When the principal heard about i and Serena relationship from the dream I told him about ,he excused himself and when he got out of his office ,little did I know that he didn just want to excuse himself but he wanted to capture me.

He went out and contacted the managerial board and told them about me and they assigned him to send me off to the schools dungeon.

He entered the room with one warlock and a swordsman ”arrest him and take him to the schools dungeon ”he said.

I was dismayed and offended by what was happening before my very own eyes.

In fear my of my surroundings and not even knowing what to do my grimoire flew in front of me very fast,Is this what Miss Stella meant by connected to your grimoires.

It was my light grimoire,in a flash of light it was in front of me floating.It flipped open revealing a spell


What does the unseen mean ,I didn know but I had no choice but to cast the spell before they get to me.

Seize him no matter what before he casts that spell ”the principal ordered

for some reason unknown to me I could read what was there and understood it but I was too late.

Warlock ”In the air, it stays in parish ton and keep you till my will be done ”

from the time that hit me and grabbed me to a position, holding me tight I could tell that was wind magic.

”Sir I have him in place, no amateur can break out of my binding spell by my wind magic ”warlork said

”well-done now take him to the dungeon ”

”yes sir ”

I couldn move at all ,the wind spell was suspending me in the air.The warlock was controlling the wind i was in out of the room when the worst happened

”wait!!,give me his grimoires ”

but luckily for me..

”sir he is just with one grimoire ”

I didn bring Laura (the creation grimoire)with me,well I would have but Angel didn give it back to me when when I woke up after fainting.

Wow sometimes misfortune can really be fortunate.

”okay then give me that one and take him ”

”wait!!!! ”I said

”Why are you doing this to me ”I asked

”Con-Fi-Den-tial ”he responded

”but I trusted you ”

”well this serves as a warning to you,don trust anyone you run into ”

”Why this is,is it money you want ”

Wait ,didn I use to have unlimited gold,Amnesia is a bad enemy to all.

”ahah money ,no,I don need your filthy money now take him away. ”

”you can do this to me, I won forget this day when I finally get out of here I promise you.This is a betrayal beyond reconciliation ,Your death will be ecstacy I promise you. ”

” Are you letting him to say all those things to me!,take him away ”

”Sorry sir ,yes sir ”

As they took me I started shouting

”Help me ,someone help me ”

warlock ”That wouldn help,before coming in here I placed a sound barrier around the office so,you are wasting you precious needed strength ”

swordsman ”shhhhh ”

”what did you mean by precious needed strength ”

he ignored me and I did the same and ignored him too

”helpp!!!!,someone help me!! ”

well he wasn lying cos it was like no one could hear me cos no one came to help out.

we got to the dungeon and they put me in there,he undid. his spell and they locked me in.The dungeon was very dark which kept me very uncomfortable.

*28 minutes later*

Angel ”why is Anon taking a lot of time with the principal, let me check up on him ”

She hurried up to the principals office

*knock knock*

”Whos over there ”he said

”sir it is I ,Angel ”

He came and opened the door to his office.

”What do you want,is Felicia disturbing you? ”

”No sir,Am here for Anon ”

”Who is Anon ”he pretends

”Sir the boy that came here with me the last time I came here. ”

”ohhh that Anon ,he isn here ”

”Didn he come by here ,he told me he wanted to come and meet you and ask you something concerning a dream he had. ”

”No he didn come here ”

”ohh really,then I have to check somewhere else,thank you ”

”Ohh wait,I can remember now ,he came here he said he wanted to leave,that he had things to do and I let him leave ”

”Whhhattt!!,and he didn tell me? ”

”Okay sir thanks for this information ”

he closed the door and Angel was about going.

”I could swear I saw his grimoire in there right now and why does his office look like it was blown up side down by a tornado ”

”this doesn sound right from not knowing remembering who Anon is to not knowing his where about to him leaving,it doesn make sense at all except he is hiding something besides the Anon I know will not leave without a good bye and he is still figuring stuffs for himself,He must still be in the school somewhere. ”

”But where could he be,What has the principal done to him ”

Angel reasoning the whole thing while walking to the sickbay and she later got there and met with Rose

”Ma,am did you see Anon by any chance ”

”Anon ,no is anything wrong ”

She thought to herself its best I don involve anyone else

” ohh!! nothing is wrong ma thanks ”

she left.

Angel ”I am with the creation grimoire and Laura could know where he is since they are connected but I can summon her ”

Angel ”ahh, what should I do?,what should I do?,Anon where are you? ,help me out here ”

As she reasoned and was becoming hopeless the same happened for her

Her grimoire flew up to the front of her face ,it was her plant grimoire and it flipped a page and there appeared a new spell.

*Reveal where spell*

”I have read a lot on spells and was able to cast it. ”

”I will find you Anon, ”My branches come to live and seek the one I want ”

As soon as she spoke those words,vines sprouted out of the ground from where she was and started going in the direction of the dungeon.

Before she followed she went and grabbed the creation grimoire and then she followed.

”Is this not the schools dungeon ”Angel said

She wanted to go back but she resisted and went forth ,passing through many pathways and finally got to Anon and fortunately for them the guards when on a break.

”Anon what are you doing here ,you got me all worked up ”

”Don mind that bastard of a principal,I came to tell him about my dream but as soon as he heard it he ordered some guards to arrest me and bring me here,he took away my grimoire. ”

”Well that explains it all,how will I get you out of here ”

”well the key to this lock is with one of the guards ”

”which guard? ”

”The one with.. ”

Guard ” who is over there? ”

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