Magic Knight Erotic MMORPG

Chapter 1: Prologue

Today, the city burns once again.

”How many died today? ”

”How many still live? ”

The sound of screams, wails of terror and the explosion of buildings spread across my entire vision as the demons mercilessly attack all humans they could find.

”Will I scream like that when I die? ”

A mans high pitched voice sounded, his daughter beheaded in his arms as their wife fled in terror alone.

”Can I really blame her for running? What else could she do? ”

The demon brutes ripped apart the man and woman. Running never mattered.

”See? ”

A boy with long hair looked towards the horde of demons. These brutes killed everything he held dear.

He walked towards them, only with the desire to protect the girl with white wings that shivered behind him and the woman with tanned skin and beautiful white rabbit ears.

Rika, his first companion, the first pet, he tamed and raised into a humanoid.

”I cannot let you perish here, Rika, by the terms of our contract. I grant thee freedom. Return to your peaceful world as your summoner… I release you! ”

The beautiful white-haired woman with tight muscles cried out, rushing towards him. When a huge pentagram appeared below her feet, stopping her

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