Chapter 856: The second trial

A few moments later, Little Silver’s figure had already emerged from the underground chamber where the stone mural was located, as it continued to fly towards the east of the desert at full speed.

Half an hour later, once they were a good distance away from the stone mural’s location, Shun Long patted Little Silver’s head gently and had it land on an empty, inconspicuous area that was surrounded by a few enormous rocks right in the middle of the desert.

Jumping off from Little Silver’s back, Shun Long stood in front of the black panther before he turned his attention towards Little Silver’s left paw that was still dripping with blood.

”No wonder that old man could injure you so seriously.
With a peak 1-star weapon, even the most common of peak rank 9 Dao Kings can be strong enough to pose a threat to a peak rank 6 magic beast if they are willing to risk their lives.” Shun Long mumbled to himself in a serious manner while his gaze was still focused on Little Silver’s paw in front of him.

In the entire central region, it was common knowledge that one would need at least a group of 6 or 7 peak rank 9 Dao Kings if they wanted to have a chance at subduing a peak rank 6 magic beast.

However, a peak rank 9 Dao King with a peak 1-star weapon like that red-robed old man was in a different class of his own.

Shun Long guessed that most likely, that old man could take on a group of 3 or 4 peak-stage Dao Kings all by himself and even come out alive.

With a deep look in his eyes, Shun Long then circulated the 27 balls of qi inside the ‘Monarch’s Hourglass’, before his eyes immediately turned golden.

Stretching out his right hand, Shun Long then placed it on Little Silver’s left paw that looked like it was about to fall off at any moment, before he mumbled to himself in a low, almost inaudible voice

”Time Reversal.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a bright blue and golden light immediately covered Shun Long’s entire body, before it quickly expanded and moved towards Little Silver as well.

At that moment, Shun Long could feel that more than 20 percent of his qi had been sapped in an instant, while even more of it was being drained from his qi balls with every passing moment in order to sustain the ‘Time Reversal’.

At the same time, Liu Mei and the others could all see that Little Silver’s left paw was being healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, while even its bright silver wings that had been stained with blood after taking on the red-robed old man’s final attack had also healed in nearly an instant.

A few moments later, the blue and golden light around Shun Long’s body finally started to fade before it completely disappeared.
At the same time, the mangled wound on Little Silver’s leg had also vanished, as its left paw was back in the condition it had been before its fight with the red-robed old man.


Little Silver let out a roar that was filled with excitement and gratitude as it looked at Shun Long, before it began to nudge its head against his hand in an affectionate manner.

”Brother Long, are you alright?” Xingyi asked in a worried voice as she stared at Shun Long as well.

Even though Shun Long had only used ‘Time Reversal’ for a few moments, Xingyi and the others all knew how taxing it was for him to use that skill.

To use it on a peak rank 6 magic beast like Little Silver, even if his qi balls hadn’t been emptied out, it was certain that Shun Long must have used more than one-third of his qi for this.

”Brother Shun, do you want to rest for a while? We don’t need to head to the second trial right away.
We should still have around 8 years until the ‘City of Immortals’ closes.”

However, Shun Long merely shook his head as he looked at Bai Longtian and the others, before he said seriously

”Don’t worry, Little Silver’s wounds weren’t too serious so I didn’t need to use too much of my qi.

With how concentrated the qi here is, I will have recovered before we even reach the location of the second trial.”

As he finished speaking, Shun Long sat on Little Silver’s back for the second time, before the black panther spread its bright silver wings and continued to fly towards the east of the desert at full speed.

Of course, the reason why Shun Long hadn’t chosen to heal Little Silver back in the stone mural and had waited until they arrived in an isolated place, was simply because he didn’t want to expose his Dao of Time in front of too many people just yet.

Even though there were plenty of experts in the Holy sect’s territory who must have heard about him after the ‘Martial Roll of Honor tournament’ had taken place in the outer court of the Holy sect, the Holy sect was nothing but a first-rate power in the Northern part of the central region.

Besides, the number of people who knew that Shun Long had already become a Dao King were only limited to the experts of the Holy sect like the Grand Elder and the inner court Elders, as well as the Northern Sovereign and the people under her.

Although Shun Long understood that it was only a matter of time before this happened in the ‘City of Immortals’, a place where the strongest Dao Kings from every place throughout the central region had gathered, Shun Long knew that his strongest asset right now was that there were very few people who knew anything about him.

The moment he revealed his Dao of Time, Shun Long knew that it was bound to attract endless attention in this place, including attention from the strongest of Dao Kings in this place.

In front of those peak Dao Kings who had comprehended unique and perhaps even supreme Daos, even Little Silver wouldn’t be able to last too long.

Time continued to pass and in the blink of an eye, an entire month had gone by as Little Silver continued to fly above the scorching desert in the ‘City of Immortals’.

Finally, at the beginning of the second month, a massive oasis that spanned for hundreds of miles appeared in the distance ahead, attracting Shun Long’s and the others’ attention.

Staring at this oasis whose end couldn’t be seen no matter how hard one looked, the same thought appeared in Liu Mei’s and the others’ minds at the same time, causing serious looks to cover their faces

”The location of the second trial, the Illusion oasis.”


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