With a sharp pain all over my body ,a pain anybody in my shoes would wish for death instead, I opened my eye but everything were blurry, with more extreme pain on my head , couldn even remember what happened .

I closed and opened my eye again but this time my sight was getting visible and I could see myself on the ground in a pool of blood.

My body was still very weak but I could still see a massive building right in front of my blood baptized body and just assumed I must have fallen off it.

I couldn take it anymore ,my heart begun beating slower, sight shook and couldn even see anything anymore, felt like death and I didn want to die yet.

With the last strength I had in me I voiced out begging for another chance though I still couldn remember what happened like I lost memory, continued with all agony but it was never enough and now am dead , or so I thought because I can still hear my thoughts or is this what death is…

(FEMALE VOICE) spoke from a distant ” Yes you are dead but.. ” before she continued I stopped her saying ” who is this and how am I dead ”(FEMALE VOICE FROM A DISTANCE)Yes you
e truly dead but I can take that away and give you a new life but not a life of your own ”.

I heard what she said and in confusion saying ” What do you mean by a new life but not a life of my own and you haven answered WHO ARE YOU!! ”she didn say anything anymore but I started seeing a bright light in a far distant but I was moving faster I can even imagine and the light was getting more vast as I came closer ,I finally reach and then I laid my eye a beautifully endowed woman.

She dressed a way I have not seen before with gold and diamond for clothes and an oddly looking hairstyle, but I can say her hair was pretty long ,looking at it I could see that it went straight down and I couldn see the ending and that was when I realized we were in like a vast emptiness or some kind of a void.

I have heard of voids before but was seeing it for the first but still couldn wrap my head around the physics cause there was none .

I couldn tell if we were floating in nothingness or just falling into a vast nothingness before I ran mad in my own head she spoke, saying ” young child you must be wondering about what is going on but first let me answer your questions ,my name is ANNALISE ,beware I am death itself one of the DIVINE SIBLINGS.

I heard your cry and I can bring you back but only as one of mine because I will from henceforth own you and you will do what I demand of you and doing otherwise will result as death, all you have to do is to accept and sign a contract ”

With fear in me knowing am conversing with Death itself I didn know

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