”what do you think happened to him, ” boy 1 said

”I don know, I can think of anything other than an attack ”boy 2 spoke after

”Yeah considering the wound at the back of his head ” boy 1 replied.

What is going on, Ah! why does my head hurt?

”You guys should let the poor boy rest, ” the girl says

”Look Look, he is waking up, ”boy 2 said

”What is going on here, ” I said with a pained soft voice.

”move away let me see, ” the girl says in a hurry as she pushed the other boys to the side.

With pain, I opened my stares just to find a female face very close to mine… Frightening I would say.

”Wha…t is ha… opening… ” I said

”wow he is such a cutie, just look at his eyes, have never seen eyes this blue and hair this dark before, he is my perfect prince charming, ” she said

Where am I, ” I said moving my face away from hers

” Oh, this is the sick bay, this is the MISFIT CLASH ACADEMY. ” the mystery boy answered

”How did I get here ”

”You were found lying close to the school gates unconscious and they took you in and brought you here ” boy 2 replied.

”don move you have an injury on your head ” boy 2 said.

Oh, that must be why my head hurts so bad but how did I get that injury?

”How did I get the… OUCH!!! MY HEAD!! ”

”I said don move, let me introduce myself, I am Kevin by name and I am swordsman, the fellow guy with me here is Henry, he is a warlock (a male magic user), and this damsel beside you is… ”

”shhhhhhhhhhh ” she interrupted as she put her index finger on his lips ”I can introduce myself, pardon him, my name is Felicia an enchantress, the best in my class and a pro in all things. ”

Henry rolled his eyes as he said ”show off ”.

”Be polite Henry ” Kevin said. ”don mind the peasant ”Felicia said.

This girl doesn look that attractive and from what I have seen she isn even my type.

”wait to look at his arm and S tattoo just appeared meaning, ”Henry said as Felicia interrupted saying ”meaning he is a warlock, wow am so happy, that means we are meant to be together, how would our wedding be (she started fantasizing ) ”.

Yolk married a girl like that I was disgusted

”thats enough, you guys should get to class now, ”the nurse said as she entered the room.

”yes, maam ” they chorus as they went out.

”see you later handsome, ”Felicia said.

”don mind them, lets check that head dear, the ”nurse said as she raised my head and then also my body and rested my back on the wall close to the bed I laid on.

”honey can you tell me what happened to you on your head, ”she said

I replied, ”well umm, I don remember hitting my head anywhere, I was… (wait wasn I just with Sylvia and Annalise, what happened to me, I can remember I was about to choose my two abilities but from the looks of it, I chose magic but what did I choose after that, ooohhh my head hurts). ”

”Sorry dear, looks like you have Amnesia ”

Wow great, I had to go and have Amnesia for the second time, being the worst.

”Don worry, when you are done with your medication you can join the other students in the classroom ”

Did she say classroom, this isn what I said up for ”maam I don want to study… ”you don have to call me maam, you can call me Rose ”

”Okay, but I don want to study I appreciate the help but I want to go, I have something to do. ”

Rose replied, ”well that would have been the case if that tattoo didn appear on your hand and now you have to learn your abilities and how to use them well and that is mandatory by the rules. ”

”Fuck the system, I have things to do am leaving ”

As I stood up to leave then in hurry Rose injected me with a substance on my neck ”Sorry but I have to do this ”she said.

I could barely stand up right now but still not giving up was moving closer to the door when I suddenly became deaf, I started panicking and shouting for help but no one came like they didn hear or didn want to help…gradually started losing my sight and my body was getting heavier, my heartbeat was slowing down.

Felt like death was coming again but this time, not the being(Annalise) but like murder, didn want to die again I was very scared and then remembered what Annalise told me as I fell like a pillar that has lost its strength.

That was very painful, all this pain in just 2 days, who have I wronged?

I couldn move nor see anything again that I heard SYLVIA ”This is the only part you can take for now. ”


My body hurts more now, wait! I can finally move, so I didn die, waking up to the same sick bay and Rose by my side.

”Oh, thank God you
e awake, ” she said

”OH, my body hurts so much what did you give me ”

”I couldn help it, the authorities said I must keep you here no matter the condition ”.

”hmmmmm, okay I will just let that slide because staying here is the only way out, Soo, when am I starting my class. ”

”Noooo, you have to rest now ”she implied but I didn want to, I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.

”Don worry I have rested enough, I have enough strength. ”

”Well, I can argue that since you have been asleep for 2 days straight. ”

”WOOHOO, DAYS!!! are you sure, what did you give ”

”*smiles* yes I am sure too, I injected you with our imperil serum, it makes the whole body shut down for some time or in your case days, I am very sorry. ”

”Fine but you have to promise me you wouldn do that again ”

”I promise, okay lets get you to your class. ”

She grabbed me and stood me up and then we walked out and went in different directions I could say that the sch is very much big.

