Do employees even have free time? What about weekends?

…If you ask, you can say that the first we have and the second is not that easy.

They could have hired more people since they have a lot of money, but bastards put only young servants into labor.

Ah, but the good news is that I can use my vacation.
There are nobles that don’t even give you a vacation, so maybe it’s better here.

The reason I’m saying this is because I don’t want to work like crazy today.

So when Isley asked me to bring back his sword, which he had left to be honed, as an errand, I was overjoyed.
I didn’t even close the door in a huff and complain behind his back to have his exclusive servant do the errand instead.

This is because I can basically do whatever I want – have some fun and eat some delicious food – before heading straight away to retrieve the sword and return.

Of course, I can’t be too late when coming back, but if you’re late enough within a certain time, he can’t say a thing!

But when I thought of my sister, my feet refused to run.
Will something happen to her while I’m away? If that happens… I truly won’t let them off easily since I know it’s not that hard to hurt commoners.

“Hey, Layla! Aren’t you going to get on?”

After staring at the mansion for a while, I was brought back to reality by the coachman’s voice.

He was the one who delivered Sister Yuria and me to the ducal mansion a month ago.
We got a little closer after conversations.
After that, every time I ran into him from time to time, there was a feeling of a faint hostility that made me treat him like an enemy. 

“I’m going, I’m going! Don’t rush me!”

“Hah, really… Where are you leaving your mind at? If you don’t want to get on, you can just walk instead.”

“Who said they didn’t want to get on? I’m on now so let’s go.”

“You’re not even that cute…”

“Sister Yuria said I was cute.”

The driver clicked his tongue.

“Heh… I didn’t know your sister had bad eyesight.”

“My sister can see just fine! She can even see animals that live in the mountains far away!”

The coachman snorted and the carriage began to slowly move after a “Giddy up!”

The ducal mansion’s large garden passed in an instant.
As I rested my head on the window, we passed through the gates.

I’m glad it was Isley’s favorite sword that I’m going to pick up.

Otherwise, instead of letting me use the carriage, he would have told me to walk to get it.

The distance between the downtown area and the ducal mansion wasn’t too far… but if possible, wouldn’t it be better to ride something than to walk? It’s like people riding a bus in Korea when everything is so close by.

It was quiet inside of the carriage.
So, somehow, a feeling of depression slowly engulfed me.

I recalled the events at the count mansion, where it felt like we could never escape even if we ran away.
We had screamed for mercy and had prayed for our lives.
Now that I’m here, I wondered if I could escape from our current fate.
Of course, the moment of thought was very brief.

‘Why are you worrying about that, Layla? We already ran away.
We aren’t at that mansion anymore, so we can do it this time.
We can run from those damn bastards.
You just need to be successful, right?’

The carriage quickly arrived at the downtown area.
I felt a little bit better as I looked around the bustling and colorful downtown.

My sister’s clothes looked a little old and worn out, so I’ll buy new ones.
It’s spring, so how about a pretty dress? Or a comfortable shirt and pants? Plus I’ll buy mine too, and yes, I’ll buy an apple pie as a bribe for the head maid.

If I do that, I expect I will get quite a few points off of her.
If I want to get a letter of recommendation, I better flirt a little more.
I looked at the wallet that jiggled with coins in my hand and smiled bashfully.

I got off the carriage and went into the blacksmith’s smithy.

There were a lot of people with lumpy muscles in the forge.
Watching them wriggle menacingly, I instinctively thought that I shouldn’t mess with them.

Then a woman built like a bull came out of nowhere.
From the nasty burn marks to the terrifying face, if you look at her pose, she looked like the boss of this place.

I know I shouldn’t assume based on appearances, but it’s because she surprised me so much.

“Kid, how can I help you? Did you come to find a sword?”

I’m not a kid… I’m 18 years old now!

“Yes… I’m here to find Master Isley Emers’ sword.
Here’s the proof of identification.”

When I showed the rose pattern, the woman nodded.
Soon a blacksmith came with a long coffin.
I quickly accepted it.

“It’s heavy, will you be okay?”

“It’s heavy… Ack?!”

As soon as the blacksmith released his hold, a tremendous weight pressed down on both hands.

My arm drooped like the arms of a broken doll.
Had it not been for the blacksmith to pick it back up in haste, the coffin and I would have gone down. 

This is crazy.
Why is it so heavy? Is it made of iron? I already heard about a knight’s sword before.

I didn’t expect it to be this heavy.
Looking back and forth between the sword and me, the boss let out a big sigh.

“Here, I’ll carry it.”

The boss came forward and loaded the sword in the carriage.

She stared blankly at me as I shouted thanks again and again and patted my head.
And then she pulled back her hand as if she had suddenly come to her senses.
She had unintentionally done it thinking she was like her own granddaughter.
Since I wasn’t particularly offended, I replied to her behavior with a smile.

I cried out to the coachman before getting back into the carriage.

“Mister! I have somewhere to go, please wait!”

“What?! It looks like the master’s errands are over, so why not just go back?”

