Chapter 855: Killing a peak rank 9 Dao King


The cloud of dust that had just been raised was almost immediately dispersed by Little Silver’s angry roar that shook the entire underground chamber, revealing to the surrounding Dao Kings the scene that it was hiding underneath it.

Little Silver’s left paw that was dripping with blood had been blocked by the red-robed old man’s sword, cutting open a wound that had was just a hair’s breadth away from reaching its bone.

It was obvious that if the sword had managed to cut through just a little bit deeper, Little Silver’s paw would have probably been severed from its body.

And yet, the surrounding Dao Kings didn’t feel too much pity for the black panther, as they could all see that red-robed old man’s situation was even worse than Little Silver’s.

After he was forced to take on the full brunt of the black panther’s attack, the red-robed old man had ended up vomiting a mouthful of blood in the process, while his right foot had also caved into the ground and was barely able to stand.

The surrounding Dao Kings could guess, that most likely, the internal injuries that the red-robed old man had received were many times worse than his external ones.

Despite its injury, Little Silver continued to stare at the red-robed old man who was now kneeling on one knee in front of it, with its bright yellow eyes that were still oozing with killing intent, before the black panther raised its left paw in the air for the second time.

The old man’s expression immediately changed when he saw this scene, as he shouted loudly in a terrified voice


The red-robed old man could tell that he didn’t have enough energy to defend against a second attack right now.
He had barely managed to gather his qi and repel the black panther’s first attack, and he could tell that a second one would almost certainly end up taking his life.

However, Little Silver didn’t seem to be moved by the old man’s pleas, as its left paw descended from the sky for the second time, heading straight towards the old man’s head.


The red-robed old man shouted loudly once he realized that there was no chance for him to escape, and after gritting his teeth, a determined look appeared on his face as he raised his sword for the second time and stabbed it straight towards the black panther’s neck.

If he was going to die, he was planning to take the black panther down with him.

However, just as his red sword was about to pierce through the panther’s neck, a mixed look of unwillingness and disbelief suddenly covered the old man’s face as he witnessed the scene that followed.

The panther’s silver wings seemed to have come together practically at the same time, forming a small shield that ended up blocking the red-robed old man’s sword.

Although the red sword had managed to pierce through Little Silver’s wings and had even managed to draw out some of its blood, it had ended up losing all of its remaining momentum as well and was unable to pierce through the black panther’s neck any longer.


The red-robed old man’s scream was suddenly cut short the moment that Little Silver’s massive black claw landed on his body, causing a mass of blood and organs to splatter on the ground in front of it.

The red-robed old man didn’t even have a chance to send his soul out of his body before he was squashed to death in an instant, stunning the surrounding experts who were watching this scene.

And yet, Shun Long merely threw a glance at the old man’s corpse, or at least what remained of it, before he retrieved the old man’s blood-red sword and his spatial ring before he arrived in front of Little Silver.

Stretching out his right hand, Shun Long then patted the black panther’s head who nuzzled it back in an affectionate manner, looking more like a household pet than a powerful rank 6 magic beast that had just slaughtered a peak rank 9 Dao King.

”Am I dreaming? Old Fu actually died? He really died fighting against a peak rank 6 magic beast?”

”Haha, serves that arrogant old bastard well! He really thought he was unrivaled in the ‘City of Immortals’ just because he was a peak-stage Dao King? What a joke!

How many geniuses have gathered in this place by now?

Forget about Dao Kings like him who have comprehended a common Dao, even a peak-stage Dao King who has comprehended a rare Dao would have trouble fighting a peak rank 6 magic beast like that panther all by themselves!”

Nodding their heads, many of the surrounding Dao Kings agreed with this sentiment, as they could all tell that the black panther in front of them was no pushover.

In fact, even among most other peak rank 6 magic beasts in the central region, it would definitely rank among the stronger ones based on the strength and speed it had just showed.

Even if Shun Long was just a peak rank 3 Dao King, just with Little Silver’s strength alone, he would still be able to walk around the ‘City of Immortals’ practically unhindered, unless he was unlucky enough to stumble on one of those unrivaled monsters that ‘ruled’ the City of Immortals.

And yet, Shun Long didn’t pay any attention to the discussions of the Dao Kings around him as he first stored the red-robed old man’s spatial ring inside the ‘Stone of Time’, before he turned his gaze towards Liu Mei and the others and said calmly

”Let’s go.
Since we are done here, let’s have a look at the second trial.”

Understanding that there was no reason for them to keep staying in this place, Liu Mei and the others all got on Little Silver’s back, before Little Silver spread its bright silver wings and flew out of the underground chamber like a bolt of silver lightning, leaving behind tens of thousands of Dao Kings who were still staring at its vanishing figure.


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