I saw some swordsmen training ”wow they have a lot of speed and agility ”I said

”oh yes, a mage will get magic, there are different types of magic, just as dark magic, light magic, mind magic, elemental magic, shadow magic, blood magic, and so on. it is vast and every mage like you gets a random 2 that they will learn and use throughout their life. ”

”A swordsman will get enhanced speed, stamina, strength, agility, and durability. As for archers, they get bachelor the same thing except for strength in which they get night vision and 10x better eyesight.

”wow thats so cool ”I replied

”Well, we are here, this is for the classroom, ”Rose said

*Mages*wow so this is the MAGE classroom I can wait to see what you are going to be doing.

I slid the door open and to my surprise, there were just a few people in the class they turned to me, looking at me, then the teacher spoke saying ”wow, okay so our new intake is ready for his class can you please introduce yourself to the class. ”

”all right, ” I said ” my name is Anon Hemsworth and I am a warlock, that is all I can say ”

”wow is so mature and fine hes damn handsome ” girl 1 spoke

girl 2 ” yes he is ”

Felicia ”I told you guys, and now you believe me. ”

girl 3 ”yes we can see you weren lying ”

boy 1 ” you guys should let him rest he is just recovering.

boy 2 ” He is not that handsome ”

girl 2 ”Jealousy in the air ”


Teacher cautions ”Class quiet ”


The teacher addresses ”my name is Stella but you will address me as Miss Stella. ”

”Okay maam ”

” you can take your seat beside Angel over there ” Miss Stella pointed out.

”maam he can seat here ” she pushes a boy off his seat ”STOP THAT!! ”Miss Stella shouts.

”I don mind ma, I and sick and tired of her, let him sit here ”.

”Okay, Angel do you mind ”Miss Stella asks

”No maam I don ”Angel replies

”yes!!! ”Felicia says with happiness

”well maam I do mind, can I stay beside Angel ”

”Its your choice ”miss Stella replies.

Then I walked up to sit beside Angel and sits beside her.

”HI, ”I said to Angel

”why are you talking to me, why didn you stay beside Felicia ”

”I don like her attitude and I don want to deal with that every class we have, well is there a problem. ”

Felicia whispers to Angel ”you are dead ”

”what was that all about, ”I asked the angel

”well her Father is the principal of this Academy and she can manipulate him to do things that aren right, I don want to deal with that, please can you go to sit beside her ” Angel replied with fear.

”Well Im sorry but I can do that I will stay here, and…. ” stop the chatting, well in our next class we will visit the schools library and will get our unique magic, Understand! ”

The whole class ”YES MAAM ”

” if you can change then I will, Miss Stella ” angel calls out

why is all this happening to me, can I just have a normal day?

”Yes angel you called me ”

”maam can I switch seats with Felicia ”

”Angell! thats very rude, why would you do that to a new intake I ain doing that, Class dismiss ”

*classmates walking out* ”since we can switch can you please!! just avoid me ”Angel implies

”Well I can do that we are seat partners ”

*Going closer to her and she starts running*

Have I wronged anybody in any way what kind of life is this ”Angel waitt!. ”

I pursue her and later catch up to her ”why are you behaving like this, its not like you will be removed from the school. ”

”Thats where you are wrong, students have gone rogue, been expelled, and even left the school of their own free will, but I don want to leave I want a SUPREME ENCHANTRESS ”.


”A supreme enchantress is a mage chosen based on how strong they are to rule the common realm alongside the SUPREME WARLOCK, SUPREME SWORD**AN, AND SUPREME ARCHER and I can do that if I get expelled or get rogue because they only accept people that pass through the school ”.

”so you are telling me I can leave but the nurse didn allow me to leave, she said I must stay. ”

”I don know why but I think maybe they have seen something in you they need ”Angel replies

”Okay, I promise I will keep you here no matter what because from what you just told me I can use it to our advantage. ”

”what do you mean, how? ”

”I will make a condition for them that if they want to keep me here they will have to also keep you here or I leave. ”

”That wouldn work and if it does how sure are you it will keep me till I graduate ”Angel replied

”Well there is only one way to find out and if it doesn work I will make it up to you. ”

”well just leave me be for now ”Angel implies as she walks away.

Without knowing where my room was I went back to the sick bay to stay and rest.

I slept till the next morning

********************NEXT DAY*******************

As I entered I saw Angel but to be honest, this girl is pretty and has a name that fits her well, I walked up to my seat and sat.

”Hey, ” I said

*she ignores*

”you can just keep ignoring me, you know that ”

while staring at Felicia who was frowning ”yes I can and… ”

*SPEAKER* ”Angel will you please report to the principals office ”.

Angel looked at me with fear in her eyes, what have I done?

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