“No, it’s something I must do.
You will wait for me~ right? You’re gonna wait for me, right?? I’ll take that as a yes.”

“What kind of- Okay, okay.
I get it – I lost.
I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance to the downtown area over there.
Come quickly after you’re done with your business.”

“Yes, yes!”

The first place I headed to was a clothing store.
My sister was afraid of going outside, so I bought her clothes instead.

Let’s see~ I think this dress will suit her very well.
Although the floral design was a bit flashy, Sister Yuria’s beauty would be enough to cover it up.

As I finished choosing her clothes, I even spent some money to buy my clothes.
Oh my god… Hmm, well what of it? It’s useless to have a lot of clothes.
I had no time to wear anything other than the maid’s uniform.
I’ll have to be in the mansion even in the upcoming festival a few months later.

I headed to Lululala Bakery with a shopping bag full of clothes.

“Apple pie for bribes~ Apple pie… Holy.”

Then I found a face I didn’t want to see.

The man with brown hair and unusual red eyes was clearly the bastard I knew.

Ew, Osses.
It’s Osses… 

I immediately turned my back and tried to get out of the place.
There is nothing good about meeting him here.
Even if there was something good about it, it wouldn’t be to me.
Why am I so unlucky these days? I keep running into faces that are supposedly hard to see.

But Osses called me from afar as he found the maid running out of shape.


I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it.
Then I will be go—

But then someone’s hand tapped on my shoulder.

“The master is calling.”

He was the escort knight of Osses.
Startled, I let out a crow-like scream and dropped my shopping bag.

This bad guy! The clothes I’m going to give to my sister are dirty… I sniffed, putting the clothes back into their bags.
The escort knight, who did not seem to feel any guilt, just looked down at me silently.

He looks exactly like his master – very rude and mean.

Osses approached belatedly.

“I’m sorry, Layla.
I didn’t expect you to be so surprised.”

“It’s okay…”

He looked at my face and gave me an apologetic expression.

Apologetic expression… Are you really sorry? A human who is full of lies and feign expressions! Osses is a human being who looks down on people on the inside and pretends to respect them on the outside.
This guy might be worse than the other two young masters.

“I was going to give it to my sister…”

I murmured melancholy and looked down at the shopping bags.
No, it’s okay.
I can wash it and it can still be worn.
Although, it’s sad that the new clothes are now dirty.

“As an apology, how about I buy you new clothes?”

“Yes? Really?”

Osses covered his mouth and chuckled.
My eyes twinkled for a while… And I quickly regained my composure and shook my head.

“…It’s okay! Really.
I can’t be so indebted to the master.”

Don’t like that, you idiot! If Osses tries to get involved with Yuria for various excuses, it’ll be hard for me to handle it.
But Osses slowly shook his head.

“But I won’t feel comfortable.
Please accept it.”

“I’m really fine…”

I trembled as I looked at the shopping bags laid out in front of my eyes.

As I was dragged away, I entered an expensive-looking clothing store mainly used by nobles and received expensive clothes as gifts.

Hah, I said it was fine, you bastard… Why are you forcing it on me?

Hah, by the way, how much is all this? Why are these plain white shirts so expensive? Does 1 gold for each make sense?

If I refund these and receive the money, I think I will be able to live just fine, being able to pay the full monthly rent even if I can’t really buy a house.
I took out the price tag on my clothes and looked at it again.


It was so burdensome that I wanted to vomit blood.
It’s even more painful to see your black heart, Osses.

I think I understand his heart now.
He is trying to kill me who is obstructing him by sticking close to Yuria as her sister.
He’s going to pile on the burden and slowly kill my heart.

I think I know everything.
What a terrifying method of killing! This way, there will be no evidence left behind, and one day, there will be only a cold dead body lying on the ground.

Osses came close to me.

“Is it to your liking?”

“Yes, I do like it, but the price… is too…”

“Isn’t it a bit cheap? I tend to buy a lot of clothes that can be easily worn from here.”

Mm, die, you diamond spoon.
Go plant your nose in a plate with water and drown painfully.
I just smiled without saying a word.
It was because if I opened my mouth here, I would scream in distress.

“Uh, so… I think they are all great clothes.
They seem to be a good fit for my sister, but I can’t receive such expensive things from the master… I am so sorry.”

“No worries.
I hope you will accept it.
If not, I will feel guilty that I may suffer all night.”

I couldn’t think of any more excuses to refuse his gift.

Oh, fuck it.
I’ll receive it then.
I’m going to receive it, okay? I said I didn’t want it but I’m taking them out of the kindness of my heart! If you say something like help you get along with Sister Yuria, I’ll kill you!

“Then I will gratefully take your gift… I’m so touched that tears are coming up…”

“Then why don’t you help me? I was just about to buy something a woman would need.”

Something a woman would need? Osses reached out his hand to me like a gentleman.

“Originally, I was going to bring Yuria, but I was rejected because she said she was busy.”

I flinched at the word Yuria, and he smiled like a flower.

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