Magus Rise of the Fallen

Chapter 1: History of humanity

”Did you hear what happened near the Mendeley river coast last night? ”

”About the Fire demon causing so much trouble for the past months that was exterminated by a Magus… This type of news doesn really surprise me these days, demons are showing their heads more and more as the years go by ”

”This time its different, the Magus that killed him defeated him with one blow! ”

”Woah, thats impressive indeed… but who was the magus? ”

”We don know, the Magus vanished as soon as he killed the demon, so the media didn have time to get a picture of his face, ”

Two middle-aged colleagues were having their morning breakfast in a cafe before going to work. They were discussing the freshest news which was the death of the fire demon.

In Raven city, the capital of Ethris, the morning news was only focused on that, a mysterious Magus that killed a fire demon in one blow. People wouldn normally be impressed by this type of news because demons are killed every day, however, a demon getting killed in one blow? That was some news that didn pop up every day, especially in a capital populated with powerful demons.

Demons are the main threat to the human race since their emergence more than 3 centuries ago. During the time of the appearance of the first demon, humans were generally weak and were still discovering the world and its countless materials.

Demons strengths were greatly superior, and the demon monarch, who is said to be the first-ever demon to emerge was considered the strongest of them all. His destructive power was unrivalled, compared to the human race whose strongest men could barely reach 1% of the weakest demons power.

The demon race made considerable progress in wiping the human civilizations until only two were left, Ethris, and Song kingdoms.

It seemed like everything was over, and the human race was on the brink of destruction until a glimmer of light, a key in the thick darkness surrounding humanity emerged at the most desperate time. The key to saving the human race from their demise was Ether.

Ether unlocked a new possibility for a few humans to reach the same power level as demons. With this power, the humans created a group of individuals called the magi.

Everyone has Ether inside of them, and it is the force that a magus uses to cast his powerful spells. The part which makes magi different from normal people is the fact they can take full advantage of all the assets the brain gives them. If ones unlock that part of the brain, then they surely have that ability to control Ether.

For people to know whether they control Ether or not, they simply use a green shiny magnetic crystal called Etherium. Etherium is only a physical state in which Ether is. If one stays near the Crystal, it will move slowly in his direction, for it has felt a magnetic field in him, which is Ether.

However, the amount of Ether someone can use in a battle is limited, and one cannot deplete all his Ether at the risk of damaging oneself or even worse dying. This is why, someone can be naturally born with a limitless amount of Ether, or one can be born with a small quantity.

Despite being talented with a large amount of Ether, if you cannot control, it, all this power is given for nothing. Even the one with the weakest amount of Ether can beat someone if he controls Ether better.

With their newly discovered power, the humans avoided destruction, sealed away the most powerful demons in artefacts and hid the artefacts in places out of reach of anyone naive enough to try and awaken the demons, until today…

As of the year 2095, human civilisation has greatly advanced in technology and in understanding the demons and the power they have.

In the advanced capital, Raven city, the streets were filled with cars forming a large snake along the road, and large buildings surrounded the streets including restaurants, and cafes while pedestrians were minding their own business and heading to wherever they had to be. This was the business district, and one of the safest places, because most of the Magus guilds are situated there.

Raven citys reputation is mainly based on the advanced business district they possess, however, the Ether was discovered in the small city of Tyggstral.

Tyggstral is the most historic city in human society and the place where Ether was first discovered. The city was named after the battle of Tyggstral, the one which opposed the Magi to the Demon lord and his army.

This small city is not as developed as Raven city, however, the Great museum marks the symbol of the city, and possibly the whole nation.

The museum is in the heart of the city and is an old building mostly resembling a castle. That is because the building before becoming a museum was the royal castle of the Stuart royal family. However, after the complete annihilation of the royal family, the people decided to turn the Stuart castle into a national museum as a way to commemorate the royal family.

In this museum are stored the most precious items, such as various kings swords, different historical artefacts, and scrolls.

Thousands of people visit this place daily, and many schools organise school trips to the museum mainly to teach them about the history of humanity.

”Could someone remind me what this artefact represents? ”

A group of young people, all between the ages of 17 and 18, were gathered around a display case made of thick glass within the museum.

To prohibit the public from accessing the display case, a stanchion was built around it.

As for the content inside the display case, it was only a floating small black marble that was rotating around itself.

One woman with brown hair who was slightly older than the others was present. She sported a well-ironed black suit, crimson lipstick, a ponytail, and black square-framed eyeglasses. She was the one who asked the question concerning the marble.

Amongst the Youngers, no one lifted their hand for the seconds that passed after the question was asked.

”If no one is going to volunteer, Im going to start picking names! ” the ponytailed woman exclaimed.

Right after, in the crowd, a small groan of pain was heard before one of them decided to raise his hand.

”Yes, Caleb go on, ”

The one who raised his hand was a medium long straight silver-haired boy with a necklace that had two silver rings on it and round thin glasses. He was a skinny boy, however, wore a white shirt that was clearly too big for him, and grey jogging.

Just by the looks of it, it was clear that he was the loser of the class and had few friends.

”It is the most recent item discovered in the 1960s, in Tyggstral, ” the boy said in a frail voice, ”It was found near the location where the battle of Tyggstral had supposedly taken place, and the marble was shining light blue when it was discovered, however, throughout the years, the marble lost colour and glow to a point it has turned peach black, ”

”Thank you, Caleb, ” The woman smiled at the boy before turning back to the artefact,

”Just as Caleb said, this is the most recent discovery and had lost its colour throughout the years, however, one thing it hasn lost is its energy (Ether), which is why it is ro

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