as if hes brains we
e now processing his surroundings.

Why do I have to knock on your door everytime?

Then he gave out a yawn which I found sexy.

”Oh please, Ill meet you downstairs ”, he said shutting the door quickly before I could say a ”Yes sir ”.

”Patience Jul ”, I mumbled getting back downstairs heading to the kitchen to set up breakfast.

At the breakfast table

A few minutes after setting up his table for breakfast, he came down all polished up in his blue black Armani suit with his briefcase in hand. He sat down taking his coffee while I sat next to him and checked my tablet to pull out his meeting schedules for the day.

”Uh go on ”,he signalled taking a sip of his black coffee.

”Ok sir,so now we are moving into a new market with the new market analysis ”, I trailed off reading it out to him on my tablet while he enjoyed his breakfast.

Hmm now Im starving

”Are we on it? ”,he asked as he connected his deep blue captivating orbs with mine.

I quickly nodded averting my gaze back on to my tablet.

”Yes sir we are

”Anything else before the afternoon meeting? ”,he asked as he took his phone tapping on it.

”You have a meeting with Sarafinah and Michael ”.

Then his phone rings interrupting what I had to say next. I saw him frown as he checked the caller ID and answering.

”Excuse me. ”Hello? ”, he said answering.

”Kate is too early to be calling me for personal reasons. Im focused on work ”,he said to his girlfriend on the line then hanged up quickly as if it irritates him.

Then his expression turned cold just after the call. The person must have caused his anger . One thing I knew for sure was that my boss didn want distractions when hes about to leave for work and during working hours.

”So whos at 10am? ”,he said signalling me that he was all ears.


”What about Lewis?

”His meetings scheduled at 12 sir ”.

”Hope you have had breakfast? If not, go grab a cup of coffee or anything and lets go ”,he said taking a last sip from his expresso cup.

”Um, Im ok sir, thank you ”, I lied whereas in actual fact I was damn hungry and dying to take something into my system.

He nodded and stood up .

”Lets go ”,he said leaving and heading towards the door while I rushed to pick up his briefcase from where he dropped it then took my bag along rushing behind to catch up with his long strides.


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