resentment and disgust.

Since childhood Jiang Lu grew up under his mother's scolding, and because she never shied away from bringing men home, Jiang Lu was also under the contempt and cold eyes of those around him, and he grew from a child to a teenager, suffering from torture and humiliation.

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    His embarrassing birth and meaningful rumors spread throughout the school, and everyone disliked him for being dirty and disgusting.


    After the appearance of the villainess Qi An'an, Jiang Lu fell even further into the abyss of hell.
This female pervert took a fancy to his face – the youthful teenager's looks followed his mother's, exquisite and beautiful, and his natural lips were red, filling his face with a lot of lustful lust looks.


(TN: guys when I do strike through like above, its usually when I'm not sure if my word change is right and I want you to see what the raw MTL said for yourself)


1 The MTL here had 'shredders of the Civil Affairs Bureau', so I went out on a limb (am I using the phrase right, great I can't even English right) and put relationship destroyer as the translation.
When I see Civil Affairs Bureau I think marriage, so I thought it meant maybe marriage shredder and shredder isn't really right in English so I changed it to destroyer.
I could be completely of the mark, so just pointing it out here.
I could be completely wrong though, so yall can check out the raws and tell me if you figure it out.


Oh and the gooses thing was explained at the end of the synopsis, so just click on table of contents to see it.

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