The night before Qi Anan wore the book was spent in a crusade.

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    “Live a long time to see that this book actually has a true feeling of CP fans? Amazing.” (TN: a CP fan is a fan of a couple)


    “Sister, what kind of magical species are you ah? You can even like such a white lotus female lead?”

    “Kneel for Lu Lu Dome! (TN: not sure about this) Garbage heroine does not deserve it! CP fans do not come here ky.” (TN: Anyone knows what the ky is for?)


    The “No Ferry” is this year's hot novel, the beautiful, strong and tragic male lead was shaped extremely well, he was born from a lowly, muddy whore.
From the son of that woman to the business tycoon overturning of the clouds and rain , the bumpy and rugged road of his life caused book fans heartache.
This time the news of the upcoming film and television has set off a trend of topics.
When netizens were discussing it, Qi An'an said, “Wish you success! Goose children and goose, you must be happy forever!” and she pushed herself to the forefront.

  Forgive her for never paying attention to the comments section when reading the book, until today she found herself standing in an arctic circle, those kowtowing to the CP is really not much, fans loved the male lead and at the same time overwhelmingly hated the female lead.

    At first Qi Anan also tried to find allies: “Those are the relationship destroyer's doings1, the female goose is essentially good, she did not open God's perspective so she does not know anything ah, if not for the destroyer they two would have long been sweet, how do you all scold the heroine? Is it not the vicious female match that you should hate?”

   It's no use, the army of crusaders was getting stronger and stronger.

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    “Don't be funny, these days there are still female leads listening to others say two sentences and misunderstanding the male protagonist?”


    “Can't see kindness, only brainlessness.”






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    With ten fingers it is hard to beat ten million fingers, Qi Anan quickly gave up her Buddha nature.
 Forget it, geese and swans are all her heart and soul, if no one else kowtows she can kowtow on her own well, she does not care.

Anyway, everything is to blame on that vicious female supporting actress (TN: aka villainess), who is stupid, poisonous, and arrogant! She also has the same name as her! Huge! Obnoxious! Disgusting!


    Curse her, curse her! Qi Anan transferred all the netizens' grievances to the damn villaine

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